Which trade needs an extension ladder?

Which trade needs an extension ladder

BPS – Which trade needs an extension ladder?

Extension ladders are used by a range of traders and contractors for the completion of their day to day activities. Extension ladders can be used for many tasks, hence why they so popular and commonly associated with builders and DIY work all over the world. This blog will provide a list of tradesmen who use extension ladders, showing just how adaptable and useful these ladders can be to different trades and tradespersons.

  1. Window cleaners/fitters

Window cleaners need to use extension ladders in order to reach upper higher windows in a relatively quick and efficient way, whereas other apparatus such as scaffold towers would be too cumbersome and complicated to use and manoeuvre to and from windows and between customers as well. Window cleaners often transport ladders in and on vehicles such as vans which won’t be possible with other options and the extension capability also makes transporting the ladders from place to place much easier. The lack of heavy equipment that window cleaners need such as cleaning fluid and squeegee’s make for a lightweight journey up the ladder, which is why extension ladders are the first choice when it comes to window cleaners. Window fitters also use extension ladders to provide additional support and stability to the other fitters and the windows themselves. This ensures the window is fitted correctly and does not fall out of its intended position while it is being fitted and secured.

  1. Roofers/gutters

Roofers who may be repairing or replacing roofs use extension ladders to access the roof, especially getting across the roof into sections that cannot be reached. Fixing and replacing gutters is also a task done with extension ladders as you can reach the required height and often the exact place you need with relative ease. These ladders are often used with an attachment at the top to enable the roofers to climb over the brim of the roof without stepping off the ladder until they are over the roof. This multipurpose use of the extension ladder makes the ladders an ideal equipment choice for roofers.

  1. Painters

Extension ladders are very handy for painters who need to reach high sections of walls to paint an entire surface without having to cut corners and provide an incomplete paint job to their customers. Its imperative for painters to provide a complete service. So, an extension ladder is a practical and effective means to achieve this. Extension ladders also allow painters to move quicker across the area they need to paint in a way that a major structure wouldn’t be able to compete with, or on a scale that was feasible to many painters. Some commercial or industrial painters may opt for other more substantial alternatives but for most small-scale painters, using extension ladders is the obvious choice.

  1. Electricians

The advantage for electricians to use extension ladders is similar to window cleaners, extension ladders are also appealing and practical for electricians who can transport them around with them on/in a van from customer to customers as and when they are needed. Furthermore, their ability to access difficult to reach power boxes, or to install or repair a light fitting or burglar alarm that are often in a high location, on a wall or another high vantage point to provide maximum light to a larger area and or be out of reach to vandals etc. For this work, an extension ladder can both reach the required height and isn’t too substantial to do the work on an area that may be small and compacts many electrical wiring setups can be.

Which trades are not suitable?

Hedge/tree surgeons

Gardeners and tree surgeons may use extension ladders in order to reach the relevant height that either wouldn’t be possible or would be impractical to use other alternatives. Although most of the time, hedge trimmers and gardeners use double combination ladders to fulfil their tasks. You could lean extension ladders on trees provided the correct amount of support is in place. Extension ladders can be used to work on a range of trees and hedges making them convenient and desirable tools for green maintenance of nature, however, a combination ladder is much more suitable for this type of work, especially a double extension ladder.


Whilst we mentioned earlier that painters can use extension ladders to reach really high places, there are certain areas of a home that painters and decorators will need to make use of a combination ladder instead. Jobs such as painting on a stairwell involve using a combination ladder for stairs, where an extension ladder would not suffice.

These examples set out just some of the trades and jobs extension ladders can be used for and how suitable they are for a wide range of requirements for different people, both tradespersons and customers. If you would like any more information please contact BPS solutions who will be happy to provide you with more information and support about extension ladders and their uses.

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