Loft Ladders: Two Popular Types

To get the most from your loft space, it’s essential to use a sturdy, up-to-date loft ladder to access it. Whether you use the loft exclusively for storage, or have converted it into living space, such as an extra bedroom, study, or library, upgrading your loft ladder is likely to add value to your home. However, loft ladders come in many styles and models, so making a decision might be difficult. One of the best ways to choose a loft ladder is to read reviews on the Internet written by people like you who have purchased and fitted a loft ladder. But what type of ladder should you select? Slider or concertina models are popular with homeowners. Read on for some guidance on these two types.

Loft Ladders: Slider Models

This type of ladder is a popular choice by savvy homeowners. The best models offer an ideal combination of value, strength, and affordability. We also like the twin latching catches that are supplied with the ladder, because they ensure the ladder is stable when it’s correctly deployed. There’s one catch on each side of the ladder. The catches also help to prevent the twisting action that’s common on competitors’ inferior products. In extreme cases, ladders without dual locking catches can fail in use. In addition, the ladder features two sturdy handrails (one on each stile), which are supplied free of charge. The handrails are painted in a highly visible red colour. Handrails are an important safety feature on loft ladders, and never should be overlooked.

Loft Ladders: More Features of Slider Models

This ladder is very robust, being able to support a maximum safe load of 150kg (23.5 stone) for the 3-section model. Also, it fully conforms to the latest EN14975 specification for a loft ladder of this type. Wide, non-slip treads ensure comfortable and safe use when climbing or descending. Another safety feature is the non-slip rubber feet that also serve to protect floors or carpeting. An integral pivot arm allows the ladder to operate easily and smoothly. The ladder comes with a full fixing kit, including the hardware to convert a lift up type hatch to the swing down type the ladder requires. The ladder itself has a design that lends extra strength, because the rungs pass through the stiles and are securely crimped on the outside to stay in place.

Loft Ladders: Further Information About Slider Models

Loft Ladders like this come with an operating pole to facilitate deployment. The pole has a hook that engages an eye on the underside of the ladder’s hatch. A simple, easy pulling motion lowers the ladder ready to unfold. To stow the ladder simply fold, lift up, and push, using the operating pole. This ladder is ideal for floor to loft heights between 2.13m (7′) and 3m (9’10”). For DIYers, it comes with full, easy to follow instructions that are written in plain, understandable English. The ladder can be delivered the next day, free of charge, and has an RRP of £129.99, but it can be found on the Internet for as little as £69.99 including VAT.

Loft Ladders: A Few Specifications:

This ladder can be fitted in areas where the floor to loft floor height is  2.13m to 2.69m (7′ to 8’10”). The minimum hatch length is 51.1cm (1’8”), and the width requirement is 38.1cm (1’3”). The minimum length required behind the hatch is 1.27m (4’2”), and the minimum stowing height needed in the loft is 0.71n (2’4”)

Loft Ladders: The Innovative Concertina Model

If a slider model isn’t quite right for your situation, perhaps a concertina model would be a better fit. A concertina loft ladder is the ideal solution for problematic applications in which the loft opening or the floor space is limited. It’s also a good choice for fitting in situations where space in the loft is limited. It folds compactly into a cube, and requires no clearance beyond the loft’s opening perimeter. All these features and specifications converge to make this ladder fit just about anywhere. Finally, it’s very easy to fit.

Loft Ladders: Features of the Concertina Model

This ladder is fitted with non-slip treads for sure footing when climbing or descending. This is an important safety feature that isn’t found on competitors’ models. It’s supplied fully assembled, and includes hardware to convert a push up hatch to the pull down type that’s needed for proper fitting. The ladder is very strong, and has a maximum safe load rating of 150kg (23.5 stone). The extra deep treads measure 80mm (3”) deep, and they offer plenty of security, even when carrying heavy or bulky items. The treads are a generous 340mm (1’1”) wide. In addition, the ladder is constructed with a durable stainless steel carriage and bolts. Unlike competing models that use softer aluminium bolts, this one has a solid and substantial feel. The ladder is easy to operate, thanks to dual springs that support its weight whilst being raised or lowered.

Loft Ladders: More Features of Concertina Models

One essential feature of this rugged, durable ladder is that it has an adjustable base position that’s ideal for situations where the space in the room below is confined. This gives the fitter maximum flexibility when installing. The ladder needs a minimum loft opening of just 430mm (1’5”) wide (on the side on which the ladder will be attached). It’s minimum hatch length is 570mm (1’10”), so it’s suitable for just about any application. The instructions are written in plain English, so they’re very easy to follow. Concertina ladders will fit ceiling heights up to 3.66m (12′). They usually are made from aluminium, which lends plenty of strength to this type of ladder. The light weight of aluminium ladders make them exceptionally easy to lower and raise. Expect to pay between £139.99 and £194.99 for a good quality ladder of this type.

