Ladders Review: The Four Metre Quick Erect Folding Aluminium Scaffold Tower

Have you ever found yourself confused when shopping for ladders? If you have, then you know that it can be difficult because there are so many types, sizes and models available today. So, what do you do? Many people have solved the problem by closely analysing their needs. In many cases, they learn that instead of a ladder, their requirements suggest that they should be using a scaffold tower. Therefore, it’s wise to do such analysis before you implement a work at height solution. This post will offer you some relevant information about scaffold towers that will help you select the one that’s precisely right for you. The correct choice will allow you to use it successfully for a wide range of trade, industrial and DIY tasks. In addition, we’ll offer a brief review of a high-quality scaffold tower you should consider: the four metre quick erect folding aluminium model.

Ladders: Key Features of a Scaffold Tower

The main benefit of a scaffold tower is that it offers much more secure footing than a ladder’s rungs. Even if the rungs have a flat surface, there still isn’t much surface area that comes into contact with the sole of the user’s feet.  This shortcoming often leads users to lean too far to the left or right in an attempt to extend their reach. Unfortunately, serious accidents usually result.  On the other hand, scaffold towers provide large, wide platforms that are exceptionally safe and very stable. If you’ve decided on a scaffold tower, one of the best ways to ensure you choose the right one is to do a bit of research before buying. This will help you select the ideal tower for your particular needs. For example, you should choose a scaffold tower that’s simple to erect and dismantle by way of colour coded components. Also, your tower should be fitted with locking casters that make it easy to move. One scaffold tower we like is the four metre quick erect folding aluminium model. Read on to learn why.

Ladders: More about the Four Metre Quick Erect Folding Aluminium Scaffold Tower 

It’s wise to choose a tower that bears the EN1004 trade safety stamp.  This means that the tower has successfully passed a rigorous set of use and safety tests.  Ladders bearing the EN1004 designation have been approved by the UK Health and Safety Executive.  This tower deserves a serious look because it has an exceptionally high set of build specifications that are among the best in the industry.  This is a safe and strong tower that’s constructed around a folding base. The base makes this model one of the easiest and safest to erect and dismantle, without the use of tools, a real plus for most users.  In addition, the tower is also certified to meet the German (GS) standards, which are the equivalent of the UK’s kitemark requirements. Moreover, the tower is the ideal height for most DIY, trade and industrial uses. Finally, it’s a simple matter for a single person to erect or dismantle it.

Ladders: Further Highlights of the Four Metre Quick Erect Folding Aluminium Scaffold Tower 

When shopping for a scaffold tower, it’s sensible to look for one that includes a few extras. This tower, for example, comes with a leg adjustment kit that’s furnished free of charge. The kit allows 200mm of adjustment on each of the tower’s wheels, a feature that is particularly useful if you’re erecting the tower on uneven ground. Another feature to look for is ribbing on the tower’s components. Ribbing affords a non-slip grip that enhances both the tower’s strength and safety. Another feature we like is the tower’s colour coded components and braces that make setting it up extremely easy. Further, the tower comes from a fully certified ISO9001 manufacturer, so the build quality is exceptional. The tower has a maximum safe load rating of 230kg. Remember that the maximum safe load is the total weight of the user, along with any tools or materials being used on the tower.

Ladders: Final Thoughts on the Quick Erect Folding Scaffold Tower 

We’re especially pleased to report that this tower’s construction features a highly durable and exceptionally strong welded frame that’s similar to the ones found on heavy-duty industrial models. This is superior to the typical construction that uses horizontal bars that fit into holes in the vertical members which are secured by the dubious crimping method. When dismantled, the tower’s compact design resolves into a size that’s easy to store, and that will fit into most estate cars and vans. We also like the tower’s locking wheels because they provide an extra measure of safety by stopping the wheels from rotating and twisting. The platform height is adjustable in 0.3 metre increments, adding to the tower’s versatility, comfort and safety. This range of heights is more than adequate for most everyday DIY, trade and industrial uses. The platform is highly stable, and features a non slip-surface for extra safety.  Another safety feature is that the tower is climbable from the inside, using an internal trap door platform. This removes the need to climb unsafely on the tower’s exterior to reach the correct working height- something which you should never do. The tower is also extremely durable. Because it’s made from aluminium rather than steel, it’s exceptionally light and will never rust or corrode, even if stored outdoors. The tower’s two metre folding base delivers a working height of three metres and can be erected in minutes by a single person. It’s great value with an RRP of £539.99, but even a cursory internet search will turn up greatly discounted prices.   Our opinion is that this is a well-priced tower that offers a superior range of features and functions, whilst maintaining high standards of safety, quality and utility.

For the best in ladders like the four metre quick erect folding aluminium scaffold tower, be sure to buy from a reputable supplier.

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