Are you Transporting your Ladders Securely?

It goes without saying that it is essential that ladders need to be carried securely on your vehicle. Unfortunately many people are not using the best method of securing the ladder to their vehicle and unfortunately are also leaving the ladder open to theft.

Thieves are opportunist. Just like we would never leave the door to our home unlocked, even if we just pop across the road, the same approach needs to be taken to the security of your ladder. You only need to stop at a fuel station and leave your vehicle unattended for a few minutes for a thief to strike. Ladders are considered an investment to both your business and property. A decent ladder can give a lifetime of use, this makes them very desirable to thieves and unfortunately due to their nature, many people do not assume that a ladder is stolen when someone is seen carrying one.

There are a number of ways that ladders can be secured against theft, one way is to mark the ladder with a UV pen. This is invisible to the naked eye, but when shone under a UV light, it will be clearly seen. This is helpful to the police when detecting stolen goods. However this method may not be so helpful if the ladder is traded in for scrap. Scrap metal prices are on the increase and certainly contribute to the growing numbers of ladder and scaffold tower theft.

Here at BPS Access Solutions, we recommend securing your ladder to your vehicle in such a way that thieves will be deterred from targeting it. We recommend using our Universal Anvil Roof Rack Ladder Clamps which are designed specifically to secure your ladder investment to your vehicle. Its an ‘all in one’ solution that serves two purposes. Firstly, its a cost effective way to secure your ladders quickly when compared to using ropes or other similar methods and secondly, and very importantly, it protects the ladder against thieves thanks to the security eyelets on each clamp which allow you to fasten your own heavy duty padlock through the arm and horizontal clamp bar for maximum security.

Made of zinc coated heavy duty steel, our roof rack ladder clamps are capable of securing even the largest of ladders thanks to the extra wide horizontal clamp bar – 400mm from ladder stop pin to pin. The elongated hook can secure 3 single ladders, or 2 double, or 1 triple ladder. It is far stronger than its aluminium counterparts, and will not rust.

A quick ‘flick of the wrist’ lock bar secures the ladders in place, making it effortless to use time after time. The double right angled hooks have a far tighter fit to your roof rack when compared to the rounded versions available on the market.

Our anvil roof rack ladder clamps are supplied with full instructions written in plain English and are delivered the next working day free of charge to most parts of the UK mainland thereby avoiding slow delivery times of up to 5 working days. This is ideal if you have urgent work to do this weekend which requires transportation of ladders. Our roof rack ladder clamps also come with a lifetime guarantee for your peace of mind.

The anvil roof rack ladder clamps are demonstrated HERE in more detail where you can see our multi purpose ladder, extension ladder and combination ladder being secured to a vehicle. The demonstration also shows how the ladder clamps are secured to your vehicle. There is the opportunity to purchase directly from the page or alternatively you call our dedicated customer service hotline.

For a limited time only, We are cutting the price of our ladder clamps to just £24.99 (original price £29.99) when purchased on their own, and if purchased with a ladder they will be just £14.99 (original price £19.99) which is an unmissable bargain.

Make sure your ladders stay one step ahead of thieves by using our Anvil Roof Rack Ladder Clamps.

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