What’s the best ladder for jobs around the house?

Whats the best ladder for jobs around the house

What’s the best ladder for jobs around the house?

When carrying out jobs and tasks around the house, it is important that you are aware of which ladder is the most suited to the job and why you should use it for that purpose. Just as there is a variety of jobs to be completed around the house, there is a variety of ladders to choose from when carrying out one of the jobs. This blog will provide a list of common jobs around the house and match them with a ladder or ladders that is most suitable.

  1. Storage

When accessing storage units or locations, these are often tall or in high areas, so it may be necessary to use a ladder to reach these places and be able to use the maximum amount of storage available and not be limited to areas that are within arm’s reach. Several ladders can assist you for this task and can provide a range of height options depending on the type and height of your storage arrangements. Steps ladders are a clear choice as they can help you to reach spaces that are close by yet too far away. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes that can be easily and comfortably stored and used within the home.

  1. Painting

This job is one that can be applied around much of the house and the exterior also. Painting the house is not always an easy task and may well require a ladder or two for all the surfaces to be reached and painted properly at heights that could differ and be in different locations and surroundings. Therefore requiring different ladders. The multipurpose ladder is ideal for this job as it has a range of height settings and configurations and can be used both inside and outside, able to reach many surfaces and remain safe and stable to paint. Extension ladders are also a reliable choice for exterior painting, although they are without the versatility of the multi ladder.

  1. Fitting lights/changing bulbs

Changing light fitting or bulbs, as well as hanging pictures and other decorations is a task that many households do regularly. Working with lights often requires both hands to complete the job. Handing decorations can also require both hands to hold and place the decoration. In these cases, the chosen ladder must be stable and able to take the weight of the job without endangering the user. Fibreglass ladders and step ladders are two choices that can be depended on to provide the necessary height and stability to fit lights/change light bulbs and hanging pictures or other accessories.

  1. Cleaning windows

Know body wants dirty windows, many homeowners take pride in ensuring their windows are sparkling clean and well maintained. To do this can require a ladder and be sure to pick the ladder that is right for your property and your windows are important. windows should be cleaned and kept in good condition with the correct ladder. window cleaning ladders is an obvious choice, as they can provide the precision and efficiency that makes them the favourite of many window cleaning professionals. However you may prefer another choice and there is plenty to choose from, including the telescopic ladder and step ladders that provide different advantages such as shape and practically while also ensuring the job is done properly.

  1. Spring clean

The spring clean around the house is a task that you can depend on to keep coming back every year. A job worth doing is worth doing properly and being able to reach into the farthest corners and loftiest heights is a big part of the spring clean, getting every cobweb and piece of dust is well worth the effort for a clean and welcoming home. The stair ladders come into their own allowing you to clean above and around stairs and staircase ensuring that even the tallest spaces in your home are not going to be missed.

  1. Accessing the attic/loft

Whether it’s for Christmas or general storage, accessing the attic or loft is a must for many homeowners, so ensuring this is carried out with a suitable ladder is essential. The best choice for many households is a loft ladder which guarantees quick and easy access to the room without the bother of carrying a ladder through the house whenever to need to get into the loft. Alternatively, you could use an extension ladder or standard ladder or if possible, have a staircase fitted to take the hassle out of using a ladder for the loft at all.

  1. Clearing gutters

The gutters of your home perform an important job of containing water and keeping it out of your home. However, this becomes difficult if the gutters are blocked or broken. So ensuring that the gutters are kept clear and in working condition, will require a ladder to complete the job and make sure your gutters are up to the job as well. Extension and combination ladders can reach several different heights and are ideal for outdoor exterior work such as clearing gutters. Additionally, if you live in a bungalow extension or combination ladders may be necessary, a telescopic ladder may be more suitable for those premises.


If you would like any more information about the range of ladders that are available or advice about potential DIY, then please contract BPS Solutions who will be able to assist with your enquiry.

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