Why It doesn’t pay to take risks with ladders

Ladders – they are a versatile tool. Used properly a ladder can become the ultimate working companion whether you enjoy DIY or your job requires the use of a ladder.

When used correctly ladders can make a DIY job at home a far easier task and in some ways, a ladder that has given good service is more likely to be used to take a risk.

When using a ladder it is of vital importance that the job is properly assessed to ensure that firstly using a ladder is a better option. If you are working at height for most of the day or you require a larger working area at height then a scaffold tower is likely to be your better option. Secondly, it is important that the ladder you are intending to use is actually long enough for the job intended. The clips in the video clearly show the risks that people have taken with a ladder and many of these people have taken nasty tumbles which could have ended up far worse. Never ever be tempted to stand on safety rails of stepladders or the very top rung of a ladder. Always use a ladder for a proper purpose and not for carrying out stunts which often end in tears – quite literally!

When preparing your ladder for use always check for signs of damage and that you are familiar with how to use the ladder – this is particularly important for multi purpose and extension ladders where it might be necessary to ensure you have ‘locked off’ the ladder before you use it. The last thing you want is for a ladder to seemingly collapse under you when you are using it. Always ensure that the ground you place the ladder on is slip free – consider the surface – it is not advisable to set a ladder up on slippery decking for instance, or on wet leaves. Grass is also dangerous. However there is now an alternative thanks to the ingenious ladder accessories we now sell at BPS Access Solutions. One of our latest products is a grass and decking gripper – this ‘must have’ gadget acts as an additional safety device on slippery surfaces such as decking and grass to ensure your ladder stays safe.

Before you climb the ladder ensure you are wearing the correct footwear and you have both hands free to hold onto the sides of the ladder as you climb. Always climb up and down the ladder facing it and keep both hands on the sides at all times. Strong, sturdy footwear is a must to prevent your feet slipping on the rungs. The majority of our ladders sold here at BPS Access Solutions contains extra grip and enhanced safety devices but the utmost care still needs to be taken to prevent ladder accidents. The video show a particularly nasty incident where a person slips whilst climbing down a ladder.

When on the ladder don’t over lean – always work in the area where your ladder has been mounted. If you need to reach over, you need to come down the ladder and move it to where you need to be. Don’t be tempted to place small pieces of equipment such as screwdriver, nails on the rungs above, you may forget about them and need to climb higher. A tool bag is often a good option if you work on ladders often as it keeps everything secure and to hand to save several journeys going up and down your ladder.

Finally when you have finished with your ladder always think about where to store it. Our ladders are very weather resistant but to achieve a lifetime of use, your ladder should be stored in a dry place. At BPS Access Solutions, we understand that space is at a premium in many households so many of our ladders fold up very small so that they can be stored in a cupboard or under a bed. Our telescopic models are ideal for space saving. For full length ladders we offer Dual Locking Anvil storage brackets which also contain a hardened steel padlock provided at no extra charge. This helps to ensure the security of your ladders as well as solving your ladder storage problems.

Take a look at the video and make sure you don’t make any of the ladder fails mentioned!

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A Radical Way of Using A Ladder

We’ve seen the correct way to use ladders and completely dangerous methods of ladder use but how about insane ladder use?

Introducing ladder sport, an extreme sport involving the use of ladders – and the more dangerous and daring the better. Ladders have always been associated with risk and danger and if used incorrectly of course they can present some real hazards. Ladder sport takes this risk and danger to the extreme.

The ladder sport clip below shows some real daring antics which involves hooking a ladder onto any ‘hookable’ surface and jumping onto it, climbing the rungs and jumping onto the next obstacle complete with ladder. Sounds pretty tame maybe until you see some of the locations climbed – high rise flats, bridge, busy roads etc. Is is similar to the fairly new concept of urban sport where participants jump across buildings, walls and any obstacle they come across.

Some people may think they’re insane and possibly even crazy but at BPS Access Solutions we find it fascinating especially when considering the training these people undertake to do a sport they enjoy. The video shows examples of the types of training undertaken – all involving the use of ladders. It makes going to the gym look like a walk in the park!

This video will give you some get up and go on this Friday morning, it certainly makes you want to have a go and like every sport it looks easy – we can safely say that there would be more than just muscles torn in our offices should anyone be foolish enough to try ladder sport!

As always, enjoy the video, but don’t be tempted to try this at home folks, never undertake any work (or sport!) on a ladder unless you are confident in its use.

You may like to stick to the stairs!…..

Ladders and Scaffold Towers are a Leading UK Distributor of Ladders, Loft Ladders, Scaffold Towers, Aluminium Ladders, Extension Ladders , Ladder Accessories and all access equipment.