Loft Ladders Review: The Classic Larch Wood Model

Although many people choose aluminium or glass fibre for their loft ladders, wood still remains a top choice. This is so for a number of reasons, including the fact that wood lends a solid feel to a ladder, whilst a metal or glass fibre one can sometimes seem a bit rickety. Although there are many wooden ladders available, most are made from soft pine or spruce. A wooden ladder made from larch, however, will be more durable and less likely to show signs of wear. A wooden loft ladder is quieter in operation. In addition, a larch ladder is better able to keep its shape, whilst softer woods like pine and spruce are more prone to twisting, especially if not fully seasoned. Also, larch is less likely to splinter and usually has fewer knots. Read on to learn more about this versatile wood, along with some information about a quality loft ladder made from it.

Loft Ladders: About Larch and Why to Choose This Versatile Wood

Larch is a wood that’s considered to be highly durable and exceptionally tough and for this reason is widely used in construction. In the building trade, larch is a popular choice for interior panelling and also for the outside cladding of buildings. Larch doesn’t rot when in contact with the ground, so it’s ideal for use in fences. This tree is widely grown as it’s resistant to disease and grows rapidly. Sometimes used in herbal medicine, larch is a preferred building material for houses. Larch wood is even used in the culture of bonsai trees because its colour, foliage, small needles and knobby bark are regarded as highly decorative. With all these qualities to recommend it, it’s no surprise that some of the best loft ladders are made from this versatile wood. Here’s more information about larch wood models.

Loft Ladders: About the Classic Larch Wood Model

When choosing a loft ladder, it’s wise to opt for a wooden one that fully conforms to the important BS EN 14975 standard for ladders of this type. This ensures that the ladder has passed a series of rigorous standardised tests, such as verifying this model’s maximum safe load rating of 150kg. The treads on any loft ladder are particularly important. They need to be both comfortable and wide. The 80mm non-slip treads on this ladder are an ideal width that make it very safe to use. It’s also important to note that the ladder comes fully assembled and includes a well-insulated hatch, architrave, operating pole and frame. So, it’s completely ready to install on delivery.

Loft Ladders: Features of the Classic Larch Wood Model

We especially like the fact that this attractive and affordable wood ladder features a tough surface that’s both durable and easy to keep clean. Even the hatch door is painted, so there’s no additional decorating required. The 545mm wide framed loft ladders are designed to fit between the joists in modern trussed roofs, but do be sure to double-check all your measurements before buying. Unlike many competitors’ models, this ladder comes with two, not one, handrails for ease of use and plenty of safety. This ladder is very easy to operate, and will fit into virtually any loft because minimal clearance is required.

Loft Ladders: Further Information About Classic Larch Wood Model

The quality of this ladder is evident in its mortise and tenon joinery that ensures the safety and integrity of the treads. It comes with a fully insulated 35mm thick hatch supplied as standard. Also included are rubber seals for the hatch opening that help to minimise heat loss. The trap door features a concealed locking mechanism that gives an elegant appearance because the hook is not visible, as it is on competing models. To protect floors and floor coverings, the ladder is fitted with a set of non-slip rubber feet. It’s supplied with full operating and installation instructions that are written in plain, easy to understand English.  Fitting a quality loft ladder like this one can really add value to your home.

Loft ladders: More Important Features and Functions

When buying a loft ladder, do be sure to enquire about delivery, which should be free, in most cases. In addition, it’s wise to find out whether there’s any type of guarantee on the ladder’s parts and components. This ladder does carry a lifetime guarantee. Another important feature of a loft ladder is the handrail. Better models, such as this larch wood one, are fitted with dual handrails for an extra measure of safety. Competing models are often supplied as an expensive upgrade.  Also, the treads on competing loft ladders are screwed into place, rather than using stronger mortise and tenon joints. Competing models usually are rated to support a maximum safe load of only 120kg, which is 30kg less than the larch wood model.

Loft Ladders: Final Thoughts on the Classic Larch Wood Model

This is a loft ladder that’s fitted with two strong springs, which make it exceptionally easy to open and close. Competitors’ models often use weaker springs, and many don’t have springs at all. So, such ladders can be virtually impossible for a single person to operate. The ladder’s treads are ridged and extra deep for safety.  The trap door and architrave are painted in a neutral tone.  This model is available in 4 frame sizes: 1100mm x 545mm, 1100mm x 700mm, 1300mm x 545mm and 1300mm x 700mm.  It’s suitable for floor to ceiling heights up to 2.8m on the 1100mm frame sizes and up to 3.2m on the 1300mm frame sizes.  It’s maximum RRP is about £319.99, but you should be able to find them on special offer from about £130, including VAT. Be sure to enquire about delivery, which should be free to the UK mainland.

Loft ladders like the classic larch wood model make a great addition to any home.

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