Working safely at height – selecting the right equipment

tall_ladderDo I need a ladder? this is the question to ask yourself every time you have to work at height.

Ladders are involved in more falls from height than any other kind of work equipment. Usually the accident could have been avoided. (Source: )

Rather than reach out for a ladder, take a few steps to consider how to complete the job in the safest way.

  •  Firstly, identify the type of works that need to be carried out at height.


  • Secondly assess whether other safer means of access could be used such as scaffold towers. For low level work, consider using low level platforms such as kick stools or hop ups.

The key point to remember is that ladders should only be used for short durations of time and for lighter duties. A ladder is an indispensable item if used correctly and in the right circumstances.

Choose the right ladder for the job – there are many types of ladders, from step ladders, leaning ladders to combination ladders.

If a ladder is necessary for the nature of your work you must ensure the ladder you are using is the right length and strength for the job it is being used for. Ladders must be the correct length for the job intended and must be used safely. Rubber feet and grip on the rungs are an absolute essential as are stabiliser bars and strong hinges.

We know our customers expect the best products that provide excellent value for money. So we’ve put together a wide selection of access equipment that conforms to the latest UK and European standards, including having the important EN131 specification. Our products proudly display this kitemark, which means they’ve been exhaustively tested and adhere to a rigorous set of safety regulations. Please visit us at

If you would like to know more about the UK ladder classifications and the working at height regulations please visit our standards and regulations page here

Always inspect your ladder for damage before each use and securely store your ladder away from sources of accidental damage.

For more information including safe use for all types of ladder and correct positioning please visit

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