5 types of combination ladders you need to know about

Oh no! That list of jobs for around the house you were getting round to has gotten longer and longer.

You need to get started but wait, you can’t use that ladder, it’s old and will never get through everything you need to do.

There’s plenty of amazing quality combination ladders out there but how do you know what type you want?

Don’t worry, I’m going to give you a quick breakdown of 5 variants of combination ladder so you can get the best one to suit you and get the weight of that list off your shoulders.


1)   3 Section Combination Ladder

More commonly referred to as a 3-way ladder, this ladder, as you can probably guess it has 3 elements to it.

These elements all slide so that you can reach considerable heights but also means the ladder can be compact and stored easily when retracted.

Therefore, you can control the length of it depending on your needs whether it’s a shorter, more standard ladder or the maximum height, which could be useful if you’re decorating a tall area and anything in between.

Some key features include auto locking clamps to keep it secure at the extension you want and a stabiliser bar that is extra wide to provide that extra bit of safety through more space for your feet.

It can also be adapted into a double-sided stepladder, and what is more impressive you can extend the top part to reach higher without compromising the secure foundation of the stepladder.

This could be useful for gardening jobs like pruning trees or hedges as it is freestanding, and a traditional ladder would need a solid surface to lean against.


2)   2 Section Combination Ladder

You may know this one better as a frame ladder. It has two large extension elements if you want to use it in that form or like the 3-way model it can be used as a double-sided stepladder.

The significance of this one however is that its tallest model (7.65m as a frame ladder and 4.32m as a stepladder) is one of the largest freestanding models on the market right now.

Even with this height though you still can be sure you’re safe because of the steel crossbar and stabiliser bar.

Another important feature is the pivot which ensures that no matter which form you have got the ladder in; they are held in place as securely as possible.

This ladder could be helpful for jobs like cleaning out your gutters as the two sections of the ladder can be extended quite high and then locked in place securely.


3)   3 Section Stair Combination Ladder

This ladder can be configured in three different ways, as an extension ladder, a double-sided stepladder, or a freestanding extended stepladder.

However, when it is in a freestanding form it has a special feature, it can be adjusted so that it can be safely positioned on staircases.

It does this by the extended part can slide up and the base of the two elements sit on different height steps.

This feature is very unique and has a specific purpose. It is ideal for decorating high stairwells because you won’t end up putting your arms or the ladder in the area you are decorating as you won’t need to lean against it. And you get the extra stability of a stepladder over a traditional ladder.


4)   2 Section Stair Combination Ladder

Again, like the name suggests this ladder has a two-section extension and can be reconfigured into a double-sided stepladder.

It is very similar to the previous ladder as it can be used on different levels of a staircase.

However, this model can be more cost effective if you do not need the extra height that the 3-section ladder provides.

An example could be any outdoor work where you have different or uneven surface levels, so you want stability but don’t need to reach very high for the task.


5)   3 Way Stair Combination Ladder

Whilst similar to its counterparts this model is smaller and slimmer (how I wish my waistline looked, wishful thinking) and is perfect for narrow staircases.

It is very handy for all jobs in the home because its height when erected as an extension ladder can reach up to 2.46m which will allow you to access ceilings and wall tops with ease.

Despite the smaller frame you will still be completely secure as it has a strong steel locking mechanism as well as splayed feet instead of a stabiliser bar to provide a larger footprint and rubber feet for better grip.


I hope you have found this list helpful and are leaving with a better knowledge of the types of combination ladders that are available to you. Don’t let that list of niggling jobs get the best of you, a combination ladder will help you through. Get in touch through our website or social media for more details about any of the ladders described and let us know your thoughts on them.

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