Lock up your ladders

Upon scanning the news today, it seems yet again that instances of ladders being stolen is once again on the increase.

Whether you store your ladder inside or outside it is important to ensure it is properly secure – both day and night. Ladder thieves are highly opportunistic and often already have their eye on what they want to steal. You can never be sure if a thief has their eye on your ladder already.

Recently the news covered a story about an extension ladder which was stolen off some scaffolding. It was secured with rope so was clearly being used on a job. Unfortunately being the evening, no workmen were present so the thieves saw the opportunity to steal it and according to the news, it has not yet been recovered.

Ladders are expensive items and vital to the work of nearly every trades person. Here at BPS Access Solutions we always recommend ensuring your ladder is secure at all times. Even if you store your ladder in a locked garage we still recommend additional security for your ladder. If a thief does gain access to your garage, they would be more likely to steal unsecured items. A secured item does buy you additional time.

With the price of scrap metal continuing to rise, the problem of ladder theft is not going to go away. So it certainly will pay you to invest in a few secure devices which will protect your ladder whether at home or on the move.

Many tradesmen simply do not secure ladders to their vehicle with potential ladder theft in mind. Using a security device such as our universal roof rack ladder clamps will ensure that not only will your ladder be more secure and have a tighter fit on your vehicle than by using ropes or other methods thanks to the double right angled hooks, there is also the opportunity to secure your ladders using a heavy duty padlock which goes through the arm and horizontal clamp bar for maximum security.

When at home our Dual locking anvil brackets are the perfect solution. Designed to deter thieves, these feature strong wall fixings, one hardened steel padlock as well as added protection for the locking arm. We believe our dual locking anvil brackets are the best available on the market. Inferior brackets do nothing to deter the thief and offer limited protection. Suitable for both inside and outside use, keep your ladders super safe with this ingenious product.

Thieves strike very precisely knowing that they are unlikely to be seen. One would imagine with an item such as a ladder, they would be easily seen, however this is often not the case. Ladders have been stolen from locations surrounded by neighbouring properties and busy roads, but yet no one sees the theft take place.

Having a ladder stolen causes a lot of inconvenience, not to mention lost working time and customer grievances. There is also a higher chance the thief will return to your premises again in order to steal something else in the knowledge that your security is not as good as it should be. A little investment to secure your ladders can help avoid the stressful situation of having a set of ladders stolen.

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Paralyzed after falling 10 feet off a ladder

We have said it many times but sometimes it has to come from someone else who has been in the actual situation. It doesn’t matter how many times we can say not to take risks with ladders, it takes someone with real life experience of a fall from a ladder to make the message truly sink in.

In 1993, Jason Anker went to work without a care in the world. He fell 10 feet off an unsecured ladder which paralyzed him from the waist down. Now, you might be thinking this could have been far worse, however the devastating effects that have followed, and continue right up to this day will certainly make you think twice before taking a risk on a ladder.

This inspirational video is a perfect lesson to anyone who takes risks with ladders intentionally. Never take a risk doing something you know is unsafe.

The consequences of the fall from the ladder changed Jason’s life. In the video he talks frankly about the situations he has faced since that fateful day in January 1993. Jason begins by talking about life in a wheelchair – having to learn how to manage going to the toilet – things he had taken for granted were suddenly having to be learnt again. His relationship breakdown, his young children – Jason had only been out of hospital for 1 day when his wife left him taking his two young children with her.

Unfortunately things got worse for Jason, he lost his home and turned to alcohol and drugs which almost cost him his life – he spent 5 months in a coma and came very close to his life support machine being switched off. He then had to rebuild every element in his life – learning how to get dressed, and how to talk and eat. He had problems with his short term memory and worst of all no one knew how to help him. Friends that had been there in the beginning could no longer help him and went their separate ways, his relationship with his parents became strained due to his alcohol use.

Eventually he did receive some compensation in 2005. However his life then turned to a frenzy of spending, nothing really meant anything to him and in wasn’t until 2008 he was approached by a complete stranger who asked him about the accident and encouraged him to speak out about it – something he had never done before. It was the start of his talks about health and safety.

Many workplaces health and safety talks are full of do’s and don’ts but Jason’s story is truly inspirational. Drawing on a totally avoidable accident which he knew was unsafe which lead him to fall 10 feet from a ladder and the effects this has had on his family and himself is a totally different experience. Many large construction companies now use his services to deliver a key health and safety message.

Always ensure you know what you are doing before using a ladder. What can seem like a fairly insignificant accident can have dramatic consequences.

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Fire Escape Plan and Alternative Escape Routes in the Home

Each and every day in the UK people are injured or killed in house fires. There are many reasons for fire breaking out in your home, these can include anything from faulty electrics to cooking being left untended.

The first obvious one (we hope anyway) is that you ensure you have smoke alarms installed in your home and they are tested regularly. *There are around 63,000 house fires every year in the UK and around 500 people are killed. Smoke alarms are of course a must in every home and they will not only alert you but will buy you valuable time if a fire were to break out in your home.

The Hampshire Fire and Rescue service recommend having a “Home Escape Plan” They move on to say that one of the most important things you can do is to plan your escape routes. You can not assume you would be able to get everyone together and leave by the front door.

In this vein, as part of your Home Escape Plan, you should not only have other means of escape but should also consider how you would be able to leave the building by these routes.

The following paragraph is from the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service website

Think about having an “escape room”, one that is the best room in the house to survive in, it should have a door, a large enough window to climb out of (and a firefighter to get in through), be at the front of the house so the firefighters can see you as soon as they arrive, have grass or earth below the window and if there is a shed or porch below the window to climb down onto even better.”

We think this is great advice and if you do not have a shed or porch below the window to climb down onto then we would recommend storing in your escape room a suitable Easy throw escape ladder.

You can find out more and download safety leaflets from the official Firekills .Gov website


Ladders and Scaffold Towers are a Leading UK Distributor of Ladders, Loft Ladders, Scaffold Towers, Aluminium Ladders, Extension Ladders , Ladder Accessories and all access equipment.