The worlds craziest ladder accidents

There are many ways to die but these people were obviously not afraid! Take a look at possibly the most crazy ladder stunts and prepare to be quite literally shocked! There is no regard for even the most basic of safety in these ladder gaffes.

Luckily no one came to harm in the making of these videos – but do not repeat them – you might not be so lucky!

Think where you position your ladder

We would hope that no one would ‘monkey around’ with ladder positioning…but just so you know, never position your ladder where it could cause an obstruction such as on roads or pavements. The result could be messy.

Only use a ladder for it’s intended use

Using an extension ladder on a bungalow was never going to work and always make sure that you position your ladder safely. Never take risks with ladders that are too tall or too small for the job you need to do. Oh and never be tempted to use your ladder as a sledge or childrens toy, it might be amusing but it’s just not a good idea…

Use ladders safely!

Never perform stunts or your latest dance moves on a ladder. Always ascend and descend the ladder by facing the ladder. Never use the stabiliser bar as an extra step and always make sure your ladder is positioned safely before climbing it.

Some of these accidents look painful – make sure it’s not you next!

Look out for falling branches!

When carrying out work on a ladder make sure you aren ot knocked off your ladder as a result of the job you’re carrying out. This clip shows a tree branch knock someone off their ladder completely. Always plan ahead! And besides, was propping a ladder against a tree trunk the best way of doing this job?!

Similarly those stunts are better left to the professionals – try these yourself and you may end up banging your head on the ground! 🙂

Is your ladder safe?

Old rickety ladders are just a recipe for disaster – these clips show several dubious looking ladders that literally cave in when in use. Always make sure your ladder is certified to EN131 and you are confident in using it. Many ladder accidents are caused by improper use.

If these video clips have left you shaking your head disbelief then chances are you are a safe ladder user. However many people are tempted on a daily basis to take risks with ladders and hopefully these videos will act as a gentle reminder to not be tempted to try to attempt anything silly! 🙂

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