Eight Ingenious uses for an old ladder


So, we’ve convinced you to buy one of our vigorously safety testing and expertly constructed ladders from us here at BPS Access Solutions www.laddersandscaffoldtowers.co.uk – now the only problem that remains is what to do with your old ladder?

Forget a trip to your local tip – instead consider reusing your old ladder within your home – a ladders life need never end!

We have scoured the internet to give you some ideas on how to make use of a pre loved ladder – so there is no excuse why you cannot have the safest ladder on the market top carry out essential DIY tasks within your home whilst still having the enjoyment of an existing ladder!

Your old ladder doesn’t need to be kept indoors – there are many innovative uses outside which we came across – here are our favourites:

Indoor Uses

We fully appreciate that it just has to be the ‘right ladder’ to use indoors, these ideas might give you inspiration whether you’re apartment living or have a large indoor space

1. A pair of matching standard issue metal step ladders would make an awesome bookcase – ideal for a teens bedroom or contemporary living area…all you need are a few wooden planks to slide across the steps and there you have it – the overhang of the higher planks provides a stylish bookcase or area to display gadgets, vases and the like.

2. Remember the kitchens of long ago where no space was wasted? Suspend an old
wooden ladder horizontally along your kitchen ceiling and there you
have a lovely pot rack reminiscent of times past – if you’re very
DIY savvy, you could make a linen area which can be lowered and then
raised allowing laundry to dry indoors without taking up valuable
living space.

3. A single step ladder with planks can be very useful for extra storage anywhere in the home – how about the bathroom? This would make a lovely place to store extra towels and toiletries.

4. A wooden ladder can be cut to size and serve a second life as a towel
rack ideal where space is limited such as a downstairs WC or
shower room

5. An old wooden step ladder would make a lovely addition to a guest
bedroom and could be used to hang spare blankets, or serve as a
bedside table or even a dressing table – a mirror placed on the
wall behind or on the top of a higher step ladder with the steps
being used for cosmetics, hair brushes etc would add some retro chic
into your home.

Outdoor Ideas

If you have a large garden then the opportunities are endless – even a small walled back yard can serve a wonderful purpose for a disused ladder! Keep reading for our outdoor ideas…

6. A tall aluminium step ladder can be used for potting stations
rather than doing all your potting in the greenhouse, take your
plants to where they need to be – save yourself back breaking work
by working at a level that suits you. Simply slide a couple of
planks into place and you have the perfect work area for potting and
you could even display small tubs and decorative plant on lower

7. An old wide stepped ladder would be very pretty to display potted
plants in the Summer months

8. An old ladder can be fixed to a wall and used as a plant trellis –
attach 2 or 3 and you could have a whole wall of beautiful crawlers
such as wisteria – this would be an ideal solution for small back
yard sunspots where there is very little garden – this would
create maximum effect and would create a beautiful background to a
table and chair set where you can enjoy afternoon tea with a friend.

We’d love to hear your ideas of what you use your old ladders for!

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