Make Christmas decorating easier with the right ladders

Getting your Christmas decorations out of the loft and putting them up around the house can be a difficult challenge but it doesn’t have to be with the right ladders. If you’re using an older, less stable ladder when climbing down from your loft carrying a lot of decorations, you’re risking an injury to yourself if you have a fall and could damage the decorations. Having a high-quality loft ladder can help you get your tree down with ease, no matter how big and heavy it is.

Now you’ve got them down you need to put up your lights outside so what is the safest way to do that? A secure stepladder of course. When using electrics like lights you have to be very careful when setting them up and getting the right step ladder for the job will certainly help. If you’re wondering what ladders are best for this then look no further because I’ll be showing you some of the best loft and stepladders out there for putting up your decorations below.


Let’s start with loft ladders…

Poor access to your loft space is a nightmare when trying to store and bring down your decorations. Investing in a new ladder could make life so much easier for you but it’s important to find the best quality for your loft. Here at BPS we stock 3 distinct types of loft ladder

  •       The aluminium slider- this model is available in 2 or 3 sections and comes with a handrail for extra stability. It also has twin locking catches that lock securely on one side of the ladder. Aluminium is a strong and durable material and with the other features you can be sure that the ladder won’t move when you are on it and the handrail will help with extra balance whilst climbing.
  •       The concertina- this ladder is perfect for lofts where the opening or floor space is restricted. In terms of storage it is also good for lofts where the interior is quite small as it folds compactly into a cube shape. It is appropriate for pretty much any application and is the easiest model to fit into the loft meaning you will have more manoeuvrability when accessing your decorations as a bulky ladder won’t be in the way. It is a solid ladder with steel carriage bolts and strong dual springs that will help you with raising and lowering.
  •       The timber- this ladder is popular for applications where the ladder will be in view. It has a highly aesthetic appeal as well as being easy to clean it will match with any décor and be an attractive feature in the home. Especially at Christmas the larch wood material will provide a more homely look which will go nicely with any type of decorations you have. With this model you don’t have to compromise aesthetics for security, larch wood is solid and stable, and the ladder is comfortably wide with 80mm treads, so it is safe and easy to climb.


Get those decorations up easily with a stepladder…

Don’t waste time messing around with your stepladder when you’re trying to get your decorations up you need a ladder that is quick, easy and safe. There are a lot of different types of stepladders out there way more than you might know so here is a narrowed down selection of the best ones for the job.

  •       The fibreglass ladder- although not your typical ladder this will be useful for putting up Christmas lights outside the home. Fibreglass is a non-conductive material so if there was a fault with the lights that you weren’t aware of you wouldn’t be risking a bad shock with this ladder. It also has braces fitted underneath the top and bottom treads for immovable support, ideal for extended use when you’re trying to untangle and get the lights in the right place.
  •       3-way combination stair ladder- ideal for putting up decorations inside the home. It has multiple configurations meaning you can reach any nook and cranny to hang tinsel or any other Christmassy delights. The unique sliding mechanism allows you to change between each configuration with ease and the extra wide, splayed legs at the base guarantee excellent stability.
  •       Trade platform stepladder- a DIY enthusiast’s dream this ladder offers unrivalled stability and safety when working high up so the corner of the house will be free of the Christmas spirit. The non-slip platform and handrail are key safety features and so important when handling long trails of decorations like tinsel because it would be easy to accidentally step on it and slip. This ladder will give you the extra grip so the chances of having a fall are significantly reduced.


That was a look at some of the best ladders out there for putting up Christmas decorations. You can find out more about any of these models through our website or get in touch with the team. We hope you enjoy putting your decorations up and getting into the spirit of the season. 

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