What are the best ladders for indoor DIY?

With the second lockdown in full swing and the winter nights closing in now is the perfect time to carry out some indoor DIY projects you’ve been avoiding. Whether you’re ready to redecorate or just want to change a few light bulbs around the house you should have the right ladder to complete any indoor job. Completing jobs around the house is important during this second lockdown as it will occupy your time and improve your mood and satisfaction. It’s much easier to stay at home more when there aren’t any niggling jobs weighing on your mind. Let’s take a look at some of the best ladder options for doing home DIY.


The multipurpose ladder

As the name suggests this ladder can have multiple uses and can be adapted into a total of 14 configurations. A task like painting and decorating rooms in your house will require you to be at different heights to get to all areas of the room. This ladder is ideal for this use as it has a range of height settings and configurations without lacking any stability.

Also, it has non-slip rubber feet on the stabiliser bar for maximum grip. Therefore, if you spill a little bit of paint you won’t have to worry about it making the ladder unstable to stand on. The compact design of this ladder makes it very easy to transport and store, making it easy to move from room to room and not a trip hazard when storing.


Fibreglass and step ladders

These types of ladders are perfect to use when changing light bulbs, hanging lights or other electrical fittings. Depending on the electricity involved in the task a fibreglass ladder would be the perfect choice as it is non-conductive so there is no risk of an electric shock.

If you’re hanging pictures or seasonal decorations, then a step ladder is a great choice as it gives you comfort and stability which will give you peace of mind. It could affect how your decorations end up looking if you’re too busy worrying about whether your ladder is stable to focus on the fiddlier parts of the job at hand.


Stair ladders

Stairs and ladders sound like a recipe for disaster which can leave areas of your house gathering dust if you can’t reach to clean them. Our range of stair ladders can provide the solution, making the use of ladders on stairs easy and safe. It’s fitted with an extra strong retaining cross brace for extra stability and the ergonomically designed mechanism allows the ladder to be used on any staircase. Get ahead of your Christmas cleaning with a stair ladder and never feel the frustration of missing a corner again.


So, those are our choices of the best ladders for indoor DIY. We hope you have found it helpful. You can also explore our website to see the wide range of other ladders that could be perfect for your needs. Stay ladder safe this winter and get in touch if you have any questions.

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