Fire Escape Plan and Alternative Escape Routes in the Home

Each and every day in the UK people are injured or killed in house fires. There are many reasons for fire breaking out in your home, these can include anything from faulty electrics to cooking being left untended.

The first obvious one (we hope anyway) is that you ensure you have smoke alarms installed in your home and they are tested regularly. *There are around 63,000 house fires every year in the UK and around 500 people are killed. Smoke alarms are of course a must in every home and they will not only alert you but will buy you valuable time if a fire were to break out in your home.

The Hampshire Fire and Rescue service recommend having a “Home Escape Plan” They move on to say that one of the most important things you can do is to plan your escape routes. You can not assume you would be able to get everyone together and leave by the front door.

In this vein, as part of your Home Escape Plan, you should not only have other means of escape but should also consider how you would be able to leave the building by these routes.

The following paragraph is from the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service website

Think about having an “escape room”, one that is the best room in the house to survive in, it should have a door, a large enough window to climb out of (and a firefighter to get in through), be at the front of the house so the firefighters can see you as soon as they arrive, have grass or earth below the window and if there is a shed or porch below the window to climb down onto even better.”

We think this is great advice and if you do not have a shed or porch below the window to climb down onto then we would recommend storing in your escape room a suitable Easy throw escape ladder.

You can find out more and download safety leaflets from the official Firekills .Gov website


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