A ladder is not just for Christmas!

75917384_c83c175648_qIf you have purchased a ladder for use over the festive season or as a gift for a special relative, then you have made a brilliant choice and a sound investment.

Ladders make a synonymous appearance in most householders over the festive season – from decorating the Christmas tree, both inside and outside to that all important loft ladder that ensures you are able to get the Christmas decorations down from the loft….and back up again after the festivities are over!

What is the best ladder for all these different jobs?

It goes without saying that is is important to use the right ladder for the right job. Propping an oversized ladder against a Christmas tree is always going to be a dangerous and precarious task and sometimes, an alternative to a ladder might be a safer option.

Many people add to their decorations throughout December and the more traditional amongst us may even leave it until Christmas Eve to decorate their humble abode…Remember, it is not too late to order your Christmas essentials from us. They’ll be with you in time for Christmas!

Which ladder to use – our suggestions!

Our customer service department gets inundated at this time of year with telephone calls asking for advice on the best ladder for a multitude of Christmas related jobs.

Here we present the most common questions.

  • What is the best ladder to decorate my Christmas tree?

Much of this answer will depend on how tall your tree is. For the average household with a 6ft Christmas tree, our hop up is the perfect choice.

The hop up is not actually a ladder, but rather a low level platform. It is an ideal option for those who are afraid of ladders or who are more unsteady on their feet. Standing at 1’9” high, the platform is ideal to access those harder to reach areas. We all know over reaching is a bad idea, why put yourself and your loved ones at risk of injury when a low level platform will provide an easier to use, comfortable and safer option

Easy to use – the legs fold underneath the platform when not in use, they open out and lock into place to produce a sturdy platform that does not wobble. The hop up can be placed exactly where it is needed to provide a safe method of decorating taller Christmas trees.

  • What ladder should I use to safely assemble my outside decorations?

With so many decorating options nowadays from 3D effect lights that flash in time to music to the classic Santa and sleigh combination on the porch roof, it is important that a ladder accident does not ruin the Christmas cheer.

Our best selling multi purpose ladder is ideal for carrying out several Christmas related tasks outside. It is the ladder to use when working at height hanging outdoor arrangements on roofs, fascias, and outbuildings – basically anywhere where you can lean a ladder safely without taking dangerous risks.

You are in safe hands with our multi purpose ladder – it offers superior grip, stability and height thanks to the big red rubber feet – our ladders are famous for the red rubber grips which are affectionately known as the “big red feet”!.

The extra strong working platforms means you will never need to worry about a rickety ladder again. Our multi purpose ladder is our most popular ladder and is well known for it’s market leading safety features and versatility.

  • What about decorating outside trees

Of course, outside trees are much taller and serve to add as an outstanding feature in your garden. Leaning a ladder against trees is at best a bad idea at this time of year, so an alternative option must be used in these cases.

Our combi ‘all in one’ free standing ladder is the ladder of choice when it comes to decorating your outside Christmas trees. Featuring the essential free standing frame (you won’t need to lean your ladder against anything) our combination ladder is the only ladder you will need around your home. If you have a whole multitude of jobs to do round the home – not least decorating the outside Christmas trees, then this is the ladder you should be using.

The combi ladder serves many purposes from a step ladder, an extension ladder, a single ladder but most importantly it is the free standing frame that allows you to carry out all manner of jobs where leaning a ladder would be unsafe, or where there is risk of marking a wall.

  • Safely accessing your loft to get the decorations in and out

Accessing the loft catches many people out. It is only when faced with the situation of not being able to get into the loft, does the valuable nature of a loft ladder come into its own.

We receive a particularly high number of calls relating to loft ladders and which ones are best for certain homes. The good news is that practically every home is suitable for a loft ladder. There just needs to enough room in the loft for the loft ladder to sit when not in use without of course affecting anything that is already being stored in there.

There are three types of loft ladders that we sell. Our slider loft ladder folds up into your loft neatly in sections and is safely lowered section by section. Slider loft ladders are ideal for rooms with high ceilings and can be pole operated. Our concertina loft ladder is ideal for lofts where space is at a premium. If you want to minimise the space your loft ladder takes or the actual loft hatch space is restricted then a concertina loft ladder is the best option. It neatly folds away into a cube when not in use. Our timber loft ladders are designed to be left on view so become more of a permanent fixture in your home. Made from larch wood for superior performance, it also matches any interior decoration.

Merry Christmas from all of us here at BPS Access Solutions

Stay safe this Christmas and we look forward to providing you with more ladder safety advice and fun next year! 🙂

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Why You Should Buy Ladders or Scaffold Towers Rather Than Hire

This is always an age old debate. The lure of hiring what seems like state of the art equipment can soon leave a sour taste in the mouth. At BPS Access Solutions we took a look at some well known hiring brands in the market place and discovered some rather worrying aspects to hiring that may not be immediately obvious.

Be careful what you are signing up to!

