Missing a staircase?

Yes it would be rather strange missing a staircase – it’s not as if you can mislay your staircase is it!

However, staircases can break and sometimes a loft ladder just doesn’t cut it when accessing loft spaces on a regular basis.

Enter our amazing space saving staircase! With 12 treads, our space saving compact design is ideal for accessing harder to reach areas such as mezzanine floors and attic spaces. Designed to make life just that little bit easier, with extra wide treads and a convenient full length handrail, our space saving staircase is an excellent solution for busy households.

Sturdy and dependable

This staircase will not let you down – it will be the next best thing to your main staircase – constructed using larch wood – it is much stronger than pine, ensuring a rock solid and safe climbing experience. The larch wood used is approved by the FSC meaning the timber sourced for our staircases is sustainable.

Designed to hold up to 47.2 stones, this ladder doesn’t just talk the talk – it walks the talk! In actual fact it is so robust that it will take many years to show any visible signs of wear and tear. Larch wood unlike more commonly used woods such as pine and spruce are likely to twist and become misshapen very quickly if not properly seasoned.

Quality finishes

This staircase will not look at all out of place in your home – the careful attention to detailing and finish on the space saving staircase ensures that is is perfectly suited to be situated in the midst of a family home – this is not a ladder designed to be stored out of the way.

The finish on the staircase is smooth with very little chance of knots or splinters and with the extra wide steps and full length handrail the space saving staircase feels no different to using a conventional staircase. Furthermore, the steps are rebated into the staircase itself for maximum strength. Look out for steps screwed through the sides of the staircase – this is an inferior design as well as looking unsightly.

The steps are set at a comfortable 57 degrees pitch making for an easy pleasant climb. Other staircases on the market have a far steeper climb increasing accident risk and discomfort.

Designed to work to your specification, not ours

The space saving staircase is designed to be as flexible as you need it to be. For simplicity it can be used straight from the box and fitted easily using the supplied fixings and mounting brackets used to fix the staircase at the top and bottom.

The staircase can be painted or varnished to match your colour schemes or simply left natural. The space saving staircase can also be adjusted width ways as well as length ways to ensure a perfect fit within your chosen room.

Simply cut each step to the width desired. If your floor to ceiling height is less than 2830mm then the space saving staircase can also be cut to the required height.

A convenient additional extra to consider for the ultimate in space saving staircases is the fitting of an extra handrail. Ideal for optimum balance and comfort for use by children or the infirm in gives extra peace of mind when the ladder is in use. It is available for a special price of £19.99 when ordered with one of our staircases.

Same, dependable service from BPS Access Solutions

Our space saving staircase is still delivered for free on the next working day with a full no quibble lifetime guarantee and supplied with easy to follow instructions written in plain English. Where else do can you get such a fantastic after-care service at no extra cost?


We believe you wont find a better space saving staircase for sale anywhere in the UK – if you are looking for a compact and extremely flexible staircase solution then you’ve come to the right place. Purchase today at the special price of £129.99 including VAT and FREE delivery!

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Resolute to work safely throughout 2014…..and beyond


With the festivities behind us, life is beginning to get back to normal – back to work and back to school for the kids.

However, the New Year does leave us with some resolutions – the more determined amongst us will be sure to follow them through – often at any cost. One of the more popular resolutions made at the New Year is a pact to carry out home improvements. Home improvements can be lengthy tasks which require a fair amount of in depth planning.

Often overlooked is the need to be safe. In our blog today we will discuss the benefits of our best selling ladder – the multi purpose ladder – which will benefit you enormously as you carry out your home improvements in 2014. Not only is it the most versatile ladder in the world, it is also far superior to other ladders in terms of safety and construction.

The only ladder you’ll ever need

Our amazing cost effective solution ensures there is no need to buy additional ladders for up and coming projects in your home.

With 14 different configurations our multi purpose ladder is suitable almost every household task from gardening to house painting. In fact the multi-purpose ladder can be used as an extension ladder, double sided step ladder, stair step ladder, stair platform, stand off ladder, painting or gardening platform, free standing ladder and even a workbench!

Compact and transportable

If you intend to transport your ladder you won’t need to invest in a roof rack. The multi-purpose ladder folds up into a compact shape enabling it to fit easily into a car boot or cupboard.

Don’t compromise on your safety

We are well aware that spending out on equipment for the job is a cost you don’t need. However the great news about the multi-purpose ladder is it does exactly as it ‘says on the tin’ it is multi-purpose and can be used on virtually any type of job that requires a ladder. View the ladder as an investment to your safety and don’t forget that it will last far beyond your DIY projects and give you many years of reliable service.

Uncompromised safety

Our multi-purpose ladder is stronger and sturdier than ever. In fact, we truly believe you will be hard pressed to find a ladder that even meets our safety standards, le alone exceeds them. We know this because we follow our competitors very closely to see what they’re up to!

Take the new thicker two part steel interlocking platform platform. At 1.65mm thick this won’t be going anywhere. Combine this with the very strong hinges and extra large trademark red rubber feet for superior stability, grip and height and you will quickly see why this ladder is made for tough work So tough in fact that this ladder is suitable for both DIY and trade work and to this point we sell thousands of our multi-purpose ladders to both tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts all over the UK every year. For your peace of mind the ladder is EN131 Part 1 & 2 1993 certified (European trade/DIY standard.) Remember many DIY ladders are not even certified so you will have no evidence to demonstrate how safe they are going to be when in use.

Free safety upgrades on every ladder as standard

To back up our ladder safety we give away free upgrades across our entire ladder and scaffold tower range. Our multi purpose ladders currently feature an entirely free upgrade to big red feet to provide superior grip, stability and height as well as extra strong working platforms.


Delivered fast and for free – simply place your order on line or over the telephone and your ladder will be with you the next working day.

Rest assured you will never pay more than you have to for your ladder – we scan our competitors prices daily leaving you with one less thing to worry about.


If you are looking for a true multi function ladder then this is it. Whether you need an all round ladder to use at home or a work ladder than we believe you will not find a more versatile access solution on the market.



Ladders and Scaffold Towers are a Leading UK Distributor of Ladders, Loft Ladders, Scaffold Towers, Aluminium Ladders, Extension Ladders , Ladder Accessories and all access equipment.