What is a combination ladder and why is it useful to you?

3-section stair combination ladder

Don’t you hate it when you need to use a ladder but it can only be set up one way with little movement and you have to spend a silly amount of time trying to balance it safely against a wall? I know I do, it’s a lot of faff to try and sort a simple task.

Today I’m going to solve this issue by introducing you to the combination ladder. Whilst I know that it’s not going to transform your life in any big way, hopefully it might help you put up your Christmas decorations quicker and easier than you would have.


So, what is it?

Simply put, a combination ladder is just that, a ladder that is multiple ladders combined into one. It can easily be changed into a step ladder, extension ladder, trestle, or stairway ladder in just a few minutes.

Why take up space in your garage or loft with 3 or 4 different types of ladder when you can easily store one combination ladder that will suit all your needs?

No matter what type of work you’re doing whether it is gardening, DIY jobs in your home, decorating or anything else this ladder can help. Not only could it save you time, but it will also be safer than trying to use a ladder that might not be suitable for the job you’re doing.

For example, a free-standing ladder could be dangerous or not right to use when gardening but with a combination ladder you can adapt it to be in a safe position for you and reduce the risk of any injury.


A review of the key benefits of a combination ladder

As well as the convenience benefit, in that the ladder can adapt to suit a range of functions there are other advantages to it too. Have a look below.

  •       They take up much less storage space, I know I’ve touched on this already but consider if you need ladders for your business or generally need to transport them from one place to another. It will save a considerable amount of space for you to have one ladder in your van than a few. This can leave you more room to store other tools or materials you need.
  •       Another benefit in relation to transporting a combination ladder is they are extremely portable. Many types of the ladder can fold up pretty small which again makes them easier to carry around and move to different locations. The ability to be broken down and used in three or four alternative ways means they are easy to take apart.
  •       They can allow you to reach significant heights whilst maintaining your safety and security.
  •       As they have adjustable heights and are so adaptable you might have a concern that the parts could move, which is an understandable thought to have. However, the combination ladder has auto-locking clamps that ensure there is no movement between the different sections of the ladder when it is in use. You’ll never have to compromise your safety for convenience with this ladder. They are made to be just as secure as any other type of ladder on the market.
  •       The cost. If you have a limited budget whether for home improvements or you’re part of a business and need to keep costs down on your materials, then buying this one ladder instead of multiple that will have the same use will certainly help. The impact of the coronavirus pandemic has been difficult financially and for many people and businesses saving money is essential. But so is cleaning those clogged gutters, pruning that tree that’s causing you trouble, or getting your decorating business back on its feet and for that you need a high-quality ladder. Save your money by buying a ladder that can do it all.


I hope you have found this insight into combination ladders useful. When thinking about what needs you have for a ladder it can be tricky to find one that fits all of them. With the combination ladder though it can suit a variety of jobs and has a lot of benefits that can really help you. If you have any questions or thoughts about this article or combination ladders, then please get in touch through our website or follow us on social media. I’d love to hear from you! 

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