Rising up the ladder of love

ladder_multi_purpose_storedValentines is fast approaching and if you have cupids arrow set on someone special (maybe even yourself!) then you need to make sure that you are suitably able to impress that certain someone. Whether your pad needs a lick of paint before the big day or you want to rival the apartment of Christian Grey then a ladder is simply the most essential tool that you will need.

A grand ladder for a special room….

You would be amazed how many people plan DIY projects in their home without stopping to think that a ladder is needed. This is one the reasons why we offer FREE next day delivery, as we have many customers ringing us in a panic needing a ladder.

A ladder is far more than a means of reaching. It can be a place to safely place tools, or a pot of paint and it can even be a feature in your home. Our grand loft ladder for example is a perfect solution to a loft that is regularly in use, and where only the best ladder will do. Do you have a special ‘room of pain’ in your home? (well ok that could be your gym, or just a room to escape from the family!) then you must be able to access it in impressive style. The ladder can also be effortlessly folded up if you want to go all mysterious…..

Effortlessly spruce up your home with a multi purpose ladder

The endless versatility of ladders is a wonderful thing but yet confusing at the time. Make sure your ladder suits your changing needs by purchasing our best selling multi purpose ladder. It is perfect for the home which seems to have an endless list of jobs that need doing. If your home is as mysterious as a certain Mr Grey, then prepare yourself with a ladder that will have all the smart answers and keep you on top of those ‘uncertain’ demands.

Suitable for use both inside and outside the multi purpose ladder presents as impressive away of features that will raise the eyebrows of even the most discerning of people! In just one day you can make your home look like a million dollars ready for valentines night!

  •  Clean your upstairs windows

Dusty windows are not a great start! Get that glass sparkling by using your multi purpose ladder as an extension ladder!

  • Trim the bush

Make your garden look tidy by trimming the unruly bushes or hedges. No need to take dangerous risks on an unsuitable ladder though. Simply turn your multi purpose ladder into a double sided step ladder where it will stand freely but sturdily exactly where you need it.

  • Address those hard to reach areas

Sort those embarrassing crevices in your home where dust and junk seems to collect easily but clearing it out presents a huge challenge. Your multi purpose ladder can be used as a stand off ladder where the end of the ladder can form a platform allowing you to reach more difficult areas. No need to place the end of the ladder against a building, and you can ensure the right angle every time.

  • Get the stairwell painted

The stairwell can be tricky to paint but there is no excuse with the right tools to hand! Simply use the stair platform feature on your multi purpose ladder to turn it into a safe working platform that sits sturdily and safely on the stairs. Forget dangerous platforms and expensive purpose built contraptions that you may you might never use again and get the job done smoothly and easily. Our multi purpose ladder far more than just a one hit wonder! :)

  • Avoid muscle overuse

Avoid cringeworthy muscle aches on the big night by making your life as easy possible. Get those endless ‘to do’ list jobs done easily with your multi purpose ladder which can now be your work platform. For all those jobs that can appear ‘just out of reach’ but don’t require a ladder. Tasks such as cleaning the greenhouse, replacing the porch felt, changing blown light bulbs, repairing a fence panel, trimming the tops of hedges and painting the ceiling can all be done without struggling to reach and having to purchase yet more ‘one off’ pieces of equipment.

  • Sometimes simple is best

Why bother with all the smoke and mirrors when sometimes you do just want a simple ladder in order to carry out DIY jobs around the home such as installing outside lighting, erecting a sign, or basket ball net or simply carrying out repairs on the outside of your home.

  • Pot the plants in style

Just when you think you couldn’t possibly do any more with your ladder then you’ll be amazed to know it also serves as an excellent pop up work bench to use however you wish to….the possibilities are endless…

This ladder won’t tell you what to do

Luckily this ladder simply does what it’s told and you can even fold it away neatly after use and no one will even know you own it. Pretty handy really all things considered!

So if you’re looking to impress this weekend – or indeed if you’re looking to simply achieve some brownie points then this is the ladder of your dreams!…..oh and it is ‘Grey’ too!

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A ladder is not just for Christmas!

75917384_c83c175648_qIf you have purchased a ladder for use over the festive season or as a gift for a special relative, then you have made a brilliant choice and a sound investment.

Ladders make a synonymous appearance in most householders over the festive season – from decorating the Christmas tree, both inside and outside to that all important loft ladder that ensures you are able to get the Christmas decorations down from the loft….and back up again after the festivities are over!

What is the best ladder for all these different jobs?

It goes without saying that is is important to use the right ladder for the right job. Propping an oversized ladder against a Christmas tree is always going to be a dangerous and precarious task and sometimes, an alternative to a ladder might be a safer option.

