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Loft Boarding Instructions


  • Make sure there is sufficient lighting in the loft as this will make the task much easier.
  • Isolate the wiring in your loft by removing the circuit fuse or by operating the circuit protection device. This is to prevent someone accidently putting the power back on. Consider placing a warning message on the fuse box and light switch.
  • Consider improving loft insulation between rafters before fitting boarding.
  • Reduce dust and create a more comfiortable working environment by hoovering the area prior to installation.
  • Inspect loft for rotting timber or infestation. Make sure treatments are dry before installing the boards


Fitting Instructions:

  1. You must divert any cables that cross the top of the joists. Drill a hole in the centre of the joist large enough for one cable to pass through it. If there is more than one cable, drill another hole in the centre of the joist but ensure it is atleast 50mm away from the other (see below).

  2. cables under loft panels

  3. Note the location and arrangement of all connections in the ceiling roses, junction boxes etc before you undo any terminals and cables. Move cables above any loft insulation. You may require additional cables and junction boxes to do this.

  4. Always start working at the attic hatch and lay one full pack of boards down: stretch a length of string across the loft to give a straight line guide.

  5. Place the boards across the joists, with the ends at the centres of the joists; you may need to trim the length.

  6. Mark the pipes and cables routes on the boards, a plan for future reference is a very useful and safe idea.

  7. Lay the boards down so that the joints do not meet, this will make it easier to align and better distribute loads, as well as help reduce creaks when walked on (see below).

  8. fitting loft boards

  9. Be careful not to damage the boards when sawing, drilling, or screwing.

  10. Creating removable, access panels for wiring/plumbing is a good idea for future work.

  11. Drill and countersink holes for number 8 wood screws. The screws should go 15mm from the end of the board and 30m from the boards edge (see below). 38mm long countersink head screws should be used.

  12. screwing loft panels to joists

  13. BEWARE! Be carfeul not to drill, or drive screws through cables/pipes.

  14. You can nail the boards down using 50mm long lost-head nails. However, hammering is likely to cause damage to the ceiling below.

Fitting Instructions:

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