Is this the most dangerous step ladder ever?

100 foot step ladder

This image will be familiar to fans of Harry Potter’s Order of the Phoenix where the image of the snarling caretaker Argus Filch climbing a teetering 100 foot stepladder to nail the Orwellian Proclamations to a stone wall is repeated quite often throughout the film.

Perhaps a good lesson to us all – not to repeat what we see! Unfortunately there will be no potentially powerful wizard who comes to our aid to make things all good again!

The image rather brings to mind an enormous stepladder found in a quaint library where the user quickly hops up it in order to retrieve a dusty top shelf novel; indeed such an image immediately brings thoughts of vast libraries in grand houses filled with impossibly high shelves.

Harry Potter learnt in the Order of the Phoenix, ‘Neither can live whilst the other survives’ When it comes to the ladder Vs the Human, we can safely say that the Human should never attempt to use such a dangerous stepladder and the ladder really needs to go!

I wonder what the health and safety officer might think of this Muggle World ladder? 🙂

So should you happen to own any of these stepladder relics, we highly recommend you switch to one of our safe step ladders with the ‘famous red feet’

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Do not leave it too late to replace your ladder

You only need to watch this video ‘Story of A ladder’ to see where we’re coming from on this subject!

It is very common for us to hear stories from our customers which lead them to decide to change their ladder – from a faithful wooden companion which has no rubber feet and is well over 40 years old to actual ladder breakdowns caused by incorrect usage such as a DIY ladder being used for trade purposes.

Many of our customers have been incorrectly advised or had no advice at all when they brought their ladder so often we’ve found their ladder they have been using was unsuitable for the purpose used for.

So what else should you be looking for to know that now is the time for a new ladder?

Firstly, always inspect your ladder before every use – even a simple process like transporting your ladder on a roof rack could cause damage and check for any wear on both the ladder frame and rungs – A repeat of this video could be nasty:)

Health and Safety recommendations change over time and turning up with a ladder from the 70′s is probably going to raise a few eyebrows in the workplace!

Firstly, all ladders nowadays have rubber feet – look out for our big red feet – we treat safety as a paramount concern. Our overlapping rubber feet gives 100% stability and maximum grip to floor surface.

One of our most popular ladders is our Extension Ladder. These ladders are suitable for both DIY and trade use and certified to the latest European and UK trade standards. We have many tradespeople buy their ladders from us from gardeners to decorators, window cleaners to electricians. For more information and demonstration videos, please visit us at

A unique safety feature of our extension ladders is the unique safety stabilizer bar fitted as standard. We have found that no stabiliser bar at all on more expensive options on inferior alternatives. Does your extension ladder have a stabiliser bar?

BPS Ladder rungs are at set 265mm (10.5”) apart for maximum safety and comfort whilst climbing. Rungs placed at these measurements will add strength to your ladder. Rungs that are placed 250mm (11”) or even 300mm (12”) between rungs make the ladder more difficult to climb and the ladder is more likely to ‘bounce’.

Buy with confidence from the leading ladder and scaffold tower experts

Ladders and Scaffold Towers are a Leading UK Distributor of Ladders, Loft Ladders, Scaffold Towers, Aluminium Ladders, Extension Ladders , Ladder Accessories and all access equipment.

Do you need to upgrade your loft hatch?


Many householders don’t think twice about their loft hatch and how much heat is lost through the gaps of a poorly fitted door or even straight through the door itself.

Before you add more insulation

Before you consider adding to your insulation in your loft, think about your loft door. Has it ever been replaced? Many homes have a loft hatch that has heat wasting gaps around the edges or is nothing more than a thin piece of wood.

If you still feel chilly in your home, it is worth investing in a replacement loft hatch door. They are very low cost and modern loft hatch have mineral fibre insulation designed to keep heat out of the loft and in the rooms below.The cost of lost heat leaking through your existing loft hatch door will cover the cost of purchasing an up to date loft hatch door in a short period of time.

Fit with the minimum of fuss

No specialist skills and costly labour is needed to fit our loft doors – they fit with the minimum of fuss and create a simple, non-fussy design on the outside which will compliment any decoration scheme. The loft hatch door comes complete with the fixings you need and full instructions written in clear English.

Protect yourself from fire too

We’re particularly proud of our 1 hour fire rated swing down loft hatch door which can buy valuable time in the event of a fire. Many fires begin in loft spaces and due to the location of lofts fires burn unnoticed for some time before fire is discovered. The loft hatch door is manufactured using power coated steel and has been tested and certified by Chiltern International Fire Ltd to withstand fire for up to 1 hour. The fire rated hatch is a must where safety is paramount.

