Walking under a ladder – exactly what does this bad luck mean?

walking under a ladder

Obviously this scenario very much depends on whether or not you are superstitious! If you aren’t then clearly you won’t care whether you have walked under a ladder or round a ladder!

So where does the superstition arise from?

Well you could apply the boring explanation that by walking underneath a ladder you risk getting a tin of paint on your head or something fall on you but there is a rather more deep reasoning why people absolutely will not walk underneath a ladder!

Consider a couple of myths:

  •  Within the Christian nations, the ladder forms the sacred triangle – each side representing either the Father, Son or Spirit (trinity.) This ‘theory’ applies whether the ladder is standing or leaning against a
  • wall. To walk through the ‘triangle’ is breaking the trinity, making you in league with the Devil!
  •  Other theories suggest the ladder has connections with public hangings at the gallows – where a raised platform (such as a ladder) would be used to carry out the hangings. Anything relating to hangings would of course have bad luck attached to it.


If you do have the ‘misfortune’ to find yourself walking under a ladder there are a few things you can do to reverse the ‘bad luck!’

1) Spit 3 times through the rungs of the ladder or on your shoe – if you spit on your shoe don’t look at your shoe again until the spit has dried. (Yes really!)

2) Walk backwards underneath the ladder again. This effectively reverses what you’ve just done!

3) Keep your fingers crossed until you find a dog – hopefully a friendly one, or else you really won’t be having a good day!

4)You could just stop believing in luck – or maybe you don’t believe in bad luck in any case, and keep on walking!

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