Do you know who invented the Ladder?

A ladder is something we all pretty much take for granted nowadays with one in almost every garage. How often does it cross your mind where the invention came from? They started out as wobbly structures made of grass!

Ladders are ancient tools and technology. A ladder is depicted in a Mesolithic rock painting that is at least 10,000 years old, depicted in the Spider Caves in Valencia, Spain.[3]references the rock painting which shows two naked humans carrying baskets or bags that are employing a long wobbly ladder, which appears to be made out of some kind of grass, to reach a wild honeybee nest to harvest honey. Modern ladders are believed to have been conceived by Hebrews and Egyptians.

I wonder if they had invented the veil at that point?  It would take a braver person than I to climb a wobbly grass ladder without protection against bee stings to retrieve honey from wild bees!

A ladder to me forms part of the human wish to explore – not just far away lands – but things previously out of our reach!  Once an essential way to obtain raw materials or food for survival, a ladder is now a household essential – why do so many of us own a ladder?

The main reason is to carry out DIY around our home – a famous old fashioned saying ‘an Englishmans home is his castle’ in which as the occupier of a house, there forms a desire to keep it looking clean, neat and cared for. The hardest areas to reach are the ones that everyone else sees when they pass by your house – the roof for example, gutters, fasia boards, upstairs windows, repointing work etc etc.  A loose or cracked tile can cause leakages into your home, a relatively easy job to fix, but an essential piece of equipment used to access your roof would be a ladder or scaffold tower. The seasonal clearing of leaves and other debris from gutters also prevents nasty leaks into your home as well as the cleaning of fasia boards keeps your home looking tidy and approchable – first impressions do count, particularly when looking at selling your home.  The cleaning of upstairs windows is also very difficult if not impossible without a ladder!

So whether you are a tradesperson of prefer to do it yourself, we have a ladder for every purpose – our multi purpose ladder is suitable for all the general tasks required around the home – and ideal for window cleaners, builders, gutter and fasia maintenance, handymen and of course the homeowner!  We currently have a Bonfire Bonanza sale where multi purpose ladders are being offered at an unbeatable price

So if you feel your home needs a little TLC -and doesn’t every home deserve some pre winter touch ups, then you’ve come to the right place for all your Access Requirements for our full range of indoor and outdoor ladder and scaffold tower solutions.

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