Meet the latest building regulations

The 1 hour fire rated loft door is suitable for installation in even the newest of buildings. It meets the latest building regulations including insulation and condensation guidelines:

  •  100mm thick insulation lining and provides the required U value outlined in the Robust Construct details in Part L of the building regulations
  • There is a draught seal to prevent the problem of warm moist air entering the loft
  • The loft doors meet the requirements of the BS 9250:2007, BS EN 13141-1:2004 & BS 5250: 2002, which cover air tightness of ceilings in pitched and horizontal roofs, air leakage rate through the loft hatch and frame and control of condensation in buildings.
  • The Loft Doors have also been tested and meet the requirements of the Building Regulations 2000, Conservations of Fuel and Power in New Dwellings part L1A 2006 as well as the reasonable limit for the design air permeability of 10m³/(h.m²) at 50pa.
  • The insulation used in all our loft doors has an Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of zero and a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of less than 5.

No need to buy a new loft ladder

Keep your costs down – there is no need to buy a new loft ladder when you purchase this fire rated loft hatch. It is compatible with any loft ladder thanks to the drop down hinge design of the door. The door can also be removed completely to allow for easier loading and unloading of the loft. It is also safer for other members of your household who may accidentally bump their head on a lowered loft hatch door.

Easy to fit and maintain

Our fire rated loft hatch door is a far more cost effective option to a traditional joiner made timber loft access hatch. Furthermore, no painting is required once the loft hatch is fitted. The textured surface is easy to clean in a classic design that will not become dated.

This loft hatch is designed to fit between 38mm thick trussed rafters or ceiling joists spaced at 600mm centres which provide a clear joist opening width of 562mm. You will need to make an opening of 562mm wide x 726mm long to accommodate this hatch.

A perfect access solution to your loft space

If you are looking for a simple and straightforward way of gaining access to your loft where safety is not compromised, then we highly recommend our fired rated hatch door. Our no quibble lifetime guarantee is included as standard along with free next day delivery.

Click here for more information or to buy.

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Missing a staircase?

Yes it would be rather strange missing a staircase – it’s not as if you can mislay your staircase is it!

However, staircases can break and sometimes a loft ladder just doesn’t cut it when accessing loft spaces on a regular basis.

Enter our amazing space saving staircase! With 12 treads, our space saving compact design is ideal for accessing harder to reach areas such as mezzanine floors and attic spaces. Designed to make life just that little bit easier, with extra wide treads and a convenient full length handrail, our space saving staircase is an excellent solution for busy households.

Sturdy and dependable

This staircase will not let you down – it will be the next best thing to your main staircase – constructed using larch wood – it is much stronger than pine, ensuring a rock solid and safe climbing experience. The larch wood used is approved by the FSC meaning the timber sourced for our staircases is sustainable.

Designed to hold up to 47.2 stones, this ladder doesn’t just talk the talk – it walks the talk! In actual fact it is so robust that it will take many years to show any visible signs of wear and tear. Larch wood unlike more commonly used woods such as pine and spruce are likely to twist and become misshapen very quickly if not properly seasoned.

Quality finishes

This staircase will not look at all out of place in your home – the careful attention to detailing and finish on the space saving staircase ensures that is is perfectly suited to be situated in the midst of a family home – this is not a ladder designed to be stored out of the way.

The finish on the staircase is smooth with very little chance of knots or splinters and with the extra wide steps and full length handrail the space saving staircase feels no different to using a conventional staircase. Furthermore, the steps are rebated into the staircase itself for maximum strength. Look out for steps screwed through the sides of the staircase – this is an inferior design as well as looking unsightly.

The steps are set at a comfortable 57 degrees pitch making for an easy pleasant climb. Other staircases on the market have a far steeper climb increasing accident risk and discomfort.

Designed to work to your specification, not ours

The space saving staircase is designed to be as flexible as you need it to be. For simplicity it can be used straight from the box and fitted easily using the supplied fixings and mounting brackets used to fix the staircase at the top and bottom.

The staircase can be painted or varnished to match your colour schemes or simply left natural. The space saving staircase can also be adjusted width ways as well as length ways to ensure a perfect fit within your chosen room.

Simply cut each step to the width desired. If your floor to ceiling height is less than 2830mm then the space saving staircase can also be cut to the required height.

