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Combination Ladders

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Combination Ladders

Buy our combination ladder because it has:

  • Inclusive free next day delivery on top of an unbeatable price
  • An extra wide integral stabiliser bar that gives maximum grip and stability
  • A unique strong steel retaining cross-brace fitted for added safety
  • EN131 Certification (European Trade/DIY Standard)
  • A weight rating of 150kg (23.5 stone)
  • Auto locking red clamps secure ladder sections firmly in place
  • A unique, robust, sliding mechanism for easy operation
  • Free, No Quibble, Lifestime Guarantee
  • Many other unique features (detailed below)

Combi All-In-One Extension Ladders, Step Ladder & Free Standing Ladder


    Why Go Anywhere Else When We Offer...

    We check our competitors prices daily to ensure you get the best deal. All prices include free delivery to the mainland UK others hide delivery costs until the last moment. We Will Not Be Beaten On Price!
    Our Combination Ladder is fully certified to EN131 - passing very stringent & rigorous tests. Other ladders only comply or are inferior DIY (Class 3) ladders or do not include our innovative and vital integral stabiliser bar and metal retaining brace.
    All of our friendly staff are trained to the highest standards and will be able to assist you with any query before you buy. We also have a celebrated after sales service for any help you may require after your purchase.

    Learn More About Our Superior Combination Ladders Below...

      The only ladder that you will ever need can be used as a double sided step ladder, 2 or 3 section extension ladder, single ladder but, most usefully and originally, as a free standing (ʎ shape) ladder

    • Inclusive free next day delivery on top of an unbeatable price beware of hidden delivery charges or slow 2,3,4 or even 5 day delivery times!
    • The free standing configuration ( ʎ ) is ideal for a multitude of jobs, especially hedge cutting and pruning as it is unsafe to lean a traditional extension ladder against hedges, shrubs or trees etc. It is also excellent for decorating as you do not have to lean against the wall you are painting.
    • Engineered and certified to European trade ladder safety standard EN131 for your safety and reassurance and is therefore ideal for both trade or domestic use
    • Aluminium construction so lightweight and therefore easy to use, but still very strong - with a huge 150kg (23.5 stone) weight rating.
    • Unique strong steel retaining cross-brace fitted for added safety when ladder is used in double sided step and free standing ladder configurations- this important feature ensures that the ladder is always set at the correct angle- we believe all combi ladders should have them.
    • An extra wide stabiliser bar gives a far larger footprint and therefore maximum stability when compared to our competitors over 1 metre wide on larger models!
    • Rungs are set just 265mm (10.5) apart making the ladder comfortable, safe and easy to climb - Competitors ladders have rungs set further apart (typically 300mm/12) making them extremely difficult and uncomfortable to climb when compared to ours.
    • Tough red nylon restraint straps are fitted to ensure you have the correct overlap between ladder sections when used as a triple or double extension ladder another important safety feature competitors ladders do not have, allowing you to over extend and have as little as a 2 rung overlap giving way to much flexing in use.
    • Unique auto locking red clips secure ladder sections firmly in place for added safety and peace of mind.
    • These same clips lock it closed for safe and easy transportation and are spring loaded making them quick-to-release and therefore very easy to use.
    • Heavy duty contoured red rubber feet fitted to each end of the integral stabiliser bar for 100% stability and reassurance in use
    • Ribbed non-slip feet fitted to all other sections top and bottom to maximise grip on all surfaces the ladder comes into contact with in its many configurations.
    • Unique robust sliding mechanism for easy conversion into all the different configurations. This mechanism guides the ladder easily and securely into the step or free standing ladder configuration.
    • This same mechanism provides an effortless push up operation when setting it up as an extension ladder.
    • Extra wide anti-slip rungs for your comfort and safe use- up to 420mm on our larger models!
    • All rungs have perfect twist-proof joints that run all the way through the stiles of the ladder for maximum strength
    • Rigid 'box' section sides/stiles are very strong and ready for a lifetime of use.
    • Saves space in storage as this is a 3 section ladder, also more compact to transport than cheaper, cumbersome 2 section equivalents
    • We strongly recommend you use a Step Platform with this ladder as it provides a safe and comfortable working platform (no rungs to cut into your feet!) or you can use it as a tool tray. Available at a special offer price of just 24.99 (usually 34.99) with this ladder!

