Do you need to upgrade your loft hatch?


Many householders don’t think twice about their loft hatch and how much heat is lost through the gaps of a poorly fitted door or even straight through the door itself.

Before you add more insulation

Before you consider adding to your insulation in your loft, think about your loft door. Has it ever been replaced? Many homes have a loft hatch that has heat wasting gaps around the edges or is nothing more than a thin piece of wood.

If you still feel chilly in your home, it is worth investing in a replacement loft hatch door. They are very low cost and modern loft hatch have mineral fibre insulation designed to keep heat out of the loft and in the rooms below.The cost of lost heat leaking through your existing loft hatch door will cover the cost of purchasing an up to date loft hatch door in a short period of time.

Fit with the minimum of fuss

No specialist skills and costly labour is needed to fit our loft doors – they fit with the minimum of fuss and create a simple, non-fussy design on the outside which will compliment any decoration scheme. The loft hatch door comes complete with the fixings you need and full instructions written in clear English.

Protect yourself from fire too

We’re particularly proud of our 1 hour fire rated swing down loft hatch door which can buy valuable time in the event of a fire. Many fires begin in loft spaces and due to the location of lofts fires burn unnoticed for some time before fire is discovered. The loft hatch door is manufactured using power coated steel and has been tested and certified by Chiltern International Fire Ltd to withstand fire for up to 1 hour. The fire rated hatch is a must where safety is paramount.

Meet the latest building regulations

The 1 hour fire rated loft door is suitable for installation in even the newest of buildings. It meets the latest building regulations including insulation and condensation guidelines:

  •  100mm thick insulation lining and provides the required U value outlined in the Robust Construct details in Part L of the building regulations
  • There is a draught seal to prevent the problem of warm moist air entering the loft
  • The loft doors meet the requirements of the BS 9250:2007, BS EN 13141-1:2004 & BS 5250: 2002, which cover air tightness of ceilings in pitched and horizontal roofs, air leakage rate through the loft hatch and frame and control of condensation in buildings.
  • The Loft Doors have also been tested and meet the requirements of the Building Regulations 2000, Conservations of Fuel and Power in New Dwellings part L1A 2006 as well as the reasonable limit for the design air permeability of 10m³/(h.m²) at 50pa.
  • The insulation used in all our loft doors has an Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of zero and a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of less than 5.

No need to buy a new loft ladder

Keep your costs down – there is no need to buy a new loft ladder when you purchase this fire rated loft hatch. It is compatible with any loft ladder thanks to the drop down hinge design of the door. The door can also be removed completely to allow for easier loading and unloading of the loft. It is also safer for other members of your household who may accidentally bump their head on a lowered loft hatch door.

Easy to fit and maintain

Our fire rated loft hatch door is a far more cost effective option to a traditional joiner made timber loft access hatch. Furthermore, no painting is required once the loft hatch is fitted. The textured surface is easy to clean in a classic design that will not become dated.

This loft hatch is designed to fit between 38mm thick trussed rafters or ceiling joists spaced at 600mm centres which provide a clear joist opening width of 562mm. You will need to make an opening of 562mm wide x 726mm long to accommodate this hatch.

A perfect access solution to your loft space

If you are looking for a simple and straightforward way of gaining access to your loft where safety is not compromised, then we highly recommend our fired rated hatch door. Our no quibble lifetime guarantee is included as standard along with free next day delivery.

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