A convenient additional extra to consider for the ultimate in space saving staircases is the fitting of an extra handrail. Ideal for optimum balance and comfort for use by children or the infirm in gives extra peace of mind when the ladder is in use. It is available for a special price of £19.99 when ordered with one of our staircases.

Same, dependable service from BPS Access Solutions

Our space saving staircase is still delivered for free on the next working day with a full no quibble lifetime guarantee and supplied with easy to follow instructions written in plain English. Where else do can you get such a fantastic after-care service at no extra cost?


We believe you wont find a better space saving staircase for sale anywhere in the UK – if you are looking for a compact and extremely flexible staircase solution then you’ve come to the right place. Purchase today at the special price of £129.99 including VAT and FREE delivery!

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Why our Slider Loft Ladder is Superior to any other

When thinking about the purchase of a loft ladder it can be very confusing time trying to figure out what type of loft ladder will be most suitable for your needs.

Unfortunately there are many people who simply abandon the idea of a loft ladder altogether and so waste a lot of space in their home which could be used for essential storage or even another room such as a bedroom or study. Other house holders put themselves in a dangerous situation by using an incorrect ladder or chair in order to access their loft when needed.

In light of this, here at BPS Access Solutions we are going to explain why we feel our slider loft ladder is an ideal purchase for your loft access requirements. Firstly a sliding loft ladder is very simple and easy to operate. As the name suggests, it simply slides down safely when ready to use. A sliding loft ladder is very sturdy in nature and doesn’t feel rickety when climbing up it – in fact it feels like a normal household ladder that you would use to access your roof outside. The feet are also very sturdy and grip the floor remarkably well so you will not feel worried that the ladder will slip whilst accessing your loft. The ladder itself fits neatly occupying the minimum of space in your loft and simply opening your loft door in a simple swing down movement ensures you can access your ladder with the minimum of effort.

My loft door doesn’t swing down

Don’t worry this is not a problem at all. If you have a traditional loft door that you push upwards to open then you’ll be pleased to know that we supply loft hatch conversion hardware at no extra charge which will allow you to convert your existing “lift up” loft hatch door to a “swing down” into the room door. All the fixing kit needed to safely install your slider loft ladder is also included. There are no nasty added extras to add at the checkout stage which often happens with other shopping outlets.

We also include a bonus safety feature

The needs of our customers is always at the forefront of our ladder and scaffold tower developments. Loft ladders are used by many people from children through to adults both older and younger. In light of the extra worries about children and the less infirm using ladders we have included as standard with both sizes of our slider loft ladder an extra large handrail included free of charge for added safety when in use.

A slider loft ladder is an economical home improvement

For very little effort, you can add an extra room in your home to do with as you please. Many people find lofts an absolute godsend to store items that are not always in use – Christmas decorations for example and are a perfect solution to small homes where added space comes at a premium. However, although an economical home improvement, it doesn’t mean you should be subjected to inferior workmanship or a poor quality ladder. Like every other ladder sold in our range you can be sure that our slider loft ladder is built and designed to the same high specification as every other ladder we offer.

So what makes the BPS Access Solutions slider loft ladder like no other?

As our customers who come to us for all their access solution needs, will say, it’s the added safety features not found on other comparable ladders as well as the quality of the ladder itself that brings our customers to us time and time again. Take a look at our wonderful features that are offered as standard with our slider loft ladder:

  • A generous maximum weight bearing of 150 kg/23.5 stone
  • For added safety and re-assurance our ladder is supplied with an extra large, extra strong spring loaded catch which locks securely into place down the side of the ladder – this ladder certainly won’t be sliding any more than what it needs to!
  • Conforms to the latest EN14975 safety specifications
  • Non-slip ‘D’ shaped wide treads to ensure safe and comfortable climbing – ordinary rungs tend to cut into your feet.
  • Pivot arm ensures smooth and easy operation
  • Non-slip rubber feet are provided for maximum grip and to protect interior floor coverings
  • For extra strength, ladder rungs pass through ladder styles and are crimped on the outside therefore giving a neater, stronger ladder.

My loft hatch is high off the ground, can you help?

For your convenience we supply our slider loft ladders in 2 sizes – our 2 section and 3 section so we are able to meet most specifications. Our larger ladder, the 3 section actually takes up less space than the 2 section as it is more compact.

