Top Selling Domestic Ladders of 2020

The domestic ladder is a useful tool in the home but using the right one is essential. If you rely on an old, rickety, unstable ladder to do essential maintenance jobs around the house, whether inside or outside, you may want to consider investing in a new set. Our top-selling domestic ladders of 2020 chart will help you choose the right ladder for your needs.

5 – The 3-Section Stair Extension Ladder

3-Section Stair Extension Ladder

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From decorating the hallway and stairwell to reaching awkward, tight spaces, a straight ladder will not allow you the leverage or room to be able to complete the task in hand safely or with any degree of comfort, so it’s no surprise that more people are investing in the 3-section stair extension ladder as a result. One section acts as the stabilising foot that protrudes at an angle to the ladder at the back, while the other two sections allow you to adjust them so you can reach the height you need. Made from aluminium, the ladder is lightweight and easy to handle with a smooth ‘push and release’ mechanism between all three sections.  Designed with comfort and safety in mind, there are various sizing options as well as additional items to purchase that can change how you can use this ladder in an instant. If you’re looking to ditch the wobbly ladder, why not do so in favour of a sturdy and versatile extension ladder like this one.

4 – The Multi-Purpose Ladder

Multi-Purpose Ladder

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This ladder does just what it says – its versatility as a ladder makes it a very popular purchase for the home. Supplied with an extra-strong 1.65mm thick steel platform, there is virtually no limit to how and where this ladder can be used in the home.  Strong and sturdy, there are 14 different combinations that this multi-purpose ladder can be safely used in. As well as greater flexibility, it is compact and easy to store and transport if needed. In addition to meeting a string of standards and regulations, it boasts several features including non-slip rungs, sturdy locking hinges and large rubber feet to spread the load and make it a comfortable ladder to use. Better still, it comes supplied with a detailed booklet on how to use it, written in plain English. It’s available in three sizes too.

3 – The 3-Section Combination Ladder

3-Section Combination Ladder

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When you see the word ‘combination’ in a description, you know that the ladder offers more than one function. And this is exactly what this ladder, our third most popular best seller for domestic customers in 2020, offers. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, the horizontal bar along the base of the ladder gives both a satisfying grip and sturdy base, offering peace of mind for when you use it. The three sections allow for effective use in two ways – either with a supporting leg for an A-frame style or as a straight ladder leaning against a sturdy unmoveable object such as a wall. With auto-clamping arms, when the ladder is secured into position, you’ll have the firm set of steps you need to safely carry out a variety of tasks. With several sizes to choose from, cleaning your gutters safely on a two-storey problem shouldn’t be a problem and neither should interior decorating and other DIY tasks be.

2 – The 2-Section Extension Ladder

2-Section Extension Ladder

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Ladders should be versatile tools simply because no one has space to store several different sizes of types of ladder at home. The two-section extension ladder is a simple design but one that has demonstrated its worth time and time again. It’s therefore no wonder that it takes a very solid second spot in our list. It is used as a single ladder with a retractable top ladder section for when you need to reach higher. As well as an ergonomic, lightweight design, the rungs have a smaller gap between them than most other ladders, a design feature that aims to reduce leg fatigue when using it. The horizontal bar at the base of the ladder reduces the risk of the ladder moving when in use and the secure anti-clamping lock between the extension also minimise flex when in use. This is a ladder with a myriad of use and one that you’ll wonder how you managed without.

1 – The 3-Section Extension Ladder

TRADE MASTER 3 Section Extension Ladder

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Comfortably taking the top spot is the three-section ladder, a longer version of the ladder in second place. Available in four sizes up to a maximum of 10 metres, this ladder can be used as a single or with the double or triple extension. Simple it may be, but it is an effective, solid piece of kit to have ready and waiting for your next home renovation or maintenance project. Boasting the same features as its two-section ladder cousin, there is also a range of additional pieces to invest in that make this an even more versatile tool for the home, including roof hooks and clamps. A ladder is an essential domestic tool and investing in a quality set of steps is essential. Which one of our top 5 ladders would you consider for your home?

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