Cats use one of their nine lives on a loft ladder

There is a reason why cats have nine lives as demonstrated by this amusing video!

For all animal lovers out there, no cats were harmed during the making of this video clip.

Cats, being the inquisitive creatures they are, had to try and defy gravity and show us there is no need for a loft ladder… simply leave the loft like this……:

OK, we don’t need to tell you not to try this yourself at home, but we will anyway……Don’t Try this at home, you’ve been warned!

The mistake the cat made was leaving the loft facing forward. The basic principle of walking down any ladder (not just a loft ladder) is to climb down it backwards so you are facing the ladder. That way you have the frame or handrails of the ladder to hold on to for support.

Never climb down a ladder facing forwards, unlike the cat, you might not be so lucky.

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