The 3 section slider loft ladder is suitable for floor to loft floor heights of between 2.13M and 3M (7′-9’10”) with our 2 section slider loft ladder suitable for floor to loft floor heights of between 2.13M – 2.69M (7′-8’10”)

In addition, your slider loft ladder will come supplied with an extra long aluminium operating pole for ease of use. This is especially convenient for higher loft hatches where it might not be possible to reach the loft hatch from floor height to open it.

Is it easy to install and do you offer any guarantee?

Yes our slider loft ladder is straight forward to install thanks to the easy to follow instruction leaflet that has been written in plain English. Please do bear in mind that our slider loft ladder is only intended for DIY/home use.

Our slider loft ladder also comes with a no quibble lifetime guarantee. Should you have any problems following your purchase, simply speak to our celebrated after sales service for any help you may require.

What about delivery?

Naturally as you might expect, we offer free next day delivery on all purchases to most areas of the UK mainland. We would like to bring to your attention that this service is not normally offered. Most delivery times are between 3 and 5 days or at high cost from other shopping outlets.

Why should I buy?

The slider loft ladder is the latest addition to the wide range of loft ladder solutions offered by the ladder experts here at BPS Access Solutions. We believe it provides excellent quality And strength at a great price. Available in 2 sizes and with an extra large handrail supplied free of charge on both sizes, we think this is an offer that would be very difficult to beat anywhere else.

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BPS Access Solutions gets Creative

If you have fond memories of singing the rainbow song at school then we have something for you here at BPS Access Solutions that may well tickle your fancy.

No longer available in only red, we are proud to announce that we are expanding our palette of colours on our very own heavy duty steel kick stools! There are now several colours from which to choose including black, grey and blue! Perfect for enhancing office colour themes or even as a wacky addition to a dreary storage area, whatever your taste whether conservative or crazy there will be a kick stool here crying out with your name on it.

Of course our kick stools are far more than just a colour, anyone who is already familiar with us will know us for putting safety first and our steel kick stools are no different – they’re designed with safety in mind.

A perfect solution for accessing places that always seem just out of reach – shelves and cupboards, even the back of wider shelves like bookcases, the steel kick stool is a great alternative for a ladder. For those that worry about ladders slipping or prefer to put their feet on a solid non-slip base, this is a perfect companion. Featuring non-slip rubber coated treads on both steps, fitted for your safety and comfort and with a 23.5 stone (150 kg) weight rating, you can be assured that this kick stool is very strong and reliable.

Featuring spring loaded castor wheels for effortless mobility, you can rest assured that the kick stool is very easy to manoeuvre to the required location and although made from steel it is also very lightweight weighting only 5kg.

At 40cm tall, our kick stool gives you some much needed ‘extra height’ without the feeling of being too far from the ground. A great solution for an office environment which is ready to use – no need to assemble a step ladder. There is also a heavy duty rubber furniture guard which protects furniture and skirting boards from accidental knocks.

You will know you are in safe hands with this kick stool as it has been certified to EN14183-F (European Safety Standard) and also holds the German GS mark of quality which is the equivalent of the British Kitemark.

As always, should anything go wrong with your kick stool following purchase you can rely on the free no quibble lifetime guarantee which is offered as standard on every product we offer here at BPS Access Solutions. There is no need to wait long either to receive your kick stool, forget 3, 4 or even 5 day delivery time scales, you can have your kick stool with you tomorrow! Yes that’s right, simply place your order for your kick stool before 3pm on a working day and receive it the very next working day completely free of charge to most areas of the UK mainland. We think this is a brilliant deal – many others charge for this service or make you wait a very long time to get your item.

Here at BPS Access Solutions, we offer our kick stool at an unbeatable price – just £34.99 including VAT and FREE next day delivery this is a huge saving from the RRP of £59.99!! Simply order on line or over the telephone and don’t forget to choose your colour!

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Are you Transporting your Ladders Securely?

It goes without saying that it is essential that ladders need to be carried securely on your vehicle. Unfortunately many people are not using the best method of securing the ladder to their vehicle and unfortunately are also leaving the ladder open to theft.

Thieves are opportunist. Just like we would never leave the door to our home unlocked, even if we just pop across the road, the same approach needs to be taken to the security of your ladder. You only need to stop at a fuel station and leave your vehicle unattended for a few minutes for a thief to strike. Ladders are considered an investment to both your business and property. A decent ladder can give a lifetime of use, this makes them very desirable to thieves and unfortunately due to their nature, many people do not assume that a ladder is stolen when someone is seen carrying one.

