A Radical Way of Using A Ladder

We’ve seen the correct way to use ladders and completely dangerous methods of ladder use but how about insane ladder use?

Introducing ladder sport, an extreme sport involving the use of ladders – and the more dangerous and daring the better. Ladders have always been associated with risk and danger and if used incorrectly of course they can present some real hazards. Ladder sport takes this risk and danger to the extreme.

The ladder sport clip below shows some real daring antics which involves hooking a ladder onto any ‘hookable’ surface and jumping onto it, climbing the rungs and jumping onto the next obstacle complete with ladder. Sounds pretty tame maybe until you see some of the locations climbed – high rise flats, bridge, busy roads etc. Is is similar to the fairly new concept of urban sport where participants jump across buildings, walls and any obstacle they come across.

Some people may think they’re insane and possibly even crazy but at BPS Access Solutions we find it fascinating especially when considering the training these people undertake to do a sport they enjoy. The video shows examples of the types of training undertaken – all involving the use of ladders. It makes going to the gym look like a walk in the park!

This video will give you some get up and go on this Friday morning, it certainly makes you want to have a go and like every sport it looks easy – we can safely say that there would be more than just muscles torn in our offices should anyone be foolish enough to try ladder sport!

As always, enjoy the video, but don’t be tempted to try this at home folks, never undertake any work (or sport!) on a ladder unless you are confident in its use.

You may like to stick to the stairs!…..

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