What is the best ladder for gardening?

As the British summer really starts to get underway, it is the perfect time for gardening. However, without the right tools, like the most suitable ladder, working in your garden can be riskier and less pleasurable. That is why we wanted to take a look at the best type of ladder for gardening at BPS and give you some useful options to consider for your choice of outdoor ladder, so you can complete your outdoor garden work safely and get more enjoyment out of doing it too. 

Tripod ladders

When it comes to the larger and more arduous garden tasks, like cutting the hedges and tree pruning, a tripod ladder is the ideal choice. This is because the front leg can be accurately positioned into the hedge itself or angled alongside the hedge, giving you the best and safest approach to cut where you need. Tripod ladders also offer impressive stability when working at height, which will reduce the risk of you losing your balance and having an accident.

Another key benefit of a tripod ladder over a traditional ladder for gardening is its lightweight aluminium construction. This makes it quicker and easier to carry and reposition in the garden as frequently as you need to without any stress and no matter your age or level of mobility. The three legs are specifically designed for soft surfaces with a spike foot to ensure the ladder is fully in place.

Our top tripod ladder for the garden

If you’re looking for a tripod ladder then one of our Henchman Platform Tripod Ladders is definitely a top contender. They come in a variety of sizes and have the benefit of a wide platform step, providing a secure and stable area to work from as well as the three legs which allow better access to difficult areas. 


Tripod ladders are the best choice when it comes to gardening, but typically a lot of people opt for a stepladder. Step ladders should be used for access rather than working on for an extended time. So, if you’re planning to spend longer on a job like trimming a hedge, a tripod ladder would be the better option for you. If you are wanting to use a stepladder you should ensure you are maintaining complete health and safety, including checking for slip hazards and not overstretching outside the ladder.

Explore our range of tripod ladders and stepladders today to find the right choice for your garden work. 


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