Are you using your scaffold tower safely?


Scaffold towers are the ideal solution to working at height and are a useful alternative to a ladder. You are able to work freely with your materials and tools without balancing dangerously on a ladder.

By now you are probably guessing that scaffold towers are deigned for larger jobs. Indeed they are designed for jobs such as painting, access to a large area of work such as stairwells and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The added advantages of scaffold towers is that they do not need to be repositioned often. The risk of slipping is also eliminated. No matter now well a ladder is positioned, there is always risk of slipping.

So, what factors need to be taken into consideration when using a scaffold tower?

Firstly, ensure that the scaffold tower itself is suitable for the application intended. For example aluminium and steel are the general material of choice for soundness and reliability. Whatever scaffold tower you chose, always ensure it complies with the BS EN 1004 standard. Remember this is only the basic safety standard. At BPS Access Solutions, our scaffold towers exceed and surpass the quality standards of our competitors. Take a look at our range of DIY, Trade and Industrial scaffold towers

The people responsible for erecting a scaffold tower should be trained and competent people. Many people are injured each year when they fall from towers or the tower overturns.

When erecting your scaffold tower, always ensure it is resting on firm level ground with the castors or base plates properly supported.

Ensure that any stabilizers or outriggers are installed in accordance to the instruction manual

Never erect a tower that exceeds the height recommended by the manufacturer.

Some basic pointers for safe scaffold tower use:


  •  Use a scaffold tower in strong winds
  • As a support for ladders,trestles and other equipment
  • With broken or missing parts
  • With incompatible components
  • Move a tower with people or material on the tower or in windy conditions

BPS Access Solutions offer a comprehensive range of spare parts and accessories for all our scaffold towers. These are offered in addition to our FREE lifetime guarantee

Our Industrial Scaffold tower is fully compatible with, and much more affordable than, the BOSS tower.

For more information on the safe use of tower scaffolds please see

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