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We are very proud of our extension ladders which offer the very best safety features available on the market today.


An extension ladder is the ladder of choice for many householders and tradespeople alike due to its versatile nature. Buying your extension ladder from BPS Access Solutions will ensure you will own an extension ladder that leads the way. Not only do we consider the quality materials your ladder is constructed with, we also consider extensively the design and usability of our ladders.


BPS – Leading the way in design

The BPS Access Solutions extension ladder is a 3 section ladder. This makes it easier to store as the ladder will be more compact thus making it easier to transport. Many tradesmen buy this ladder from us as it folds up neatly to transport on a smaller van such a Transit Connect.

If you have been shopping around for the perfect extension ladder, you may have noticed some extension ladders are sold as a 2 section equivalent. Although the price on these may be cheaper, they will not have the same versatile qualities as our extension ladder has. Furthermore consider what your needs will be for this ladder. Our extension ladders are ideal for use around the home and are also strong enough to be used by tradesmen. Check the certification of the ladder. Both our extension ladder ranges are certified with either EN131 tested and certified (Trade and DIY use) or British Standard Kitemark (BS 2037 Class 1) rated for trade/industrial use. These certifications exist for your safety and reassurance. If you are a trades person and use your ladder extensively (excuse the pun!) for your work, we would recommend our industrial extension ladder.

BPS – Leading the way in safety

Our extension ladders lead the way thanks to our innovative and vital safety features that are not found anywhere else. In particular we would like to draw to your attention to our

  • Marketing leading integral stabiliser bars fitted for maximum grip and safety. We are yet to find any other ladders that offer such a large footprint as our own. Our stabiliser bars give you unparalleled stability.

You can also be assured of our other market leading safety features and would urge you to compare to other similar models you may find elsewhere. Before you purchase are you getting:

  • Red auto locking clamps designed to lock ladder sections firmly in place both when in use and when being transported.
  • Extra large heavy duty box section stiles/sides which are exceptionally strong and built to last.
  • Extra wide non-slip rungs with perfect twist proof rung joints that run all the way through the side sections.
  • Extra strong nylon restraint straps and notches which ensure you have the correct rung overlap between sections, eliminating dangerous bounce as you climb the ladder.
  • Overlapping rubber feet which ensure 100% stability and maximum grip on all sections – floor surfaces, top and on all sections which maximises grip on floor surfaces and walls.
  • Easy to climb – rungs are set only 265mm apart ensuring ease and comfort as well as safety when climbing.


So with all these features, your ladder will cost me a fortune we hear you say

Absolutely not! (music to your ears, no doubt!) Our prices are the most competitive found on the market and to ensure we offer you the best deal, we check our competitors price daily and include free next day delivery as standard to mainland UK.

BPS Leading the way in quality

We have a size of extension ladder available for every home and every job ranging from 4.07m to 10m. Put an end to humping around or expensive transportation costs too. This ladder is constructed from ergonomically designed lightweight alloy for ease of use. However it is very strong and holds a massive 23.5 stone, with our industrial extension ladder holding up to a colossal 27.5 stone. Both versions of our extension ladder are operated by an effortless push up operation.


We are so proud of our extension ladders and firmly believe you will not find anything better on the market. We know because we have carried out market comparisons. This coupled with our celebrated after sales service and our lifetime guarantee as offered as standard on every ladder purchased, we truly don’t believe we can be beaten on design, safety or quality.

Click here to find out more about our extension ladders and prices, including our exclusive free safety upgrades.

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