Which loft ladder is right for me?

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The ability to access your loft is an issue that many homeowners will be familiar with. That daunting chore of carrying a ladder to and from the loft hatch to get into the attic space. However, there is another way, a way to freely and easily move to and from the loft without hauling a ladder about the house. This blog shall list and highlight some of the most convenient and popular types of loft ladder and what they offer to determine which is the most suitable for your needs and how you can make your loft an integrated part of your house. There are several types of loft ladder on the market, here is a handful of the best that you may wish to choose from.

When using any ladder be sure to take care and use the ladder with caution and not with haste. Ladders can be extremely dangerous and must be used as instructed with undue risk and safety violations.

  1. Slider loft ladders

This type of ladder is a metal folding ladder that can be easily and quickly unfolded to provide access above. This ladder is a simple yet effective means to accessing a loft, with the ability to vary the length with two or three sections, making it customisable to your requirements. This ladder also has the added option of handrails if you prefer. The ladder is much like a standard extension ladder offering the benefits and reassurance being made of metal, thus providing extra strength and stability.


  1. Concertina loft ladders

The Concertina ladder as the name indicates expands from a compact bundle to a full fixed ladder, therefore taking up less room in the loft and yet giving practical means to reach the loft. This compact approach will be appealing if you have limited space and need to allow for plenty of storage space unencumbered by a large ladder.  Space comes at a premium, so making the most of every meter is sensible and this ladder does just that. Furthermore, the frame of the ladder also serves as a full-length handrail once the ladder is fully and correctly erected. This more specialised ladder is more expensive yet gives the added benefit that fixed ladders cannot match.


  1. Wooden loft ladders

The main aspect of these ladders is the material difference, which changes the attic of the ladder and also for a more in keeping approach for the ladder in the home which metal ladders may not offer. The wooden loft ladders also have optional handrails both wooden and metal to provide extra safe reassurance when on the ladder.  The ladders fold down much like the metal alternative in a slick and simple way to further improve efficiency and practically. The wooden ladders are also available with different specifications to widen their appeal such as thicker steps to provide more space while climbing. These specifications can cause the price to alter substantially. Moreover, these types of ladders can appear much more homely to some and is especially suited to rustic interior designs as opposed to its metal counterpart.


  1. Wall hatch loft ladders

This unusual type of ladder is a quirky and functional ladder that wouldn’t look out of place in a treehouse or elevated snug. It also bears similarities to the concertina with the addition of a hatch to conceal the ladder and can be used from a wall vertically. The ladder is also equipped with a metal handrail to aid the climber. The spring assisted mechanism is ideal for using the ladder as it is much easier to use. If you don’t have a conventional loft space this ladder can still be used to access storage spaces that are raised above the ground yet are still perfect storage spaces. A pricey option but a great feature in the home as well as a handy ladder.


  1. Staircases

This option is suitable if you have space and ability to convert your loft into a habitable room to gain extra space and an extra floor to your home.  Make more use of the loft with this easy access no hassle option, just walk up the stairs into the roof space like any other stairs. This affordable option makes access to the loft smooth and comfortable even if the loft conversion is some way off. Getting proper stairs up to the loft will transform the feel or your home giving you a greater sense of space and freedom. Staircases can often be expensive, and you may think them out of your budget, However, this isn’t the case, they can be provided within a moderate budget.


Whatever your need and whatever your budget, you can find a loft ladder solution that is right for you from BPS Access Solutions. A loft ladder will make the most of your space by simply providing access to it. In some cases this can even transpire into an increase in the value of your property, making this small investment well worthwhile! If you would like any more information about loft ladders, then please get in contact with BPS Access Solutions, whose years of experience and expertise will ensure you find just what you are looking for.

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