There are a number of ways that ladders can be secured against theft, one way is to mark the ladder with a UV pen. This is invisible to the naked eye, but when shone under a UV light, it will be clearly seen. This is helpful to the police when detecting stolen goods. However this method may not be so helpful if the ladder is traded in for scrap. Scrap metal prices are on the increase and certainly contribute to the growing numbers of ladder and scaffold tower theft.

Here at BPS Access Solutions, we recommend securing your ladder to your vehicle in such a way that thieves will be deterred from targeting it. We recommend using our Universal Anvil Roof Rack Ladder Clamps which are designed specifically to secure your ladder investment to your vehicle. Its an ‘all in one’ solution that serves two purposes. Firstly, its a cost effective way to secure your ladders quickly when compared to using ropes or other similar methods and secondly, and very importantly, it protects the ladder against thieves thanks to the security eyelets on each clamp which allow you to fasten your own heavy duty padlock through the arm and horizontal clamp bar for maximum security.

Made of zinc coated heavy duty steel, our roof rack ladder clamps are capable of securing even the largest of ladders thanks to the extra wide horizontal clamp bar – 400mm from ladder stop pin to pin. The elongated hook can secure 3 single ladders, or 2 double, or 1 triple ladder. It is far stronger than its aluminium counterparts, and will not rust.

A quick ‘flick of the wrist’ lock bar secures the ladders in place, making it effortless to use time after time. The double right angled hooks have a far tighter fit to your roof rack when compared to the rounded versions available on the market.

Our anvil roof rack ladder clamps are supplied with full instructions written in plain English and are delivered the next working day free of charge to most parts of the UK mainland thereby avoiding slow delivery times of up to 5 working days. This is ideal if you have urgent work to do this weekend which requires transportation of ladders. Our roof rack ladder clamps also come with a lifetime guarantee for your peace of mind.

The anvil roof rack ladder clamps are demonstrated HERE in more detail where you can see our multi purpose ladder, extension ladder and combination ladder being secured to a vehicle. The demonstration also shows how the ladder clamps are secured to your vehicle. There is the opportunity to purchase directly from the page or alternatively you call our dedicated customer service hotline.

For a limited time only, We are cutting the price of our ladder clamps to just £24.99 (original price £29.99) when purchased on their own, and if purchased with a ladder they will be just £14.99 (original price £19.99) which is an unmissable bargain.

Make sure your ladders stay one step ahead of thieves by using our Anvil Roof Rack Ladder Clamps.

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Every Home Needs A Ladder!

Ladders are not just the extendable variety that take up huge amounts of room in our garages. Ladders come in all shapes and sizes and many we almost forget about – until they’re needed of course. Whether you live in a studio flat or a country mansion, the need for a ladder never ceases to exist.

As the festive season begins to hit its peak with Christmas now in full swing, BPS Access Solutions takes a look at our own homes – where we’re likely to spend some time relaxing during the festivities and discuss just how important and necessary our trustworthy ladders are.

We’ll start off indoors and look at the loft – often overlooked and forgotten until access is needed not just to retrieve Christmas decorations but also to store items from childhood or just when you fancy de cluttering. An essential requirement to gain safe access in and out of your loft is a loft ladder. Which loft ladder you select will depend on how often you access your loft and what space you have available in your home. BPS Access Solutions have a loft ladder to suit all access needs whether this be a sliding, concertina, wooden or a grand loft ladder. A grand loft ladder is designed for people who use their loft on a regular basis, the ladder is similar to using real stairs!

Upstairs in your home, every bedroom should have its own escape ladder. They key to a good escape ladder is ease of use in a distressing emergency situation such as a house fire where usual exit routes may be blocked. Our escape ladder is the best available. It is easy to throw and made from tangle free, durable flame resistant materials. It is capable of holding 3 people at any one time on the ladder and folds up into a very compact design making it perfect for under bed storage. An escape ladder is a ‘must have’ essential for every home.

An essential requirement in every home is a step ladder. Unfortunately many householders still opt for standing on a chair or other raised platform for accessing higher areas. With accidents most likely to occur in the home and with more than 5000 people killed following an accident in the home every year it is an extremely wise investment to ensure that you have a safe step ladder in your home to minimise the risk of accidents. Our platform step ladders are the best on the market and come with an integral platform and high safety rail regardless of how many treads on the ladder. Our stepladders are supplied with any number of rungs from 2 up to 8 so you can be sure we have the right step ladder available for your home. We also recommend the use of a step ladder leveller. This ingenious solution provides adjustment for uneven ground, smooth and slippery surfaces.