Many people add to their decorations throughout December and the more traditional amongst us may even leave it until Christmas Eve to decorate their humble abode…Remember, it is not too late to order your Christmas essentials from us. They’ll be with you in time for Christmas!

Which ladder to use – our suggestions!

Our customer service department gets inundated at this time of year with telephone calls asking for advice on the best ladder for a multitude of Christmas related jobs.

Here we present the most common questions.

  • What is the best ladder to decorate my Christmas tree?

Much of this answer will depend on how tall your tree is. For the average household with a 6ft Christmas tree, our hop up is the perfect choice.

The hop up is not actually a ladder, but rather a low level platform. It is an ideal option for those who are afraid of ladders or who are more unsteady on their feet. Standing at 1’9” high, the platform is ideal to access those harder to reach areas. We all know over reaching is a bad idea, why put yourself and your loved ones at risk of injury when a low level platform will provide an easier to use, comfortable and safer option

Easy to use – the legs fold underneath the platform when not in use, they open out and lock into place to produce a sturdy platform that does not wobble. The hop up can be placed exactly where it is needed to provide a safe method of decorating taller Christmas trees.

  • What ladder should I use to safely assemble my outside decorations?

With so many decorating options nowadays from 3D effect lights that flash in time to music to the classic Santa and sleigh combination on the porch roof, it is important that a ladder accident does not ruin the Christmas cheer.

Our best selling multi purpose ladder is ideal for carrying out several Christmas related tasks outside. It is the ladder to use when working at height hanging outdoor arrangements on roofs, fascias, and outbuildings – basically anywhere where you can lean a ladder safely without taking dangerous risks.

You are in safe hands with our multi purpose ladder – it offers superior grip, stability and height thanks to the big red rubber feet – our ladders are famous for the red rubber grips which are affectionately known as the “big red feet”!.

The extra strong working platforms means you will never need to worry about a rickety ladder again. Our multi purpose ladder is our most popular ladder and is well known for it’s market leading safety features and versatility.

  • What about decorating outside trees

Of course, outside trees are much taller and serve to add as an outstanding feature in your garden. Leaning a ladder against trees is at best a bad idea at this time of year, so an alternative option must be used in these cases.

Our combi ‘all in one’ free standing ladder is the ladder of choice when it comes to decorating your outside Christmas trees. Featuring the essential free standing frame (you won’t need to lean your ladder against anything) our combination ladder is the only ladder you will need around your home. If you have a whole multitude of jobs to do round the home – not least decorating the outside Christmas trees, then this is the ladder you should be using.

The combi ladder serves many purposes from a step ladder, an extension ladder, a single ladder but most importantly it is the free standing frame that allows you to carry out all manner of jobs where leaning a ladder would be unsafe, or where there is risk of marking a wall.

  • Safely accessing your loft to get the decorations in and out

Accessing the loft catches many people out. It is only when faced with the situation of not being able to get into the loft, does the valuable nature of a loft ladder come into its own.

We receive a particularly high number of calls relating to loft ladders and which ones are best for certain homes. The good news is that practically every home is suitable for a loft ladder. There just needs to enough room in the loft for the loft ladder to sit when not in use without of course affecting anything that is already being stored in there.

There are three types of loft ladders that we sell. Our slider loft ladder folds up into your loft neatly in sections and is safely lowered section by section. Slider loft ladders are ideal for rooms with high ceilings and can be pole operated. Our concertina loft ladder is ideal for lofts where space is at a premium. If you want to minimise the space your loft ladder takes or the actual loft hatch space is restricted then a concertina loft ladder is the best option. It neatly folds away into a cube when not in use. Our timber loft ladders are designed to be left on view so become more of a permanent fixture in your home. Made from larch wood for superior performance, it also matches any interior decoration.

Merry Christmas from all of us here at BPS Access Solutions

Stay safe this Christmas and we look forward to providing you with more ladder safety advice and fun next year! :)

Ladders and Scaffold Towers are a Leading UK Distributor of Ladders, Loft Ladders, Scaffold Towers, Aluminium Ladders, Extension Ladders , Ladder Accessories and all access equipment.

