Top Selling Ladders of 2020

Ladders are an essential tool for both domestic and commercial use. But what have been the overall top-selling ladders across the board so far in 2020?

5 – The 3-section stair combination ladder

3-section stair combination ladder

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This ladder has versatility written all over it and so it is no wonder that it comes in at number five of our top selling ladders. There are many reasons why this ladder is an amazing piece of kit – we’d go so far as to say that this could be the only ladder you’ll need. Wave goodbye to balancing a straight ladder on blocks and stairs when it comes to decorating the hallway or reaching awkward places outside too because this three-section stair combination ladder does it all. Ergonomically designed, it can be used on any staircase, making balancing on uneven ground or getting into the smallest and most awkward places a thing of the past. It can also be used as a conventional ladder, offering a secure and safe extension when you need extra height. Fitted with integrated stabilisers, wobbling at height is a thing of the past. Clearly, making sure that sections are locked securely together will be a concern, but the auto-locking clamps deal with this issue. Using a ladder should be about safety and comfort, two important things that the 3-section stair combination ladder more than cover.

4 – The 2-section combination ladder

2-section combination ladder

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Like its three-piece cousin, this combination ladder has proved popular in 2020 to take the number 4 slot of top-selling ladders in 2020. Similar in design, this two section-stair combination ladder is perfect for when you need versatility to use it in stairwells but also need a straight ladder for other tasks. There is still plenty of length in the ladder too, with the option to choose 7, 9 or 12 rungs. Each rung is also fitted with an anti-slip rubber sleeve and with a 10”/ 25cm gap between each rung, scaling the ladder is also much easier and reducing leg fatigue. Made from lightweight aluminium, there is still a satisfying weight and strength to this ladder, which makes it a popular choice for home and trade use. Like its three-section cousin, there is an auto-locking arm between the two sections which also contributes to it feeling both strong and sturdy. Ideal for use indoors and out, the number of these sold so far this year could mean that by the end of the year, they’ll have jumped a few places up the list.

3 – The 3-section combination ladder

3-Section Combination Ladder

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Made by Trade Master, this three-section combination ladder is at the ideal price point for both domestic and commercial, just one of the reasons why it makes it to third place on the list. Conforming to EN 131, this ladder is certified for DIY and trade use, essential information for our commercial customers. Like the other ladders on the list, it boasts a host of features including ergonomic design, auto-clamping locks and extra-wide rungs climbing and down wearing safety boots won’t present too much of an issue. It also comes with a strong weight rating with this ladder capable of safely sustaining loads up to 150kg/23.5 stone. Its quality construction and design also reduces bounce, a common issue with section ladders, making ideal for use in all kinds of situations including hard to reach and awkward places.

2 – The 2-section extension ladder

2-Section Extension Ladder

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Narrowly missing out on top spot is the two-section extension ladder that can be used for both trade and domestic purposes. Satisfying the stringent standards laid down in ISO9001, this ladder has quality and strength of design on its side, the reasons why this ladder is one of the favourites over the last 12-months. As with the other ladders, it has plenty of features that make this ladder a great choice within budget including;

  • EN131 professional standard testing
  • Large weight rating up to 150kg/23.5 stone
  • Steel, auto-locking clamps for secure locking
  • Ergonomic design that also minimises bounce
  • The narrower gap between rungs but wider rung for comfortable and safe use

Along with non-slip rubber feet, this two-section extension ladder is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The workhorse of the trade person as well as the competent DIYer, it is no surprise to see in the second slot.

1 – The 3-section extension ladder

TRADE MASTER 3 Section Extension Ladder

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Taking the top spot is the longer cousin to the two-section ladder, which will come as no surprise. Benefitting from all the features of its smaller cousin, this three-section ladder is available in a range of sizes and it is this additional ability to be able to reach new heights that places this ladder in the number one position. Suitable for use as a single ladder, the two sections not only fit securely together but the design also allows for a smooth ‘push up’ motion that makes adjusting the ladder simple and easy. Whatever you need when you’re working at height, there’s a ladder to help make the job easier and safer. Will you invest in one of these top-selling ladders for your next job?

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