Upgrading your loft ladder can add significant value and functionality to any home.

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Loft Ladders Review: The Slider Three Section Sliding Model

These days, finding space to store all the possessions you’ve accumulated over the years isn’t a simple matter. A brief glance into any closet is sure to reveal that there’s little or no room to spare. For many homeowners, there is a solution, though. If you have a loft, we’re willing to bet that you’re not fully exploiting its potential as a storage area. Why? Well, you’re likely to say that the ladder is old, rickety, and for those reasons, unsafe. Substandard loft ladders prevent you from transporting heavy or bulky items up to the loft for storage. The solution? An upgraded loft ladder, which might be much less expensive than you think. Read on to learn more about these loft ladders and the standards that govern them. We’re also pleased to offer a review of one loft ladder we’re quite keen on: the affordable Slider three section loft ladder.

Loft Ladders: More Space Efficient than Loft Stairs

If you have limited space, then a loft ladder is a much better choice than loft stairs. It takes up a much smaller area, and is generally significantly less expensive to fit, because it requires fewer components. This shortens the build time, and keeps the labour cost down, particularly if you plan to install the ladder yourself. There is an excellent variety of models and types available at many different price points, but we’ve found the Slider to be exceptionally affordable without compromising either the quality or the design. Although folding, telescopic, and electronic loft ladders are available, we like the simplicity, quality and high functionality of a sliding model, especially one with safety features such as handrails and non-slip feet. A word of caution, though: before buying a loft ladder, be sure to check for any special rules or requirements that might apply in your particular area.

Loft Ladders: About the Slider Three Section Model

This affordable ladder is suitable for installation in areas with floor to loft heights between 2.13m and 3m. It sells for only £69.99 including VAT and most sellers offer free delivery to sites on the UK mainland. We like this ladder for more than just its reasonable price. It offers the ideal combination of strength and quality. The ladder has the added benefit of being supplied with two locking catches, instead of the usual single one. This feature helps to prevent the twisting that often occurs on the decidedly lower quality ladders available from our competitors. The ladder also features sturdy, easy to see red handrails at no additional charge. These ensure that the ladder is safe to use, and less prone to breakage or damage. You should always look for a loft ladder that conforms to the EN14975 standard.

Loft Ladders: About the Important EN14975 Standard

A loft ladder that carries this designation has successfully passed an exhaustive set of tests designed to evaluate its overall performance, durability and maximum safe load. Such tests include the static load test already mentioned, along with a fatigue test. Also evaluated is the torsion of the treads or rungs. The rungs or treads are tested for their bending strength and the overall construction and design of the ladder are evaluated.  A certified ladder should have a safe climbing angle and also a safe tread or rung pitch.  Anti-slip surfaces on loft ladders rungs are also necessary. The free width between stiles is measured for conformity, along with the depth of the bearing surface. In addition, the distance between the floor and the top of the first tread or rung and the distance between the last tread or rung and the loft floor are evaluated for correctness.  A loft ladder’s operability is also tested under the EN14975 standards. Aspects of testing include surface finish and sharp edges etc. The feet are tested. Even the user instructions and markings on the ladder are evaluated for clarity and correctness. The ladder’s dimensions are validated, along with its geometry (angles). In addition to static loading, cyclic loading is measured. Finally, deflection tests are performed.

Loft Ladders: Key Features of the Slider Three Section Model

The ladder will support a maximum load of 150kg and because it fully conforms to the EN14975 standard, you can be assured of superior performance and durability. The treads on this ladder are designed to deliver sure footing, thanks to a non-slip design that makes ascending and descending both safe and comfortable. The ladder’s precision pivot arm makes sure that the ladder is easy to operate. The ladder’s non-slip rubber feet are both a safety feature and a way to protect floors and floor coverings from damage. A fixing kit with all necessary components is included. A unique feature of this particular ladder is that it comes with all the hardware you’ll need to convert a lift up type loft hatch door to the swing down type that’s required by the ladder.

Loft Ladders: More About the Slider Three Section Model

Another important feature of this ladder is a design in which the ladder’s rungs pass through its stiles and are securely crimped on the outside. The result is a stronger and neater ladder. An extra-long operating pole made from durable, corrosion-resistant aluminium makes the ladder exceptionally easy to deploy or stow. This model is suitable for floor to loft floor heights between 2.13m and 3m. It includes full instructions written in plain English. This ladder needs a minimum hatch length of 42.1cm and a minimum hatch width of 38.1cm. Also required is a 1.20m minimum length required behind the hatch, along with a minimum stowing height of 0.71m. Finally, there’s a free lifetime guarantee on all parts, something that’s typically not offered by competitors.

Loft ladders like the Slider three section model will add value and versatility to your home.

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