Step Ladders

Step ladders

Step ladders are one of the most popular types of ladder thanks to their ease-of-use and suitability across a number of everyday tasks. They may not be the largest ladders, or offer the greatest height, but step ladders are valued piece of equipment for many professional and home users. We stock a variety of step ladders which are popular with our customers and have a range of options which are suitable for a number of different work environments.

Nowadays there is a lot more on offer than just the standard five-rung step ladder. Our selection includes extendable step ladders which provide additional height, industrial step ladders for heavy loads and the latest evolution of the step ladder – the podium step.

Standard step ladders

The conventional step ladder is a tried and tested formula which has stood the test of time as one of the most useful types of ladder around. While materials have changed and become stronger, the general design of the step ladder remains the same as always.

We sell fibreglass step ladders and metal step ladders, both of which are suited for specific work environments. Our fibreglass step ladders are specifically designed for use in situations where there is a high risk of electrocution. They are non-conductive up to 30,000 volts, making them the ideal tool for tradespeople who work around electric infrastructure. Our metal step ladders, on the other hand, are great all rounders in many other situations. Their lightweight aluminium frame makes them easily transportable and their simple design and construction makes them easy to operate no matter who is using them.

Combination step ladders

Combination step ladders take the extendable frame of the standard extension ladder and add it to the frame of a standard step ladder. This allows them to provide additional height, whilst occupying the same amount of space as a standard step ladder. The is one of the main benefits of combination step ladders, as they can be transported easily in the back of a work vehicle.

The main drawback of standard step ladders is the fact that they only offer a minimal amount of additional height. For many applications, an additional metre of height is not enough, meaning that standard step ladders don’t quite make the cut. However, combination step ladders are a good solution which many tradespeople prefer.

Another great feature of combination step ladders is the fact that they can be used as stair ladders. The extendable section on our 3 way combination ladder can also be extended downwards instead of up, meaning that it can be used on stairs. Specialised stair ladders can be more expensive than combination step ladders, meaning that combination step ladders are again often a more popular choice.

Specialised step ladders

Alongside our range of standard step ladders and combination step ladders, we also stock a number of more-specialised step ladders which have been designed for specific tasks and work environments. Many tasks require specialised ladder features which are not found on more conventional designs.

One of the many specialised step ladders we stock is the tripod step ladder. Tripod step ladders have three legs instead of four, with the two legs on one side placed further apart at the base to provide added stability. The single leg on one side of the tripod step ladder makes it ideal for use in situations where minimal disturbance to the floor surface is important. Tripod ladders are a favourite for landscapers and gardeners because they can be placed over features like flower beds while causing minimal disturbance. They are also useful in cases where there is minimal space to set the ladder up.

We also stock podium steps which, while not technically step ladders, perform much the same function. Podium steps are effectively small, mobile scaffold towers which provide a solid, firm platform for workers. Because podium steps feature guard rails on all sides of the working platform, workers are free to use both hands to carry out tasks. We are a specialist in podium steps and scaffold towers and sell many different models for use in a number of different work environments.

Additionally, we also sell our own multi-purpose ladder which has been designed to offer the best height access solution in many different situations. It features an extra-strong steel frame which can support up to 150 kg of weight, as well as a number of attachments which make it a truly versatile solution.

Browse our selection of step ladders to find additional specifications, or call our team today for guidance.

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