Inspecting your ladder for use

Many people worry about ladder safety, however in actual fact, a quality ladder which is being used safely and for the right purpose, is the perfect tool for working at height. Accidents on ladders often occur because risks were taken in the first place – over reaching or placing the ladder in an inappropriate position are the most common causes of accident.


over reaching on a ladder








Take care when assembling your ladder

Never rush setting your ladders up. Make sure the locking mechanisms are engaged. Rushing to assemble your ladder could mean that the ladder collapses whilst in use. Rushing from a leafy area into a dry space could mean the ladder slips due to leaves still attached to the ladder feet. A simple check over before ascending your ladder could avoid this terrifying scenario.

collapsed ladder







When to carry out checks on your ladder

A good quality ladder will last you for many years to come, however it is still vitally important that you, as the user of the ladder carry out a pre-use check on your ladder:

  • at the start of every working day.
  • if something changes such as moving the ladder from a dirty area to a clean area, or if the ladder is dropped etc.

Never take someone elses word that the ladder is safe, always be certain yourself that your ladder is safe before using it.

Never assume that the ladder is safe. Damage can occur during storage or transit that you may be unaware of.

Carry out these simple daily checks

A ladder pre-use check can sound like a long and drawn out task, but it needn’t be and it could even save your life. Ladder pre-use checks will soon become a matter of habit rather than an inconvenience to the professional ladder user.

  • Stiles

Check that these are not bent or damaged. The ladder could buckle or collapse if used with bent styles. Never take a risk.

ladder style







  • Feet

Check the feet on the ladder. They should be of a good size and made of rubber for superior grip. Ensure that the feet are not missing, worn or damaged. Check your ladder feet regularly particularly when you move from one area to another. Loose soil, gravel or sand can stick to the feet. Make sure that this unwanted material is not in contact with the ground as this could cause the ladder to slip. Ensure it is the feet (rather than the material) which are in contact with the ground at all times.

ladder feet







  • Rungs

Check all the rungs are in place and firmly attached. Bent, loose, missing or worn rungs can cause the ladder to fail, or you could slip and fall.

broken rungs









  • check locking mechanisms

Engage all safety devices on your ladder including locking bars. If they are bent or fixings are worn or damaged, the ladder could collapse. Never use your ladder if the safety features are not engaging, you risk serious injury or even death.

locking mechansim







  • Check the platform if you are using a step ladder

Step ladders can be just as dangerous as any other type of ladder if it is being used in a dangerous condition. If the platform is split or buckled, it can cause the step ladder to become unsafe.

step ladder platform









  • Inspect the rungs for dirt

Even if the rungs are perfectly usable, a serious accident could occur from the dirt that is in contact with them. Always ensure your rungs are clear from excess debris. Similarly, ensure that your footwear is also. Leaves can easily become affixed to soles and will be like a skating rink when in contact with the ladder rungs. Take care!








If you have concerns about the safety of your ladder

First and foremost, never consider using a ladder which you feel is unsafe. If the ladder is your own, then the outlet from which you replaced it should be able to assist with the replacement of parts which have failed. Here at BPS Access Solutions, we offer a free lifetime guarantee on all of our ladders.

If you do not have a guarantee on your ladder, then the safest option is to replace it. Never use a ladder which you feel is unsafe.

Ladders and Scaffold Towers are a Leading UK Distributor of Ladders, Loft Ladders, Scaffold Towers, Aluminium Ladders, Extension Ladders , Ladder Accessories and all access equipment.

Instructions on how to fit a sliding loft ladder

Congratulations! You have purchased a new sliding loft ladder, now your life will be made easier by being able to access your loft easily and safely!

However, there are a few things to bear in mind before you begin to install your new ladder. Avoid rookie errors such as ensuring there is enough space within your loft to fold the ladder when not in use, ensuring that you have an additional ladder to use whilst installing your loft ladder and ensuring that the ground area where the ladder is pulled down to is suitable.

Remember loft ladders are only designed for use at home and should not be considered to be a permanent staircase. It should be treated as any other ladder when in use and should not be used by pets or anyone under the age of 16.

Before you start

Make sure the sliding loft ladder you have purchased is suitable for use in your home. In particular ensure that the ladder will be able to open to it’s minimum height and not exceed it’s maximum height – these issues are particularly relevant if you live in a property with lower or higher than average ceiling heights.

You also need to ensure that there is space in your loft for your ladder to fold up in. So check the pitch height in your loft and the minimum internal loft height required for safe installation of your ladder. Remember your ladder will need to fold up and will be lifted into your loft when not in use. Look at the diagram below to give you an idea:


Finally, before you start, ensure that you will not exceed the maximum load which will be indicated clearly on the packaging.

Get the right tools

To avoid personal injury and to safely install your sliding loft ladder, you will need the correct tools for the job. You will also need another suitable ladder which will enable you to access the loft safely whilst you are installing your sliding loft ladder.

Installing a sliding loft ladder is a two person job so you will need a competent person to help you to install it – one person working in the loft and the other at ground level.