The hiring of scaffold towers or indeed ladders can come about as a matter of urgency – a last minute requirement on a project or perhaps just what seems like a one off need for the week ahead. However, those attractive hire prices may soon become expensive. Let’s take a look at HSS Hire

  • Up front deposit

You will be asked to pay a 2 week hire charge as a deposit that will be refunded upon the return of the equipment.

  • Responsibility of equipment

You will be responsible for the security of the equipment until it is returned to HSS Hire. This applies even if the equipment is off hire and you are waiting for it to be collected. Security of equipment such as ladder and scaffold towers is a major issue for owners without the added stress of huge levies placed on hired equipment should it be stolen.

  • What happens to equipment if it gets broken, damaged or missing or arrival?

You will be charged for broken or damaged equipment, you will need to ensure that the equipment is secured and protected from vandalism or loss. To protect against these unpredictable events, you can take out a damage waiver option and they’re a hefty price to add onto your hire fees, deposit and stress! The highest option will cost you 15% of the hire rate and will cover you against the cost and repair of damage to HSS hire equipment up to the value of £5,000. The standard level of protection at 10% of the hire cost protects against the cost of accidental damage of the equipment only.

  • Make sure the equipment is clean when it is returned….

or else you’ll be charged a cleaning fee!

Ouch! Beware of these fees – they’re excessive!

Why buying is better

Buying your own ladder and scaffold tower can actually work out cheaper by the time you have added the costs together that would be needed for a responsible hirer of HSS equipment!

As we all know, in the real world, equipment can get dirty, wear and tear can occur but it’s often an effort trying to convince the hiring company that it is not damage! Of course you cannot always be around your equipment 24/7 and theft and vandalism of which you have no control over does occur – and quite often too. However protection of ladders and scaffold towers are often covered in standard household or tradespeoples insurance and is not subject to unfair levies or sleepless nights worrying about the safety of your equipment!

So rather than trying to jump through hoops and praying you’ll get your deposit returned, it is better and more cost effective to buy. The sums are quite simple really. By buying your ladder or scaffold tower:

  • You’ll get to use it again. Not just once of course but many times over. At BPS Access Solutions our products will provide many years of reliable service.
  • It’s cheaper in the long run. A cheap ‘no frills’ hire with all the risks might be cheaper but once the equipment is returned you’ll be left without essential equipment and it will only be a matter of time before you’ll need it again.
  • Collecting missing or faulty parts will be a real hassle with hired products. It will involve a trip to the local depot not to mention wasting valuable hire time in the process. Here at BPS Access Solutions, we provide a free lifetime guarantee on all our products. Should a part fail or develop a fault at any time, simply telephone our dedicated customer line and a replacement part will be on it’s way to you without fuss or quibble.

Price comparison – HSS Hire vs BPS Access Solutions

Scaffold Towers – hire price per week







Alloy Span Tower Addit. 1.0m


Hire Now


Alloy Span Tower 2.2m


Hire Now


Alloy Span Tower 3.2m


Hire Now


Alloy Span Tower 4.2m


Hire Now


Alloy Span Tower 5.2m


Hire Now


Alloy Span Tower 6.2m


Hire Now


Alloy Span Tower 7.2m


Hire Now


Alloy Span Tower 8.2m


Hire Now


Alloy Span Tower 9.2m


Hire Now


Alloy Span Tower 10.2m


Hire Now

Prices (E and OE) are exclusive of VAT and are in UK Sterling

Scaffold Towers – buy price



Maximum Working Height

Our Unbeatable Price


Enlarge Image


£249.99 Incl Vat & Free Next Day Delivery
(RRP £499.99)

Enlarge Image


£449.99 Incl Vat & Free Next Day Delivery
(RRP £639.99)

Enlarge Image


£799.99 Incl Vat & Free Next Day Delivery
(RRP £989.99)

Enlarge Image


£949.99 Incl Vat & Free Next Day Delivery
(RRP £1299.99)

As a direct comparison, a 7.2m scaffold tower would cost £247.90 per week including VAT to hire. Additional charges of around £1.85 per mile apply to deliver the scaffold tower to you or you can pick it up yourself from the local depot at your own cost.

If you buy a 7.2m scaffold tower from BPS Access Solutions, it will cost £974.99 including VAT and FREE next day delivery to your door.

To hire a HSS hire 7.2m scaffold tower for 4 weeks would cost a minimum of £991.60 plus delivery/collection charges. Add to this, the upfront 2 week deposit of £495.80, and the 15% damage waiver at £148.74.

The real cost of hiring:

Total Cost: Min: £1487.40 Max:£1,636.14 excluding delivery with a possible refund of £495.80 on return of the equipment – for 1 month.

As against the simplicity of buying:

Payment of £974.99 including delivery and free parts guarantee – for life.

It’s a no brainer really. For less than the cost of 1 months hire with a lot of risk as against a lower ‘one off’ payment it really does pay you to buy from BPS Access Solutions!

Ladders and Scaffold Towers are a Leading UK Distributor of Ladders, Loft Ladders, Scaffold Towers, Aluminium Ladders, Extension Ladders , Ladder Accessories and all access equipment.