How to store your ladders safely

It is no good buying a nice new ladder if you don’t know how to store it properly, it may not stay in good condition for as long or even get damaged through improper storage and you’ll end up spending unnecessary money replacing it. Not only that but if you don’t store your ladder safely then if it is on a business premises then unauthorised personnel could use them and cause an accident or injury.

This also applies to domestic use, children playing could try to pick up the ladder and hurt themselves or fall over it so it is important to know how to securely store your ladders whether you are a domestic user or a commercial business. If this is new information to you then you’re in the right place and even if you have an idea about ladder storage it never hurts to refresh your memory, you might learn something new.


Finding the best place for your ladder

If you are a homeowner then you may want to store your ladder in a garage or shed or even in a loft. An ideal space to store a ladder safely is somewhere that is big enough to secure the ladder properly in terms of length and height. Particularly if it is the type of ladder that doesn’t fold over to become smaller, so you need to have a sufficient amount of space.

Also, it should be in a quieter area where people or machinery won’t pass by or be in such proximity that it can knock the ladder down. You must ensure any folding steps are fully folded, so they don’t open out and cause a hazard. If you have ladders for a business such as on a construction site and they are fixed in place, then you should use a ladder guard to stop any unauthorised use.


Storing the ladder

There are many accessories available to help with ladder storage such as ladder brackets. If storing your ladder vertically this is a better option than just propping it up as it can easily fall over. The brackets can attach to the wall and secure your ladder much more effectively but make sure you place the brackets in a good place. If too high up the wall, then you will struggle to reach the ladder easily but too low and it could still be in a risky position if close to the ground.

If you need to access the ladder regularly for work, then you must ensure all walkways around the ladder are clear so it can easily be removed and carried for a job. It would be extremely dangerous to be navigating around obstacles in your way whilst holding a large ladder. As well as wall-mounted storage you could also opt for a storage rack on the roof of a storage unit, both options are equally good as long as the ladder is off the ground and doesn’t have a risk of falling as it could damage it.


Now you have the knowledge to store your ladders you may be interested in purchasing a new one. Explore our website to see our full range of ladders and grab yourself a great deal while you can. 


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