Every Home Needs A Ladder!

Ladders are not just the extendable variety that take up huge amounts of room in our garages. Ladders come in all shapes and sizes and many we almost forget about – until they’re needed of course. Whether you live in a studio flat or a country mansion, the need for a ladder never ceases to exist.

As the festive season begins to hit its peak with Christmas now in full swing, BPS Access Solutions takes a look at our own homes – where we’re likely to spend some time relaxing during the festivities and discuss just how important and necessary our trustworthy ladders are.

We’ll start off indoors and look at the loft – often overlooked and forgotten until access is needed not just to retrieve Christmas decorations but also to store items from childhood or just when you fancy de cluttering. An essential requirement to gain safe access in and out of your loft is a loft ladder. Which loft ladder you select will depend on how often you access your loft and what space you have available in your home. BPS Access Solutions have a loft ladder to suit all access needs whether this be a sliding, concertina, wooden or a grand loft ladder. A grand loft ladder is designed for people who use their loft on a regular basis, the ladder is similar to using real stairs!

Upstairs in your home, every bedroom should have its own escape ladder. They key to a good escape ladder is ease of use in a distressing emergency situation such as a house fire where usual exit routes may be blocked. Our escape ladder is the best available. It is easy to throw and made from tangle free, durable flame resistant materials. It is capable of holding 3 people at any one time on the ladder and folds up into a very compact design making it perfect for under bed storage. An escape ladder is a ‘must have’ essential for every home.

An essential requirement in every home is a step ladder. Unfortunately many householders still opt for standing on a chair or other raised platform for accessing higher areas. With accidents most likely to occur in the home and with more than 5000 people killed following an accident in the home every year it is an extremely wise investment to ensure that you have a safe step ladder in your home to minimise the risk of accidents. Our platform step ladders are the best on the market and come with an integral platform and high safety rail regardless of how many treads on the ladder. Our stepladders are supplied with any number of rungs from 2 up to 8 so you can be sure we have the right step ladder available for your home. We also recommend the use of a step ladder leveller. This ingenious solution provides adjustment for uneven ground, smooth and slippery surfaces.

If your home has a conservatory or indeed if you a professional trades person you will know the frustrations involved of accessing conservatory roofs safely and without causing damage to either your own or your customers property. Our amazing conservatory ladder will be the Access Solution you are looking for. Manufactured in the UK and made to order within 12 days, this ladder an absolute must have and an industry leader in ladder technology. This ladder will enable you to work on all conservatory roofs and roofs with differing pitches with complete versatility. The ladder is supplied in 2 sections with full ground adjusters with the second part attaching to the roof allowing ensuring no movement. It is the only ladder a trades person needs and complies with the important EN131 as well as making this the householders ladder of choice.

In the New Year, we will write about the ladder options available for the outside of your home. Have a great Christmas and stay safe!

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Who Says Advent Calendars are Just for Children?

Which child doesn’t get excited about opening up the next window on their advent calendar? – adults get equally excited about the big countdown to Christmas.

The last few weeks before Christmas is often a very stressful time as thoughts turn to buying Christmas gifts for family and friends. Finding a solution is hard enough but then comes the added worry of whether sufficient stock remains of the chosen item.

At BPS Access Solutions, we have come up with an ingenious solution to this problem for anyone who is looking for a vital tool for themselves or a present for a loved one. Rather than trawling the shops or the internet looking for inspiration, we are making it far more fun and offering you breathtaking daily deals in the form of an advent calendar!

Each day we will delight and wow you with every tool on offer and you will find it very hard not to gain much needed inspiration from our daily deals which will be sure to bring a smile not just on Christmas day itself but for many years to come.

How does it work?

Designed to instantly provide present solutions, our advent calendar displays daily deals for a whole 24 hours at a breathtaking price reduction. Each item purchased will be dispatched on a next day delivery service all the way up to the 21st December. This ensures that Santa will not be disappointing anyone on the big day itself.

Our Advent Tip is to ensure you check back daily to view the current daily deal. Its far more than just ladders and scaffold towers – there are tools for all – and they’ll all be offered at ‘once in a lifetime’ price for just 24 hours.

So if you’ve had enough of crowds, and general Christmas mayhem, then let us take care of your gifting needs this Christmas.

A straightforward click and buy system ensures you will receive your advent gift in the quickest time possible all without having to leave home!

Wow! That will get the children talking!


Ladders and Scaffold Towers are a Leading UK Distributor of Ladders, Loft Ladders, Scaffold Towers, Aluminium Ladders, Extension Ladders , Ladder Accessories and all access equipment.