You will also need the following tools and equipment:


  • Tape measure


  • Pencil


  • Sharp point Bradawl


  • Drill and 2mm, 3mm and 13mm wood drill bits


  • Phillips screw driver


  • 2x 8mm spanner


  • 17 mm spanner


  • Wood glue (is optional)

Unpacking your ladder

Carefully unpack your ladder checking carefully for any damage that might have occurred in transit. A damaged loft ladder will require a replacement so unpack to check the contents as soon as possible.

Check that you have all the components necessary to assemble and install your sliding loft ladder:


Installing your loft ladder

Only proceed to install the sliding loft ladder if you feel confident in doing so. Remember to work tidily and keep tools and parts away from the loft hatch where they could drop or on the floor area where the could be a tripping hazard.

You may need to install wooden batons or noggins to be able to fit the pivot bar or retaining bar in the correct position, however, never be tempted to fit unauthorised parts to the sliding loft ladder itself as this will invalidate it’s warranty.

Take care when installing the loft ladder and do not attempt to use it in any way until it is fully installed. If any damage is caused, for safety reasons it will need to be discarded and replaced.

Preparing the trap door

If you do not have a loft ladder already, your loft hatch may be of the push up variety. You need to have a trapdoor that you pull down to open. The first 4 steps will show you how to prepare and fit a loft door complete with opening assembly ready to install your sliding loft ladder. If your loft door is already in place, you can go straight to step 5 – installing the ladder.

Step 1

Hanging the trapdoor:

Attach the hinges to the trapdoor by drilling 2mm pilot holes and screw the hinges, equally spaced, to one end of the trapdoor using 4x 18mm screws. Install the trapdoor by positioning the fitted hinges against the hatch frame and mark the fixing hole positions. Drill 2mm pilot holes and screw the hinges to the hatch surround using 4x 18mm screws.


  • Your new trapdoor should have a minimum thickness of 20mm with a 2mm gap all the way around when door is fitted in the hatch.
  • Trapdoor will attach to the same side of the hatch frame as the loft ladder.
  • Minimum gap of 50mm between the top of the trapdoor when closed and top edge of the frame.
  • Optional – fill the screw holes with wood glue before inserting the screws to increase strength.


Step 2

Preparing the trapdoor

Hold up trap door in the closed position.

A&B: At the opposite end to where you have fitted the hinges, measure and mark a line onto the trapdoor, 31mm from the edge of the frame. Measure and mark a centre line.

C: Open the trapdoor and drill a 13mm hole where the lines meet and sand off any rough edges


Step 3

Fitting the catch assembly

Push the twist catch collars (no. 3 & 4) into each side of the hole you just drilled with the large catch collar (no. 4) on the outside of the trapdoor.

Insert the pivot pin (no. 5) through the outside of the hatch through the hole and secure using the second nut (1). Ensure the pivot pin can twist freely.

Place the catch lever (no. 2) onto the pivot pin (as shown) and secure using the second nut (1). Again ensure the pivot pin twists freely.


Step 4

Catch bracket fitting

 A: Measure the thickness of your trapdoor and add 9mm. Draw a line this distance up from the bottom of the hatch opening, parallel with it. Close the trapdoor and mark a vertical line on the inside of the hatch frame where the centre of the twist catch meets the hatch frame.

B: Open the trapdoor and position the catch bracket on the hatch frame, lining up with the vertical and horizontal lines as show ring. Mark the fixing hole positions.

Drill 2mm pilot holes and fix the bracket using 2x 18mm screws.









Installing the ladder

Step 5

Remove the end caps and slide on the pivot bar stops

A: Remove both end caps from the stiles on the back of the loft ladder, closest to the end where the rubber feet are fitted.

B: Slide a pivot bar stop onto each stile (side) of the ladder, do not secure in place yet.


A pair of pivot bar stops have already been installed at the top of the loft ladder.








Step 6

Slide on the pivot bar assembly

Ensure the pivot bar is fully assembled, with the pivot bar sliders slotted into the pivot bar rod.

Slot the pivot bar assembly onto the stiles.


The pivot bar brackets MUST be the correct way round, as shown with the brackets in an upside down “L” position.









Step 7

Slide on remaining pivot bar stops and refit end caps

A: Slot on the remaining 2 pivot bar stops, do not secure in place yet.

B: Slot both stile end caps back on to the ends of the stiles.








Step 8

Attach 2x handrails

Attach the handrail to each side of the loft ladder.

Place washers (no. 2) onto the 65mm bolts (no. 4), insert through the handrail, mounting block (no. 3) and ladder. Fix using the nuts and washers (no. 1 & 2).

