5 types of ladders you should be buying in the January sales

Now it’s the start of a new year and it’s time to grab yourself a bargain in the January sales. With so many great deals to be had on ladders though it can be tricky to decide which ladders you’re looking for. Don’t worry that’s where we come in to help. Through this article we’re going to be exploring some of the best ladders available on the market that you can get at an amazing price this month.


1) 3-section stair combination ladder

If you need a ladder that is versatile to suit a range of needs for this coming year, then this one would be ideal for you. No matter what awkward corner you need to reach in the home or outside this ladder will provide the strength and balance to ensure your safety. This ladder is fitted with integrated stabilisers so you won’t have to worry about wobbling like you would on a traditional ladder. Also, in terms of security, the auto-locking clamps will keep each section of the ladder locked in place so you can feel safe and comfortable at height.


2) 2-section combination ladder

Proving a popular choice for many last year this model has a similar design to the 3-section ladder we looked at previously. It is perfect for use in stairwells and difficult areas but can also be used as a straight ladder if needed. You won’t have to worry about the height either as this model can come with 7,9 or 12 rungs so if your task is high up you will be fully secure. Each rung has an anti-slip rubber sleeve to give you comfort when climbing and resting on the ladder.


3) 3-section combination ladder

With certification for both home DIY and trade use this ladder is a great all rounder to suit a range of jobs. Like the other ladders mentioned it has a range of impressive design features that make it stand out including extra wide rungs and a strong weight rating. This model can safely hold loads up to 150kg so if you need to carry tools up the ladder with you, there won’t be a concern that you are putting too much weight on it.


4) 2-section extension ladder

In terms of price you can get a steal of a deal with this ladder, which is again suitable for trade and domestic use. The ergonomic design of this model minimises any bounce or unwanted movement and has a narrow gap between rungs, but they are wider, making for a comfortable and easy climb whether it’s your first or millionth time up a ladder. It has steel auto-locking clamps for secure locking and has had EN131 professional standard testing.


5) 3-section extension ladder

This ladder is one of the most popular models around at the moment with all the features of the previous ladder it also has a few extras. It is available in a range of sizes and can reach incredible heights which is its main draw for DIY and tradespeople alike. For many people looking for a new ladder being able to get significantly high without compromising their safety is a big plus and this model will give you that. It is a great choice for a single ladder, the design makes extending the ladder smooth and simple to operate for multiple uses.


So, treat yourself to a bargain this January with some of our unique designs and find a ladder to suit every job you have this year. You can also explore our other products through our website and get in touch with the team to have your questions and queries answered.

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