Scaffold Towers – A safer way of working

When working at height, it is important to assess the safest way of working before the job is started. If the work involves working at heights for longer periods of time, it will be better using a scaffold tower rather than a ladder as the working platforms can accommodate both people and materials which is both safer and time saving.

Like any working at height equipment, it is important that all those who are using the scaffold tower are confident in doing so and this includes both assembly and dismantling. There are several different types of scaffold tower available here at BPS Access Solutions. We have scaffold towers suitable for DIY, trade and industrial use. It is important to use the right scaffold tower for your needs as each have different features that are vital for the safe and reliable use of the scaffold tower in each situation.

What is the difference between a ladder and a scaffold tower?

Although both used to access work at height, a scaffold tower is a highly rigid, self supporting structure which is designed to accommodate a larger project where working at height is the core requirement. A ladder is designed for shorter durations of use, a scaffold tower would be in use for most of the day. It is a safer alternative to a ladder in that it is slip resistant and there is no need to stand on ladder rungs unnecessarily which can lead to foot problems such as tendon issues over the longer term.

Workers stand on the staging platforms on a scaffold tower which also accommodates their materials and tools required for the job. There is room to move about freely and less need to move around making scaffold towers ideal for painters and decorators.

Safety First

It is imperative that the manufactures instructions are followed when assembling a scaffold tower of any sort. Always use the correct parts when assembling the scaffold towers. Never use jury rigged or sub-standard parts and never substitute parts from a different scaffold tower. There is plenty of information about the safe use of scaffold towers on the health and safety website including the use of safe personnel to deploy the scaffold tower. The quality of the scaffold tower is important, make sure it is certified for use for the purpose intended i.e. EN1004 (European Trade Standard.) Here at BPS Access solutions we supply only quality scaffold towers which include free upgrades not found on other similar scaffold towers such as colour coded braces and built in leg height adjustment. Our DIY scaffold tower has a built in safety stabiliser bar not found on other DIY scaffold towers and is very easy to assemble and dismantle.

What material should my scaffold tower be constructed from?

The majority of scaffold towers are constructed from either aluminium or steel. If you are after quality and durability then steel may well be your best choice for it will provide you with many years of service. However aluminium is still a safe sound choice and has the advantage of being very light. Fibre-glass is also becoming more popular especially if electrical work is involved. Fibreglass is a safer choice when working around electricity as metal does conduct electricity! Regardless of quality, always be sure to check the product you have is certified for safe use. At BPS Access solutions you can use our products with peace of mind as we use only approved suppliers to both supply and manufacture our products.

Features to look for

The main features that set BPS Access Solutions scaffold towers out from the rest is the quality construction of the scaffold towers and advanced safety features not found on other similar products. For example, platforms are included in the price, many other scaffold towers require the purchase of separate timber platforms which may not be compatible with the tower. The frames feature a special grip so when climbing the scaffold tower you can be sure you won’t slip. Additionally, the frame is made from welded joints whereas competitors use the crimping method to join the frame together which can work lose over time.

Our scaffold towers are the product of choice for many trades people and DIY enthusiasts due to the extra care and safety we take so seriously. If you are looking for quality, safe and reliable scaffold tower, then our range is worth serious consideration.

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