Tighten using an 8mm spanner.








Step 9

 Extend the loft ladder

Release the locking catch close to the bottom of the loft ladder and then the catch on the top of the front section.

Extend the ladder fully until the locking catches engage securely with the other catches.









Step 10

Attach the pivot bar


One person is needed in the loft for this part of the installation. Position the pivot bar brackets onto the top of the loft hatch frame, on the side the trapdoor is hung.

Position the loft ladder in the centre of the hatch and make sure it is square with both feet flat on the floor. The pivot bar brackets must be pushed up against the sides of the loft ladder.

Mark the screws holes onto the frame with pencil, drill 3mm pilot holes and then fix using 6 x 35mm screws.








Step 11

Set the pitch of the ladder and fix top pivot bar stops

A: position the ladder at the correct angle between 65 and 80 degrees. Alternatively, use the red and white sticker on the side and once you get the white line vertical the ladder is at the correct pitch.

B: Position the 1st pair of pivot bar stops against the pivot bar sliders and tighten. Make sure the ladder is level and square before tightening stops.








Step 12

Attach the 2x retaining bars

Fix the retaining bar (no.4) to the top of the loft ladder using the fittings pre assembled to the bar. Tighten using 2x 8mm spanners. Tighten the nut securing the angle bracket (no. 5) to the retaining bar (no. 4). Do not over tighten, the bracket must be able to move freely. Fix the angle bracket to the attic floor using 2x 18m screws. Do the same for the 2nd retaining bar on the other side.


Install additional wooden noggins to fix the retaining bar in the correct position if necessary.

The retaining bars must be in line with the ladder not at an angle.








Step 13

Stow the loft ladder away and further fix pivot bar stops

A: release the 2x catches found on the right hand side of ladder. Slide the 2 front sections up until the catches engage with the other catches.

B: Push the ladder up into the loft by hand as far as you can reach and then insert the stowing pole into the side of the bottom rung and push the loft ladder up until fully stowed away safely.

C: Slide the 2nd pair of pivot bar stops up to meet the pivot bar sliders and tighten securely with screwdriver.








Using your slider loft ladder

Installed correctly, your slider loft ladder will give many years of outstanding service, however to keep it working at it’s best, be sure to check through the instruction leaflet and carry out any recommended maintenance on the ladder.

Specifically, here at BPS Access Solutions, we recommend that you check that the 4 pivot bar stops are secured in the correct position and the screws are tight.

Make sure that the fixings and handrail are secure before each use, tighten screws and fittings as necessary.

Always use your slider loft ladder in accordance to the manufacturers instructions and additionally, follow the instructions given on the side of the slider loft ladder.

How to open and close your loft door

 To close the trapdoor

Insert the pole into the twist catch and push the trapdoor up into its closed position and turn the catch clockwise to lock.

To open the trapdoor:

Insert the pole into the twist catch and turn the catch anticlockwise to unlock. Carefully lower the trapdoor using the stowing pole.








How to pull your loft ladder out of the loft and put it back again

Insert the pole into the bottom rung of the ladder and carefully pull out and down simultaneously. Ensure you carefully control the descent of the ladder so as not to endanger any persons or animals.

When the ladder stops, release the 2 catches found on the right hand side and extend it until the catch engages with the other locking catches. DO NOT use the loft ladder unless the locking catch is fully engaged.





Before you use your slider loft ladder

When the ladder is deployed, make sure that:


  • The locking catch is fully engaged.


  • Both feet are flat on the floor.


  • The ladder is at the correct angle (65-80°).


Using your slider loft ladder safely

When in use, you should treat your slider loft ladder in the same way as you would treat any other ladder, however it should only ever be used as a loft ladder and not for any other purpose.

When the ladder is in use, only one person should be using the ladder at any one time. You should not carry loads in excess of 10kg whilst on the ladder.

Always wear sensible footwear with clean, non-slip soles and face the ladder at all times whilst keeping a grip on the ladder at all times when climbing up or down the ladder. Never over reach on a loft ladder, you could overbalance and injure yourself.

Do not use the loft ladder if you are tired or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Lastly, keep your loft ladder clean. A quick wipe down regularly will be sufficient, however keeping your slider loft ladder clean and dust free will ensure it continues to work properly. 

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BPS – Internet shopping without the frustration


BPS showroom

We’ve all been there – spending hours googling a product we desperately need, the latest must have product or the product that is not available on the high street!

Only to find it is either out of stock too on the internet or the delivery times are too far ahead – and you need the product tomorrow!

