Top Selling Commercial Ladders of 2020

The commercial ladder is expected to meet a series of stringent regulations and standards (as per other ladders) but when you spend your working day relying on this important tool, you want to know you’re getting the best for your money. Take a look at our top five best-selling commercial ladders of 2020 to find the ladder that best suits your needs.

5 – The Industrial Swing Back Step Ladder

The Industrial Swing Back Step Ladder

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The swing back ladder has long been a successful design that offers the user fantastic versatility for performing a range of tasks at height. You need the confidence that the ladder you are using is not only the right one for the job but is sturdy and stable too. The industrial swing back step ladder ticks all those boxes and some. Made to highest design specifications, these ladders also meet a range of British and European regulations for ladders and platforms. Easy to use, they are made from lightweight but robust aluminium but have a steel locking arm for secure fixing. Available in a range of sizes from a compact 5 step ladder to a versatile 14 rung ladder, these steps are designed for heavier commercial use.

4 – The Industrial Platform Step Ladder

Industrial Platform Step Ladder

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Just edging ahead into fourth place is the Industrial Platform Step Ladder. Similar in design to the swing back ladder, this ladder has several features that make it a worthy investment:

  • Meets all the latest regulations and standards for ladders including EN 131 Professional Standard, the current certification for step ladders
  • Strong and sturdy, these ladders can be used in a range of environment, including building and construction sites
  • Large loading weight
  • Made from heavy-duty but lightweight aluminium
  • The additional support braces increase sturdiness, minimise bounce and movement when in use
  • British manufactured

The dimensions also make this attractive with an oversized non-slip platform, as well as deeper treads for safe climbing and descent. There is a taller safety handrail too; another attractive feature that makes this a popular choice with our commercial customers.

3 – The Trade Platform Step Ladder

Trade Platform Step Ladder

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Taking the middle spot in the five best-selling commercial ladder list is the Trade Platform Step Ladder. Equally as popular with both commercial and domestic customers, this simple but effective tool is ideal for all kinds of tasks. Available in a range of sizes, the slimline design and lightweight makes this the perfect choice when you need to move the ladder on a frequent basis. The ladder feet are angled and complete with non-slip shoes and so when contact is made with the floor or ground, stability is guaranteed. The extra-deep, ribbed treads are also an important safety feature when climbing and descending but also makes the ladder comfortable to use, an important consideration. The platform is also extra-large and strong enough to stand on. With a range of sizing options to choose from, it’s no wonder that this simple but versatile trade platform step ladder is a popular choice.

2 – The 3-Section Trade Extension Ladder

3-Section Trade Extension Ladder

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The top spot of this list is highly contested, but the 3-section Trade Extension Ladder is in second place; not an unworthy spot by any stretch of the imagination. For the commercial ladder user, this is a great purchase. Boasting a high weight ratio range, the strength of this ladder is not to be underestimated either. The auto-locking clamps hold all the sections firmly in place, minimising bounce; a movement that significantly contributes to user fatigue. The narrower gap between the rungs also reduces leg fatigue as the user doesn’t need to step as high when climbing or descending. This ladder’s non-slip feet give it the firm, sturdy base needed for working at height and couple with the non-slip, ribbed rungs, this is a ladder that is not only built to last but designed for frequent use. There are various size options to choose from too and so no wonder that our commercial customers have come to rely on this ladder as their go-to choice.

1 – The 3 Section Industrial Extension Ladder

3 Section Industrial Extension Ladder

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A recent addition to our range, the 3-section trade extension ladder has proved so popular that it flies into first place in our top five list. Conforming to a range of standards and regulations, these ladders are also holders of the prestigious British Kitemark, an instantly recognisable sign of quality and safety. Everything about these steps oozes quality of design and thought. For example, the D-shape rungs on these ladders are much easier on the feet than square rungs, ideal for commercial users who may be frequently climbing and descending the steps. The extra strong locking clamps between the three sections also minimises flex and bounce, another aspect of frequently using ladders that can impact on user fatigue. As with all our ladders, there is an impressive range of sizing options available and so no matter what the task or the height, there is an extension ladder fit for purpose. Do any of the ladders on our list make your shortlist? Which one might you consider when looking for your next purchase?

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