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Window Cleaning Ladders

Window cleaning ladders are designed with that specific function in mind and are the safest choice for accessing those hard to reach top storey windows. With a point at the top to create an A frame and a wider splayed base that has non-slip rubber feet, this provides extra stability when using the ladder. The main benefit of having the pointed part of the ladder at the top, instead of the traditional ladder design, is that it can be rested on and inside the corner of window frames to provide the best angle to clean the panes in the most safe and secure way.

Opting for a window cleaning ladder from BPS, we will also supply a rubber top block to cover the pointed part of the ladder. This ensures you won’t cause any damage to the window while in operation. This rubber block is provided completely free of charge when you order your window cleaning ladder.

Naturally, it can seem a hassle moving your ladder to clean the windows of a property, whether you are cleaning your own windows or are a professional window cleaner in the trade. With our range of window cleaning ladders, you can move from window to window easily thanks to the lightweight aluminium construction. They are constructed to offer you the best in terms of flexibility, sturdiness, and safety.

The aluminium material means the ladders are not only lightweight and easy to handle, but they are also impressively strong and won’t rust an important factor when you are working with a lot of water and possibly in adverse weather. Our ladders boast a large 150kg weight rating making them stronger than other similar models on the market. The high-quality build combined with aluminium material make these ladders extremely durable which is beneficial for window cleaning work and will mean consistent and regular use of the ladders. They are trade quality ladders that can easily handle daily use.

Comfort is essential when you are going to be on a ladder for an extended period of time, such as when cleaning windows. With that in mind, our window cleaning ladders have a slightly shorter rung gap of 25cm compared to the typical 30cm.This helps make it easier and more comfortable to climb especially when you have window cleaning equipment to carry up. Our double section ladders can also be turned into a single section ladder by removing the top section. So, you won’t need to get more than one ladder for cleaning your downstairs and upstairs window, saving time and effort.

There has been some confusion about whether ladders can still be used professionally by window cleaners, with some believing them to be banned, but this is not the case. The Health and Safety Executive’s key message is that in a trade context ladders should only be used for low-risk work. Pointed ladders can still be used for almost any domestic or small commercial premises. Using a pointed ladder when cleaning windows will ensure you can get the job done effectively as you will feel safe and secure enough to take your time and get the windows to a high standard of cleanliness.

Don’t miss out on a top-quality ladder for your window cleaning needs. We only sell the highest level of products so you can be sure you are buying the best and will have a ladder you can get plenty of use from and enjoy for years to come.