Is this the most dangerous step ladder ever?

100 foot step ladder

This image will be familiar to fans of Harry Potter’s Order of the Phoenix where the image of the snarling caretaker Argus Filch climbing a teetering 100 foot stepladder to nail the Orwellian Proclamations to a stone wall is repeated quite often throughout the film.

Perhaps a good lesson to us all – not to repeat what we see! Unfortunately there will be no potentially powerful wizard who comes to our aid to make things all good again!

The image rather brings to mind an enormous stepladder found in a quaint library where the user quickly hops up it in order to retrieve a dusty top shelf novel; indeed such an image immediately brings thoughts of vast libraries in grand houses filled with impossibly high shelves.

Harry Potter learnt in the Order of the Phoenix, ‘Neither can live whilst the other survives’ When it comes to the ladder Vs the Human, we can safely say that the Human should never attempt to use such a dangerous stepladder and the ladder really needs to go!

I wonder what the health and safety officer might think of this Muggle World ladder? 🙂

So should you happen to own any of these stepladder relics, we highly recommend you switch to one of our safe step ladders with the ‘famous red feet’

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