How to store scaffold tower components safely (a 10-step guide)

Buying a scaffold tower is all well and good, it’ll make any work in a trade or business much easier and safer… but how do you store it when you’re not using it? You might think you can just detach it and just chuck it in your warehouse or storage facility until you need it again, but this isn’t the case.

Scaffold components that aren’t stored properly can result in the tower becoming damaged, losing strength and not being safe to use. No matter where you keep it, there are certain conditions that you must meet to ensure the safety and quality of your scaffold tower remains intact. I’m going to give you these conditions below.

1)     Ensure your tower components are easily accessible

Perhaps an obvious point that you’re aware of but it’s important to note. If you leave your components spread out at the back of your storage area it will be much more difficult to get to.

Parts may get lost amongst other tools or materials and get damaged, so ensure you keep them in a place that you will quickly and efficiently be able to access them. It will save you a lot of time and effort in the long run.

2) Make room for the safe movement of handling equipment like trucks or forklifts

When needing to move your scaffold tower components you may be using a vehicle which will need a lot of room and a clear path in and out. It could be a dangerous hazard for the operator and anyone around if there are obstructions blocking it or there is limited space for the vehicle to manoeuvre.

3) Don’t block any doors, emergency exits or other access points with scaffold components

This also applies to warning or safety signs as it could put people in danger if they cannot see a warning because there are scaffold tower pieces covering it. If there is an emergency such as a fire or an employee has an accident and you need to quickly leave your scaffold tower cannot be in your way. You could cause yourself or others a serious injury, it is a severe health and safety violation.

4) Keep scaffold tower components off the ground with reasonable support

This will help to prevent any damage to the components if they are raised off the ground. Also, it will reduce the risk of anyone tripping over them and injuring themselves. It is important to remember what you use but be strong as the tower components can be heavy and it could cause problems if it broke.

5) Different size parts should be kept in separate stacks

If all elements that are the same size are kept together it helps to keep everything organised. When you go to erect the tower all the parts will be easier to assemble if you don’t have to arrange them yourself first.

6) Don’t stack the equipment too high

Once all your parts are organised into stacks you can store them away neatly. But remember if you stack them too high, they can become unstable and potentially fall. This could seriously injure or even kill someone as well as severely damage the tower.

7) Stop tubing from rolling by adding blocking

If you provide blocking when the tubes are being handled it will stop them rolling. If left unsupported and they roll they could harm a member of staff or become damaged.

8) Always dry scaffold tower components before storing them

Scaffold tower elements that stay wet for extended periods of time can develop mildew and decay. Any plank that shows evidence of mildew should be tested to ensure its strength before use. If the plank is too far gone then it should be disposed of properly.

9) Store dry components under cover

Leaving them exposed will increase the risk of mildew and decay and will increase your costs in replacing them.

10)  Keep storage areas in good condition, clean and tidy

This will help to protect your scaffold tower to ensure you get good longevity out of them without any faults.


That was a 10-step guide on how to store your scaffold tower. Hopefully, you found it informative and will put some of these ideas into practice when storing your tower. If you have any questions or comments get in touch and to find out what scaffold towers are available check out our website today.

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