It also astounds me how long it can actually take to source the right product – I spent a whole afternoon a couple of weeks ago sourcing an item I needed urgently only to find the delivery time scales were just too far ahead…..unless I was willing to pay an extortionate price – which I personally believe is a hugely unfair levy on a paying customer.

At BPS Access Solutions our overall aim is to please our customers, and as part of our aim we are very keen to make all our products easy to obtain, not only at the best prices with added extras not found anywhere else, but also to get them to you in the quickest possible time, not at an additional cost, but for FREE! Yes that’s right, we deliver to almost anywhere on the UK mainland for free. If you place your order on a working day by 3pm, you will receive it the next working day.

This is not all. We appreciate the differing demands of each and every customer and each order we receive is dealt with on a very personal basis. We appreciate that some of our customers know exactly what ladder or scaffold tower they require and simply need to order it as quickly as possible. At BPS Access solutions, we offer comprehensive on line ordering solutions via our own website, Ebay and Amazon.

Regular visitors to our website may have noticed our ‘New Look’. Our website now provides you with a superior shopping experience. Quickly browse our product range without wasting time on page load times. New signage clearly shows where to find the ladder, scaffold tower or accessory you are looking for, as well as easier than ever ordering.

Of course on line ordering directly from our website is available as before at www.laddersandscaffoldtowers.co.uk Our website also contains details of our latest special offers and Sales. All our usual promises apply such as free delivery the next working day and a full lifetime guarantee on all products.

Many of our customers like to seek advice on which ladder would be most suited to their individual needs and we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service. We offer this advice freely over the telephone no matter where you are in the UK, and you can place your order over the phone with us at the same time. Our sales hotline numbers are open 7 days a week for your convenience weekdays until 9pm and weekends until 5pm.

We don’t forget old fashioned values

We also have customers who like to make a day out of their ladder and scaffold choice and to this end we have a High Street shop located in Biggin Hill in Kent. We offer the same unbeatable internet prices in our shop and we highly recommend a visit in order so you can appreciate the quality and durability of all our products whilst getting expert advice on the correct usage. Of course you can also collect your products from here too. For more details and directions, please visit http://www.laddersandscaffoldtowers.co.uk/acatalog/Contact_Us.html Our shop is open Saturdays only at the moment, but do check with us as the opening hours do vary from time to time.

I hope you are able to see how we can combat the frustration of internet shopping and speed up what can be a very mundane process.

We all look forward to doing business with you soon at BPS Access Solutions. Both DIY and tradespeople more than welcome.

Ladders and Scaffold Towers are a Leading UK Distributor of Ladders, Loft Ladders, Scaffold Towers, Aluminium Ladders, Extension Ladders , Ladder Accessories and all access equipment.

Cats use one of their nine lives on a loft ladder

There is a reason why cats have nine lives as demonstrated by this amusing video!

For all animal lovers out there, no cats were harmed during the making of this video clip.

Cats, being the inquisitive creatures they are, had to try and defy gravity and show us there is no need for a loft ladder…..you simply leave the loft like this……:

OK, we don’t need to tell you not to try this yourself at home, but we will anyway……Don’t Try this at home, you’ve been warned!

The mistake the cat made was leaving the loft facing forward. The basic principle of walking down any ladder (not just a loft ladder) is to climb down it backwards so you are facing the ladder. That way you have the frame or handrails of the ladder to hold on to for support.

Never climb down a ladder facing forwards, unlike the cat, you might not be so lucky.

For more information on loft ladders and how to make make use of valuable space within your home please visit us at http://www.laddersandscaffoldtowers.co.uk/acatalog/loft_ladders.html#Loft Ladder Text

Ladders and Scaffold Towers are a Leading UK Distributor of Ladders, Loft Ladders, Scaffold Towers, Aluminium Ladders, Extension Ladders , Ladder Accessories and all access equipment.

Working safely at height – selecting the right equipment

tall_ladderDo I need a ladder? this is the question to ask yourself every time you have to work at height.

Ladders are involved in more falls from height than any other kind of work equipment. Usually the accident could have been avoided. (Source:http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/indg403.pdf )

Rather than reach out for a ladder, take a few steps to consider how to complete the job in the safest way.

  •  Firstly, identify the type of works that need to be carried out at height.


  • Secondly assess whether other safer means of access could be used such as scaffold towers. For low level work, consider using low level platforms such as kick stools or hop ups.

The key point to remember is that ladders should only be used for short durations of time and for lighter duties. A ladder is an indispensable item if used correctly and in the right circumstances.

Choose the right ladder for the job – there are many types of ladders, from step ladders, leaning ladders to combination ladders.

