Buying vs hiring scaffolding: which is better?

There is no easy answer to this question in all honesty, deciding whether to buy or hire scaffolding can depend on a range of factors. Before rushing into anything though you should consider the requirements of your business and that will help you decide which will work better for you. However, if you are going to hire your scaffolding make sure you are hiring from a reputable company or you could end up paying a lot of money for substandard equipment. It is advisable to do your research beforehand so you have an idea of the price your scaffolding should be to hire and therefore won’t end up getting overcharged.


Hiring your scaffold

It might be better to hire scaffolding equipment rather than buying depending on the requirements of the job. It will probably be better to hire scaffolding if

  •       Your project is going to take less than 12 weeks
  •       The building work is at a very high level e.g. over 6.0m
  •       Your build is an awkward shape or curved
  •       You are not happy or confident in erecting your own scaffold, in this instance it could be safer to hire it

This is just a few ideas of reasons you may want to consider hiring scaffolding or other equipment including ladders. However, there can be drawbacks to hiring your scaffold you should also be aware of to make a full informed decision.

  •       You might have to pay an upfront deposit; this could be a 2 week hire charge that will be refunded upon return of the equipment
  •       Full responsibility of the equipment will be in your hands, if something happens like it gets damaged or stolen you could end up paying huge charges. The security of your scaffold is stressful enough without having the added weight of the money you will pay or not getting your deposit back if an incident occurs
  •       Make sure the equipment is clean when you return it, or you could end up paying a cleaning fee


Buying your scaffold

The factors you should think about when wanting to buy scaffolding outright include

  •       If you are going to require the scaffold for longer than 12 weeks
  •       The average height of the scaffold is 6.0m or less
  •       Your build is fairly simple with straight line elevations
  •       You feel and competent in erecting your own scaffold in a safe and secure way

The main benefits you can enjoy when you do purchase scaffolding are

  •       You can use it as many times as you want for as long as you want, you won’t have to return it to anyone
  •       Whilst the initial cost may be higher in the long run buying your equipment will likely work our cheaper for you
  •       You don’t have to worry about dirt or general wear and tear, it will be yours to maintain


Hopefully, this has given you an idea of what option will be best for you when it comes to your scaffolding needs. If you’re looking for scaffold towers or ladders for your business explore our website now and grab yourself a bargain. 


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