The best ladders to give as a gift this Christmas

Do you have a partner who loves a bit of DIY? Then you should treat them to the perfect ladder this Christmas. With the right ladder they can complete DIY as much as they want around the house. However, you may not be as knowledgeable of DIY as your partner and could need a bit of guidance on the right ladders to look at. That’s where we come in. I’m going to give you a rundown of a few of the best ladders for a DIY fan to navigate you through the maze of ladders and find the ideal gift for your special someone.


Tripod gardening ladder

After the crazy year of coronavirus pandemic and two lockdowns, there could be a few overgrown gardens this winter. When Spring rolls around your partner will be itching to get back out in the garden with their new tripod gardening ladder. This ladder is the perfect gift for a DIY fan because it’s the safest and easiest way to work up close to any hedges, bushes, and trees.

It has a ground spike incorporated into the rear leg to provide you with a secure base to work from. Also, it comes with a free interchangeable rubber foot, meaning the ladder can be used on hard surfaces too. Your partner will be able to get your garden looking picturesque with this specifically designed ladder.


Combination ladders

If you and your partner have a list of various projects, you’re eager to get started with then a combination ladder will be your best friend. The key feature of this type of ladder is that it can be assembled in several configurations depending on the model. Therefore, they reduce the need for several models of ladders in the home which makes it a highly cost-effective Christmas gift. Also, because the combination ladder can perform multiple functions you will save on storage space as you only need to keep one ladder.

These models can include the 3-section combination ladder, the 2-section stair combination ladder and more. They are ideal for decorating, cleaning, and other odd jobs you want to get on with. The stair ladders could make a particularly special gift because they are useful and safe on staircases which not many ladders are, a unique feature that could make all the difference during your partner’s DIY jobs.


Extension ladders

These ladders have the benefit of adjustable height which makes them more versatile than your standard ladder because they can reach much further. If your partner likes to clean the windows or clean out the gutters, then this ladder could make those jobs much easier. It works by the user choosing their desired height, the extension then locks securely in place and the ladder is ready to use, as simple as that!

If you aren’t too sure on the best material to buy in the ladder you choose, we strongly recommend aluminium. Aluminium is lightweight making it easy to use, transport, and store without compromising on the strength or durability as aluminium is much stronger than some of its rivals. It doesn’t corrode or rust like other metals and requires no maintenance.


We hope you have gained an insight into the gift you want to buy your partner for Christmas from this list. A quality ladder is a great gift for someone who is passionate about DIY and will last for many years. Explore our website for more information about our range of ladders and get in touch with any questions or queries. 

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