If a ladder is necessary for the nature of your work you must ensure the ladder you are using is the right length and strength for the job it is being used for. Ladders must be the correct length for the job intended and must be used safely. Rubber feet and grip on the rungs are an absolute essential as are stabiliser bars and strong hinges.

We know our customers expect the best products that provide excellent value for money. So we’ve put together a wide selection of access equipment that conforms to the latest UK and European standards, including having the important EN131 specification. Our products proudly display this kitemark, which means they’ve been exhaustively tested and adhere to a rigorous set of safety regulations. Please visit us at http://www.laddersandscaffoldtowers.co.uk/

If you would like to know more about the UK ladder classifications and the working at height regulations please visit our standards and regulations page here

Always inspect your ladder for damage before each use and securely store your ladder away from sources of accidental damage.

For more information including safe use for all types of ladder and correct positioning please visit http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/indg403.pdf

Buy your access equipment and accessories with confidence from BPS Access Solutions.

Ladders and Scaffold Towers are a Leading UK Distributor of Ladders, Loft Ladders, Scaffold Towers, Aluminium Ladders, Extension Ladders , Ladder Accessories and all access equipment.

Ladder Safety – how safe is your ladder?


Ladders are a versatile product that many home-owners and tradespeople take for granted. After all, a ladder can give many years valuable service and unlike other items such as tools, never show any signs of something not being quite right with them until the inevitable accident occurs.

At BPS Access Solutions, we spend many hours ensuring that our ladders are the most superior available on the market today. We ensure that only the best materials and construction methods are employed during the production of not just our ladders but our scaffold towers too.

Of course, when it comes to selecting your ladder, there is much choice to be had on the market. What is important to realise is that inferior ladders are being sold up and down the country on a daily basis and these are not ladders brought from un-reputable sources, quite the opposite, these ladders are being purchased in well known stores.

 So, how would you know that your Multi Purpose Ladder is not so multi purpose after all?

  •  The first consideration is to ensure that your ladder is suitable for the purpose intended. If you intend using your ladder to carry out your trade, your ladder must conform to EN131 Part 1 & 2 1993 certified. This must not be confused with weaker non certified ladders for DIY use only.
  • Ensure that your ladder is capable of carrying the load intended – not just you but also your tools and other equipment you may have on your ladder. Our ladders hold a maximum load of a massive 150kg (23.5 stone)
  • Our ladder is supplied with a 1.5mm thick platform – beware, some others are supplied with weaker platforms
  • Our multi purpose ladders feature extra large red rubber feet which provides superior grip and stability (100% grip to floor surface) plus extra strong working platforms included as a free upgrade as standard.
  • Non slip ridged rungs ensure maximum safety

Does your ladder meet all the above essential safety points? These are not the only safety points to consider, merely the basic essentials.

Please BE AWARE that there are many traders selling inferior multi purpose ladders that look similar to those sold by us but they ARE NOT as solid or safe in use and are DANGEROUS! – we know because we have seen these ladders and will not sell them

We believe we sell the safest and most versatile multi purpose ladders available on the market today

Ladders and Scaffold Towers are a Leading UK Distributor of Ladders, Loft Ladders, Scaffold Towers, Aluminium Ladders, Extension Ladders , Ladder Accessories and all access equipment.

Different Ladder Types Explained


Ladders are a huge part of the building and construction industry and are the safest way to reach high areas. Many homes also require ladders for various purposes. However,ladders need to be sturdy and reliable as they have to be used in risky conditions. We have a range of high quality ladders that will meet your needs.

Loft Ladders


Loft ladders are one of the most popular types of ladders and are used especially in homes. Loft ladders are available in different styles and usually come in height adjustable models. These loft ladders are used mostly to reach attics but can be used for other purposes as well. This makes loft ladders an essential tool in homes.

Scaffold Towers



Scaffold towers are one of the main elements in construction. Without these, building and construction work may not even be possible. However, it is important that scaffold towersare reliable and strong. So if you are looking for scaffold towers for any purpose, we at BPS Access Solutions Ltd can provide you with various options to match your requirements.

Extension Ladders



From the very name you would know that extension ladders are the kind of ladders whose length can be extended so that users can reach higher places. Extension ladders, which are mostly used for outdoor jobs, are usually made of aluminium, steel and fibreglass and depending on the model can withstand different weights.

Telescopic Ladders



Telescopic ladders are the ideal kind of ladder to have anywhere as they suit all job types. We have an extensive range of telescopic ladders that can be folded, carried about and stored easily. This feature in particular is what makes telescopic ladders excellent tools to have.