    View Price & Product Dimesions Below

    Ladder Size Our Unbeatable Price Ladder Dimension Table
    Ladder Dimension Table Ladder Dimension Table Ladder Dimension Table Ladder Dimension Table Ladder Dimension Table Ladder Dimension Table
    7 Rung Combination Ladder 3x7 Rung 89.99
    Incl Vat & Free Next Day Delivery

    (RRP 154.99)
    1.90m (6'3") 1.80m (5'11") 2.84m (9'3") 1.80m (5'11") 2.84m (9'3") 3.86m (12'8") 11.2kg
    8 Rung Combination Ladder 3x8 Rung 99.99
    Incl Vat & Free Next Day Delivery

    (RRP 199.99)
    2.18m (7'2") 2.06m (6'9") 3.34m (11'0") 2.06m (6'9") 3.34m (11'0") 4.63m (15'2") 12.8kg
    9 Rung Combination Ladder 3x9 Rung 119.99
    Incl Vat & Free Next Day Delivery

    (RRP 219.99)
    2.43m (8'0") 2.31m (7'7") 3.85m (12'7") 2.31m (7'7") 3.85m (12'7") 5.15m (16'11") 14.5kg
    10 Rung Combination Ladder 3x10 Rung 139.99
    Incl Vat & Free Next Day Delivery

    (RRP 239.99)
    2.72m (8'11") 2.56m (8'5") 4.35m (14'3") 2.56m (8'5") 4.35m (14'3") 6.17m (20'3") 18.4kg
    11 Rung Combination Ladder 3x11 Rung 149.99
    Incl Vat & Free Next Day Delivery

    (RRP 264.99)
    3.00m (9'10") 2.82m (9'3") 4.62m (15'2") 2.82m (9'3") 4.62m (15'2") 6.43m (21'1") 20.0kg
    12 Rung Combination Ladder 3x12 Rung 159.99
    Incl Vat & Free Next Day Delivery

    (RRP 289.99)
    3.26m (10'9") 3.07m (10'1") 5.12m (16'9") 3.07m (10'1") 5.12m (16'9") 7.20m (23'7") 21.5kg

    Combi Ladder configured as a freestanding ladderCombi Ladder configured as a double sided step ladderCombi Ladder configured as a 3 section extension ladderCombi Ladder configured as a 2 section extension ladderCombi Ladder configured as a 1 section ladderCombi Ladder is perfect for garden work such as hedge cutting
    Combi Ladder featuring optional Step Platform for extra safety & comfortCombi Ladder featuring large rubber feet for great stability and  gripCombi Ladder featuring stabiliser bar which further adds to stabilityCombi ladder featuring secure fixing when configuring as free standing ladderCombi Ladder featuring red auto locking clamps for enhanced safetyCombi Ladder featuring ergonomically designed stile profile for greater comfort
    Combi Ladder featuring rungs through the stiles and crimped at the end for superior strengthCombi Ladder featuring secure metal retaining braceCombi Ladder featuring compact storage and transport sizeOptional Step Platform for extra safety & comfortDemonstration Video shows 10 Rung Combi Ladder

Combi All-In-One Free Standing Ladder
Select Your Ladder Size Here:
Select Your Optional Discounted Ladder Essentials Below:
Step Platform 34.99 24.99
2 x Step Platforms 59.99 44.98
Complete Ladder Stand Off 49.99 39.99
Roof Hooks 34.99 27.99
Anvil Roof Rack Clamps 24.99 14.99
Wall Pads 17.99 14.99
Levelling Mat 24.99 19.99
Anvil Storage Brackets 29.99 24.99
Grass/Decking Gripper 24.99 19.99
Combi All-In-One Free Standing Ladder
RRP up to: 289.99


Ladder Essentials - Special Offers!
View our range of ladder essentials below you can add these to your order at a discounted price above.

Step Platform
Step Platform

Step Platform (pictured to left) for extra safety and comfort, just 24.99 (normally 34.99) when ordered with one of our ladders. Buy two for just 44.98 (one to stand on and one to use as a shelf for tools).

Ladder Stand Off
Complete Ladder Stand Off/Stay

Complete Way Ladder Stand Off/Stay (pictured to left) combines all current technology into one simple standoff solution makes using your ladder that much safer, just 39.99 (normally 49.99 on its own) when ordered with one of our ladders.

Roof Hooks
Universal Roof Hooks

Universal Roof Hooks (pictured to left) converts any ladder into a roof ladder, just 27.99 (normally 34.99 on its own) when ordered with one of our ladders.

Anvil Ladder Clamp
Anvil Roof Clamps

Anvil Roof Rack Ladder Clamps (pictured to left) to safely and easily secure your ladder onto your vehicle, just 14.99 (normally 24.99) when ordered with one of our ladders.

Anvil Ladder Clamp
Wall Pads

Universal Wall Pads (pictured to left) to protect your property and increase safety, just 14.99 (normally 17.99) when ordered with one of our ladders and get next day delivery.

Ladder Mat Leveller
Levelling Mat

Universal Levelling Mat (pictured to left) to help overcome uneven or sloping ground, just 19.99 (normally 24.99) when ordered with one of our ladders.

Anvil Ladder Clamp
Anvil Storage Brackets

Dual Locking Anvil Storage Brackets (pictured to left) to safely and securely store your ladder and also deter crime, just 24.99 (normally 29.99) when ordered with one of our ladders.

Universal Grass/Decking Gripper
Grass/Decking Gripper

Universal Grass / Decking Gripper (pictured to left) to make your ladder safer on grass or decking, just 19.99 (normally 24.99 on its own) when ordered with one of our ladders.

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