Ladder Safety – how safe is your ladder?


Ladders are a versatile product that many home-owners and tradespeople take for granted. After all, a ladder can give many years valuable service and unlike other items such as tools, never show any signs of something not being quite right with them until the inevitable accident occurs.

At BPS Access Solutions, we spend many hours ensuring that our ladders are the most superior available on the market today. We ensure that only the best materials and construction methods are employed during the production of not just our ladders but our scaffold towers too.

Of course, when it comes to selecting your ladder, there is much choice to be had on the market. What is important to realise is that inferior ladders are being sold up and down the country on a daily basis and these are not ladders brought from un-reputable sources, quite the opposite, these ladders are being purchased in well known stores.

 So, how would you know that your Multi Purpose Ladder is not so multi purpose after all?

  •  The first consideration is to ensure that your ladder is suitable for the purpose intended. If you intend using your ladder to carry out your trade, your ladder must conform to EN131 Part 1 & 2 1993 certified. This must not be confused with weaker non certified ladders for DIY use only.
  • Ensure that your ladder is capable of carrying the load intended – not just you but also your tools and other equipment you may have on your ladder. Our ladders hold a maximum load of a massive 150kg (23.5 stone)
  • Our ladder is supplied with a 1.5mm thick platform – beware, some others are supplied with weaker platforms
  • Our multi purpose ladders feature extra large red rubber feet which provides superior grip and stability (100% grip to floor surface) plus extra strong working platforms included as a free upgrade as standard.
  • Non slip ridged rungs ensure maximum safety

Does your ladder meet all the above essential safety points? These are not the only safety points to consider, merely the basic essentials.

Please BE AWARE that there are many traders selling inferior multi purpose ladders that look similar to those sold by us but they ARE NOT as solid or safe in use and are DANGEROUS! – we know because we have seen these ladders and will not sell them

We believe we sell the safest and most versatile multi purpose ladders available on the market today

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