Different Ladder Types Explained


Ladders are a huge part of the building and construction industry and are the safest way to reach high areas. Many homes also require ladders for various purposes. However,ladders need to be sturdy and reliable as they have to be used in risky conditions. We have a range of high quality ladders that will meet your needs.

Loft Ladders


Loft ladders are one of the most popular types of ladders and are used especially in homes. Loft ladders are available in different styles and usually come in height adjustable models. These loft ladders are used mostly to reach attics but can be used for other purposes as well. This makes loft ladders an essential tool in homes.

Scaffold Towers



Scaffold towers are one of the main elements in construction. Without these, building and construction work may not even be possible. However, it is important that scaffold towersare reliable and strong. So if you are looking for scaffold towers for any purpose, we at BPS Access Solutions Ltd can provide you with various options to match your requirements.

Extension Ladders



From the very name you would know that extension ladders are the kind of ladders whose length can be extended so that users can reach higher places. Extension ladders, which are mostly used for outdoor jobs, are usually made of aluminium, steel and fibreglass and depending on the model can withstand different weights.

Telescopic Ladders



Telescopic ladders are the ideal kind of ladder to have anywhere as they suit all job types. We have an extensive range of telescopic ladders that can be folded, carried about and stored easily. This feature in particular is what makes telescopic ladders excellent tools to have.

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