How ladder accessories can enhance ladder safety and make working life easier

If you are relatively new to using ladders or you care about ultimate safety whilst using a ladder then you will benefit from the vast array of ladder accessories that are available to the ladder user.

How ladder accessories can benefit you

If you want to get rid of those feelings of doubt when you are using your ladder – what if the ladder slips, tips or I drop my tools then ladder accessories are for you. They act as peace of mind as mistakes and poor ground conditions can affect the safety of a ladder without any warning.

Ladder accessories can also protect your ladder against theft and make life much easier when transporting them.

So whether you are deterring opportunist thieves or ensuring your ladder does not slip on differing surfaces then you would not go wrong by finding out how BPS Access Solutions can go the extra mile into achieving the ultimate in safety conditions for you when using your ladder.

BPS – the market leaders in ladder safety

Here at BPS Access Solutions, we pride ourselves on our outstanding track record at delivering the safest ladders available on the market to our many customers located throughout the UK and beyond. Our ladders in their own right have enhanced safety features that are not found on similar ladders available on the market. So it makes perfect sense to have the accessories to match – remember Christmas is coming, put these accessories on your Christmas list this year!

The BPS ‘top rated’ ladder accessories

With so many accessories to chose from, it can be hard to know where to start. Here we recommend not only our most popular ladder accessories, but also essential ladder accessories.

  • Avoid your ladder slipping at ground level

It can be difficult to find the perfect ground on which to place your ladder. As we head into Winter, this task becomes even more difficult. Damp grass, wet decking, leaves and moss can all cause accidental slipping of your ladder. Even the slightest slip can lead to serious injury, so it makes sense to protect yourself against sudden slips.

One of newest accessories to our range is our grass/decking gripper. The ribbed surface area of the gripper is placed under the feet of the ladder. The grippers themselves have long 60mm spikes which grip effortlessly into grass or gaps in decking.

There is no need to worry about the width of your ladder or the stabiliser bar as the grippers come as two separate components.

Our favourite feature of the grass/decking gripper: The spikes – for their ease of use and strength – these cannot be shifted once in place and have been laboratory tested for use on decking and grass even if the surface is wet.

Grass and Decking Gripper main image









  • Prevent your ladder slipping on the wall or surface on which it is leaning

Whilst our ladders have rubber feet located at the top and bottom, it is always a good idea to upgrade such safety features where possible. Our wall pads are a brilliant cost effective option to protect against disasters such as ladder slippages.

Our wall pads offer a greatly enhanced and much larger surface grip than is offered as standard. Some ladders do not have any grip at all at the top! The wall pads not only keep your ladder firmly in place where it is positioned, but also prevents the ladder from sliding sideways. Damp walls, accidental over leaning and sudden movement can all cause a ladder to unintentionally slide.

We also recommend wall pads if you are carrying out work on houses where it is important that no marks are left by ladders. This can include interior work and also work outside such as a newly rendered house. To this end, our wall pads are extremely popular with trades people such as decorators, shop fitters, window installers and window cleaners. The rubber pads will not perish if harsh products like solvents, thinners, paint or staining products come into contact with them.

It doesn’t matter what type of ladder you have, our wall pads will fit all types.

Our favourite feature of the wall pads: We find that they work really well with multi purpose ladders if you don’t wish to use the stabiliser bar at one end.







  • Create a more comfortable working space or space for tools

One of the more frustrating aspects of ladders is the limitations on space for tools and rung space. Carrying tools on a tool belt and risking foot injury from ladder rungs was taken for granted until recently when using ladders.

Our in-genius ladder accessory the step platform has revolutionised ladder use and made working life easier for DIY and trades people alike. The step platform provides a safe working platform or additional working space quickly and easily on most ladders fitted with square rungs. If you already have one of our multi purpose, telescopic, extension or combination ladders, then the step platform will fit your ladder.

Featuring a non slip surface, the step platform provides a safe and comfortable working area if you are spending long periods working on a ladder. There will be no discomfort associated with rungs cutting into your feet.

Our favourite feature of the step platform: Many of our customers opt for a second step platform which can be used above you to rest a pot of paint or your tools whilst you carry out your work.








  • Stop thieves in their tracks wherever your ladders might be

We are very proud of our dual locking anvil storage brackets. In fact the dual locking feature makes our storage brackets the best anti crime device on the market today and is already making a difference when it comes to ladder theft.

If storage is an issue then these anvil storage bracket offer great flexibility than most other options. These can be installed outside, on an inside wall or even the ceiling so if space is at a premium then these brackets will be just the job.

When you purchase your dual locking anvil storage brackets from us, you will be pleased to know you will be buying the whole kit – we include the padlocks and the bolts – many other outlets expect you to pay more for these essential items!

The anvil storage brackets will fit all two and three section ladders and even some tower frames.

Our favourite feature: the dual locking padlock for the ultimate in security. Many people do not lock their ladders once they have placed them in storage in their garage. With the price of scrap metal currently, we recommend that you do not take a risk with your ladders by leaving them unlocked.

Ladder Brackets







Make your ladder how you want it

Ladder accessories are very popular because they allow you to customise your own ladder but taking your favourite adds ons to create the ladder of your dreams! The accessories above are essentials that we think every ladder owner should have, however there are many more so please visit our website to discover them.

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