If your home has a conservatory or indeed if you a professional trades person you will know the frustrations involved of accessing conservatory roofs safely and without causing damage to either your own or your customers property. Our amazing conservatory ladder will be the Access Solution you are looking for. Manufactured in the UK and made to order within 12 days, this ladder an absolute must have and an industry leader in ladder technology. This ladder will enable you to work on all conservatory roofs and roofs with differing pitches with complete versatility. The ladder is supplied in 2 sections with full ground adjusters with the second part attaching to the roof allowing ensuring no movement. It is the only ladder a trades person needs and complies with the important EN131 as well as making this the householders ladder of choice.

In the New Year, we will write about the ladder options available for the outside of your home. Have a great Christmas and stay safe!

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Who Says Advent Calendars are Just for Children?

Which child doesn’t get excited about opening up the next window on their advent calendar? – adults get equally excited about the big countdown to Christmas.

The last few weeks before Christmas is often a very stressful time as thoughts turn to buying Christmas gifts for family and friends. Finding a solution is hard enough but then comes the added worry of whether sufficient stock remains of the chosen item.

At BPS Access Solutions, we have come up with an ingenious solution to this problem for anyone who is looking for a vital tool for themselves or a present for a loved one. Rather than trawling the shops or the internet looking for inspiration, we are making it far more fun and offering you breathtaking daily deals in the form of an advent calendar!

Each day we will delight and wow you with every tool on offer and you will find it very hard not to gain much needed inspiration from our daily deals which will be sure to bring a smile not just on Christmas day itself but for many years to come.

How does it work?

Designed to instantly provide present solutions, our advent calendar displays daily deals for a whole 24 hours at a breathtaking price reduction. Each item purchased will be dispatched on a next day delivery service all the way up to the 21st December. This ensures that Santa will not be disappointing anyone on the big day itself.

Our Advent Tip is to ensure you check back daily to view the current daily deal. Its far more than just ladders and scaffold towers – there are tools for all – and they’ll all be offered at ‘once in a lifetime’ price for just 24 hours.

So if you’ve had enough of crowds, and general Christmas mayhem, then let us take care of your gifting needs this Christmas.

A straightforward click and buy system ensures you will receive your advent gift in the quickest time possible all without having to leave home!

Wow! That will get the children talking!


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The Biggest Killer in the UK Workplace

It may come as no surprise to learn that yet again falls from height continue to claim yet more lives in the workplace and unfortunately once again tops the list as being the UK’s biggest workplace killer.

The Health and Safety Executive report the morbid findings to serve as a warning to the construction industry as more prosecutions have taken place in relation to unsafe working practices when working at height.

Any work which involves leaving ground level needs meticulous planning and proper risk assessments carried out no matter what height you will be working from.

Just last week a main contractor and a concrete structures firm were prosecuted for failing to follow essential safety measures after a man fell 19 metres from a scaffold in 2008 and tragically died. The Heath and Safety Executive ruled that persistent and systematic failures to follow working at height regulations had resulted in the tragic accident. It was not the first time the company concerned had fallen foul of health and safety regulations – they had received repeated warnings from consultants to improve their health and safety measures. Employees described communication between senior employees and workers on site as virtually non-existent.

Unfortunately such accidents are showing no signs of abating despite the numerous warning issued by the health and safety executive. Scaffolding and scaffold towers are highly dangerous if they are not erected correctly.

Employees must undertake relevant training before attempting to assemble any scaffold on site. Furthermore, they must have the correct knowledge needed to select the correct working equipment to begin with.

A correctly assembled scaffold tower will be dangerous if it is not used in accordance with manufacturer guidelines and not designed for the work intended. Just last week a man appeared in court for failing to follow a prohibition order issued by a health and safety officer. The man was issued with the order for working from the top of an unsafe scaffold tower and was formally told to stop using it. The man was using the structure again just 3 hours after he was handed the prohibition order.

The tragedy is, many accidents could be so easily avoided. These accidents are the result of failure to follow essential safety guidelines and having little or no regard for the safety of employees or contractors.

Working from height always carries a risk and without careful thought and consideration given to how best to carry out the required job is inevitably going to lead to serious accidents.

Working from height is a serious business which carries huge risks – only practice ‘Good Practice’ and don’t take risks or chances.



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