7 benefits of aluminium ladders for tradespeople

When working in an outdoor industry and looking to buy new ladders it is important not to rush the decisions and underestimate the value of a good ladder. Investing in higher quality ladders that are the right fit for your type of work will serve you well for many years. Quality is key as you can be assured that you and any workers using the ladders regularly will be safe. The material of the ladder may not seem like a top priority but each one has its own benefits and aluminium is a front runner in the industry especially in meeting requirements for people working in trade, let’s find out why.


1) It’s lightweight and easy to handle

Aluminium ladders are very low maintenance when it comes to usage. They can be handled effortlessly by one person without any trouble which would be an advantage for smaller businesses who have less people completing a job. This is particularly relevant in the current situation with the coronavirus pandemic as many businesses will have limited staff so having a ladder that is simple to carry and be used by one person will help significantly.

2) It won’t corrode

A major annoyance when you work outdoors a lot is the UK weather! Certain materials might start to corrode quite quickly as a result of the regular rain, but you won’t have to worry or sink your money into replacing your ladders if you purchase aluminium. Your ladders will remain free from rust and corrosion when you go with this metal which will make life much easier.

3) It can be stored outdoors

This ties in with the previous point as it is because aluminium doesn’t corrode that it can be stored outside but this is still a benefit. If you have restricted space for storing your tools and materials in an indoor facility, then having aluminium ladders would save you space for other items as you can leave them outside.

4) It doesn’t catch fire

Aluminium won’t catch fire which is important for people who are working regularly with electricals and even fire fighters. This is key in terms of safety as you don’t want to take any unnecessary risks to yourself and others around you.

5) It is exceptionally durable and sturdy

You can definitely have it all when buying aluminium because as well as the lighter weight and ease of use you get the durability as well. Aluminium is an incredibly strong material that will last through adverse weather conditions over considerable years. If you’re looking for a trusty ladder for the long-term aluminium should be one to consider, you will get a lot of use out of it and it is certainly value for money.

6) You will be spoilt for choice

As aluminium is one of the most popular materials to make ladders from, there will never be a scarcity of options when looking to buy one. There are many different types of ladder that have a variety of features and benefits, so you won’t have any problems finding the right one for you. Find out more about the aluminium ladders we provide through our website and grab your perfect ladder at the best price.

7) It is cost effective because it’s cheaper

In comparison to other materials like fibreglass and timber, aluminium costs noticeably less. This is because they are economical and maintenance free, so you don’t have to pay a fortune to buy ladders for your business if you choose aluminium. There is a severe financial struggle going on around the country right now and saving money wherever you can is critical for a lot of businesses and choosing the best value ladders will be a huge help. 


Overall I hope you have found this information useful and if you want to find out more then explore our website to see our full range of products that could be perfect for you. 

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