Even the Health and Safety Officer can get it wrong!

A health and safety officer filmed falling from a ladder has become a youtube hit.

The man who worked for a housing firm was demonstrating a safety measure to colleagues which unfortunately went wrong resulting in the ladder sliding sideways and over the wall into a neighbouring garden.

The man appears to be unhurt in this video but was later suspended from his position at the company for failing to anchor the ladder the ladder to the wall.

It is clear to hear a colleague remarking in the video ‘this proves the system (the man was demonstrating) doesn’t work then.

It is unknown whether the video was anything more than banter amongst work colleagues, or if it was intended as a proper training exercise, but whatever the outcome it demonstrates clearly that even experts in the field can make very small mistakes that could cause serious injury.

This is why it is important to always concentrate and ensure that all health and safety precautions are adhered to and manufacturers instructions are always followed.

You will also notice that during the video a person is seen handing over a hard hat for the man to wear. Many of you who are familiar with working on a site environment will know that the wearing of a hard hat is compulsory for health and safety reasons.

Surely he didn’t forget to wear his hard hat too?

Oh Dear!

Nevertheless, it is a rather entertaining video to watch and just for the record, no one got hurt and don’t try this at home!

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