Top 3 benefits of a combination ladder

Top 3 benefits of a combination ladders

Top three benefits of a combination ladder

Ladders are an essential piece of equipment in all work environments, and even at home. They allow users to safely reach places that they wouldn’t be unable to under normal conditions. Not all ladders are the same though. Some are built with specific uses in mind. Take the step ladder, for example, which is designed to offer users a small amount of additional height so that they can carry out simple tasks.

Some ladders, however, are designed to work well in multiple different scenarios by combing the features of other ladder types. Extension ladders offer the standard capabilities of a conventional two-legged ladder, but provide added reach thanks to an extendable section. This can make a massive difference to a user who is likely to use the ladder in multiple different scenarios.

But perhaps the ultimate ladder, which brings together the most useful features from other ladder types, is the 3 way combination ladder. As the name suggests, 3 way combination ladders take the key features from other common ladder types so that the user has the most convenient solution. If you haven’t heard of or considered a combination ladder before, we’ll walk you through their key features and explain which benefits each one brings to the table.


By far the main benefit offered by combination ladders is their adaptability. Ultimately, when it comes to being useful for workers and normal household users, being able to perform multiple jobs at once is what matters most. Not only does the fact that a combination ladder can serve a number of different purposes mean that users can save money by not buying as many bits of equipment. It also cuts down significantly on setup time on the work site or wherever the ladder may eventually be used.

What allows the combination ladder to be so adaptable is the features it borrows from other ladder types. The first key feature the combination ladder borrows is the extendable section found on extension ladders. The main section of the ladder actually consists of two separate pieces which can slide past each other and lock in place. When fixed in the extended position, the useable section of the ladder becomes much longer, allowing users to reach significantly further. Not only can the extendable section move upwards, in some extension ladders it can also move downwards, allowing the ladder to serve as a stairway ladder. Being able to use combination ladders for stairs is a massive advantage which means that users don’t have to spend money on a specialized piece of equipment which they may not use all that much.

The second key feature which allows combination ladders to serve multiple purposes is the folding design taken from the humble step ladder. In this case the folding design isn’t a way to make the ladder smaller. It instead allows the combination ladder to stand on its own four feet without any support from a wall or other structure. This ability to stand alone is vital in a number of work situations, as it allows work to be carried out more safely, with a shorter setup time. Combination ladders also come with rubber foot protectors to ensure they maintain grip when in use.

Another key feature borrowed from step ladders, and other access equipment like scaffold towers, is the support legs which can be extended at the bottom of the legs to provide additional base width. While not all combination ladders are equipped with these support legs, they make the ladder much more stable when working at height. Ladders which act as extension ladders, step ladders and stair ladders are known as 3 way combination ladders, as they offer the ultimate adaptability in a number of work environments.

Ease of use

Ease of use is another major benefit which is frequently referenced as a key selling point for commercial and home users. The ease of use provided by combination ladders is ultimately a result of the additional features they borrow from other ladder types. Being able to stand on their own means that they are much easier to use and set up without help from other workers. This allows users to get the job done more quickly and without as much preparation. As long as the set up instructions have been followed closely and safety precautions have been taken, combination ladders are just as safe, if not more so, than the their single-purpose counterparts.


The third and final key benefit offered by combination ladders is transportability. Because of their compact form factor when packed away, they can easily be transported in the back of a work van or car. What’s more, a single combination ladder can be transported in place of an extension ladder, a step ladder and a ladder for stairs. Making room for other equipment is a massive positive of 3 way combination ladders which benefits professional and home users. Additionally, combination ladders take up a lot less room in permanent storage at home or in the workplace.

In conclusion, 3 way combination ladders are much more than just an easy, one-size-fits-all solution. They combine all the best features of step ladders, extension ladders and stair ladders and arguably do the job of each of these other ladder types just as well. Thanks to their adaptability, ease of use and transportability, 3 way combination ladders are a fantastic height access solution for professional and home users alike.

If you would like to know more about combination ladders, or any other height access solution, please contact us today.

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