Ladders and Scaffold Towers are a Leading UK Distributor of Ladders, Loft Ladders, Scaffold Towers, Aluminium Ladders, Extension Ladders , Ladder Accessories and all access equipment.

Knowing your essential Ladder Standards and Regulations

ladder regulations

Before purchasing a ladder it is important to understand exactly what you are buying. Not taking any notice of essential information such as kite-marks, certifications or safety regulations can lead to serious injury or even death when the ladder is in use.

To begin with, you need to purchase a ladder which is suitable for your needs. If you require a ladder to be in almost constant use, then an industrial ladder would be most suited to your needs. If you are a trades person or need a ladder for use around your home then you need to be looking for the EN131 certification which certifies the ladder is safe for regular usage.

UK Categories for ladder and step ladder strength

The UK has 3 kite mark categories to determine what standard a ladder has reached. The kite marks fall into 3 standards; domestic, trade and industrial.

Whilst the Kite marks indicate that the ladder you are about to purchase has achieved the kite mark standard, it is worth bearing in mind that in most cases, the ladders are only just meeting this minimum standard. The ladders and step ladders we sell here at BPS Access Solutions are manufactured to a standard that far exceeds the standards laid out.

As a family business established for 10 years, our high standards speak for themselves.

Ladder Categories Explained

BS2037 (Class 1) – Industrial

These are the strongest types of ladders and step ladders that can be purchased. Industrial ladders are designed for on site use and are built to be in use almost constantly. An industrial ladder is an excellent choice for someone who spends most of their time working on a ladder on site but is not necessary if you need to carry out some DIY work around your home.

Maximum Static Vertical Load: 175kg/27.5 stone
Duty Rating: 130kg/20.5 stone

EN131 – Trade

EN131 is the latest UK trade standard replacing the old class 2 standard which was known as BS2037/Class 2. This is the most common ladder certification in the UK. EN131 is the certification you must look for on any ladder purchase (with the exception of industrial ladders) as this is the only way you will be sure that the ladder meets the safety requirements for trade and domestic use and will have been tested to confirm it meets the standards of EN131.

Maximum Static Vertical Load: 150kg/23.5 stone
Duty Rating: 115kg/18 stone

BS2037 (Class 3) – Domestic

This is the lightest standard in the UK and ladders falling into this classification should only be used occasionally around the home. Ladders displaying this certification should not be purchased as using them contravenes Health and Safety Regulations. We do not stock ladders bearing the BS2037 classification at BPS Access Solutions.

Maximum Static Vertical Load: 125kg/19.5 stone
Duty Rating: 95kg/15 stone

Ladders not covered by any standard

Some ladders are not covered by any standard – such ladders include roof ladders and conservatory ladders. In this instance, it is extremely important that you pay attention to the materials that these ladders are constructed from. Here at BPS Access Solutions, we construct such ladders using the same materials found in our industrial and trade ladders as if the ladder were to adhere to the appropriate kite mark.

Remember these ladders will not carry any kite mark because no kite mark applies to the product.

UK Loft ladder category

Don’t forget that access ladders to lofts also have to be fully kite marked and are subject to safety regulations in the same way that other ladders and step ladders are.

There is a standard class that applies to every loft ladder sold in both the UK and Europe.


This standard needs to be clearly displayed on any loft ladder you buy regardless of it’s construction whether it is metal or timber.

Maximum Safe Working Load: 150kg/23.5 stone

UK Scaffold Tower category

The UK standard for both trade and industrial scaffold towers is BS EN1004. The European standard is the same and is known as EN1004.

To meet this standard all scaffold towers must have:

* Stabilisers or outriggers fitted where necessary to guard against overturning.
* Ladder access to the platform either vertical ladders or inclined.
* Trapdoor platforms for safe access from the ladder to the platform.
* Toe boards fitted around the working platform.

Additionally the Health and Safety Executive require all scaffold tower users to use the 3T system known as ‘through the trapdoor’ Using the 3T system ensures that no one has to stand on a platform without handrail protection.

All scaffold towers sold by us meet the 3T building method. However some scaffold towers are sold without a 3T system and will require users to purchase additional equipment in order to meet the 3T requirements.

Still unsure what is best for your needs?

At BPS Access Solutions, we advise our clients on a daily basis on the best access product to suit their needs. If you are not sure which product would be most suitable, please do feel free to contact us.

Ladders and Scaffold Towers are a Leading UK Distributor of Ladders, Loft Ladders, Scaffold Towers, Aluminium Ladders, Extension Ladders , Ladder Accessories and all access equipment.